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Why You Should Include Newsletter Sponsorships Into Your Marketing Efforts

By September 14, 2021No Comments

There are two main reasons why newsletter sponsorships perform better than any other marketing channel.

  1. They’re delivered in a medium that cuts through the noise.
  2. They’re delivered to a trusted community.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re running paid ads across social, ppc, banner ads, traditional sponsorships, trade shows etc.

You will be able to target to some extent and pay incredible amounts of money for reach, but you will always be fighting for the attention in a sea of endless noise, with a plethora of other advertisers, all broadcasting their message and inundating the customers with advertisement and content.

When you’re competing against other advertisers at this level, it’s difficult to stand out and you also have the added challenge of building trust.

Something that’s incredibly hard to do, when trying to get maximum ROI & ROAS, when targeting a new audience or community.

This is why I’ve partnered with Paved, a newsletter marketing platform I personally use, to discuss the benefits of newsletter sponsorships and why they should be integral to your marketing efforts.

If you’re already bought into the concept of newsletter sponsorships, please head over to Paved, a rapidly growing newsletter marketplace and ad network that allows advertisers to run newsletter sponsorships at scale.

To all new advertisers who sign up and run at least one newsletter sponsorship, Paved will provide a free report with a list of newsletters where your competitors are advertising (with ads and screenshots included).

Click here to start newsletter sponsorships with Paved.

It’s by far one of the most user-friendly platforms I’ve ever found, where you can browse through hundreds of newsletters from a single place, and where you can instantly book and manage all your newsletter campaigns.

Here’s a few things Paved does really well.

  • Besides running campaigns, Paved allows you to measure and track all relevant KPIs
  • With newsletter sponsorships you are not competing with anyone with other advertisers. You get dedicated placement and the full attention of the desired newsletters entire audience.
  • You don’t need advanced knowledge or to be a certified marketing expert to run newsletter sponsorships. Paved allows you to select newsletters from their marketplace and guides you through the creative, deliverables, delivery and tracking.
  • Offers you tips on how to get the best results from newsletter sponsorship

If you haven’t ever run a newsletter marketing campaign, or you’re still not sold on the idea, keep reading. I’ll break down some things you should seriously consider, that may change your opinion about Sponsored Newsletter Marketing, and I’ll also show you some case studies to back up these strategies, and insights with some seriously impressive numbers.

Sponsorships aren’t new.

Businesses wanting to target existing audiences through paid placement at a trade show, or at an industry event, is common. You’ll see sponsorships on the jerseys of an athlete, on paraphernalia at trade shows or on the boards surrounding an arena.

Sponsorship is everywhere.

And although sponsorship is already one of the most powerful ways to get your product, or service in front of eyeballs, newsletter sponsorship takes sponsorship one step further and pushes your messages to your customers in the most meaningful/important way possible – right into their emails and inbox.

Newsletter Sponsorships & Qualified Leads

Newsletter sponsorships taps into a niche group. The newsletter provide has done something with this group, which is the single hardest thing to do when selling or marketing your product to an audience.

The newsletter provider has built trust.

The newsletter sponsorship will bring dedicated audiences who trust the source.

This is the only way to get your product in front of a massive audience and have immediate brand loyalty and trust.

While you can see there are a lot of ways to promote your sponsorships but when compared to the newsletter sponsorships the difference is significant.

The newsletter sponsorship is no longer a passive advertising mechanism, but an active one.

Basic brand advertising, or passive sponsorship is a simple temporary value exchange  where as the newsletter sponsorship will offer a deeper and more personal relationship / connection with the audiences.

But all newsletters aren’t built the same.

If you like the idea of newsletter sponsorship included in your marketing effort, then the next step is to find the right newsletter that accepts the sponsorship, but also fits your customer avatar, or profile.

Benefits Of Newsletter Sponsorship:

Make Email Great Again

Newsletters are a great way to maintain and build relationships with customers, increase engagement, and build long-term customer loyalty.

We get it.

However, newsletters that come from YOUR business, are seeing declines in subscriptions and open rates.

One reason for this is that email inboxes are getting flooded by spammy emails from retailers and promotional offers from companies. These offers don’t seem personal or tailored for individual needs.

The power of newsletters has never been more relevant than it is today – it’s an excellent way of engaging with an audience, but the power of a sponsored newsletter, is that people subscribe to the sponsored newsletter and actually open it, because it has content that speaks to them.

When they see a properly crafted sponsorship message, it doesn’t bother them because the majority of the newsletter is non-promotional.

They receive your message, and read the rest of the newsletter, walking away with a net-positive experience.

This reaction is in stark contrast to the reaction they’d have if they received an email directly from your company, which they’d most likely send to spam and/or delete immediately.

Exclusive Offers

Newsletter sponsorship can boost the readership and give them something to anticipate.

One of the best ways to increase reader engagement while simultaneously increasing CTR’s on a sponsored banner is to create special offers, exclusive for your community.

This makes the audience feel as though they’re privy to an offer that only they’ll have access to, while simultaneously achieving sponsorship goals.

All of a sudden you’ve now aligned newsletter/audience goals with sponsorship goals, and it’s a net positive for everyone.

Brand Building

With such a competitive market, it is important to find unique ways to build your brands, and that is where sponsored newsletters come in.

It’s a great way to get more exposure and drive traffic back to your website. Plus, you can offer something for them in return which benefits both parties.

Research the current trends and what others are doing with newsletters.

Try different things like monthly, quarterly or biweekly promotional emails.

Bottom Line

With the help of sponsored newsletters, brands can attract customers that are interested in their products or services, and reach out to them through their inboxes.

Generating quality content and reaching out to potential customers through different channels is a time-consuming process.

With the help of sponsored newsletters, you can now reach your targeted audience without having to spend too much time on it or energy, by tapping into trusted audiences.

With unmatched targeting and the ability to drive brand awareness and generate qualified leads, while traditional advertising still has value, you may find that choosing sponsorship newsletter opportunities to be a better use of your marketing budget.

*This post is created in paid partnership with Paved.


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