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Work with your sales reps in the trenches

By December 31, 2020No Comments

Work through the entire sales cycle.

Sign on to coach each one of your sales reps through a deal they’re working on at least once per quarter.

What will this accomplish?

· You’ll teach them to fish and feed themselves.

· You’ll build a level of camaraderie and trust.

· You can show them that even though they’re doing well, there’s always more to learn.

· They’ll come to realize they can rely on your support and that you won’t sabotage the deal.

· They’ll come to realize you actually know what you’re talking about.

· They’ll realize that you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and help them succeed.

Remember, this isn’t your deal. You’re a fly on the wall.

They don’t like the idea? Show them the power of executive sponsorship.

Throw your card down on the table, offer a second contact but always defer back to the expertise of your salesman and never contradict or coach them in front of a customer.

The rep still runs point, and assumes all responsibility and ownership for managing the overall deal.

When you go to battle together, the wins and losses are incredible experience that build culture, trust and stronger relationships within your team.


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