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Success Story Podcast

Uri Levine – Author, Entrepreneur, and Disruptor | Love The Problem, Not The Solution

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About The Guest

Uri Levine is a renowned serial entrepreneur and disruptor with a remarkable track record of creating innovative solutions that transform industries. He co-founded Waze, the world’s leading driving traffic and navigation app, in 2007, which has since become an indispensable tool for over 750 million drivers globally. Waze’s acquisition by Google in 2013 for $1.1 billion marked a significant milestone in Uri’s entrepreneurial journey. Not content with just one success, Uri continued to make waves by being the first board member and investor in Moovit, often dubbed ‘Waze for public transportation,’ which was acquired by Intel for $1 billion in 2020, making it another monumental achievement.

Uri’s passion for disrupting inefficient markets and improving under-functioning services drives his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is also dedicated to spreading the entrepreneurial mindset, sharing his wisdom through public speaking engagements worldwide and leading academic workshops aimed at inspiring the next generation of thinkers and innovators. Uri Levine’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to solving ‘BIG problems’ make him a true visionary and a force for positive change in the startup world.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Intro: Meet Uri Levine
  • 02:46 — Startup Beginnings: Uri’s Origin Story
  • 04:47 — First Startup Failure: Uri’s Lessons Learned
  • 10:54 — Failing Fast: Knowing When to Exit
  • 16:45 — Love the Problem, Not the Solution
  • 21:28 — Sponsor: My First Million Podcast
  • 22:01 — Finding Solutions: Uri’s Journey
  • 25:45 — User-Centric Problem Solving
  • 32:09 — Hiring Right: Key to Success
  • 36:29 — Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes
  • 37:54 — Scaling and Preparing to Exit
  • 42:15 — Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • 45:58 — Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
  • 47:54 — Connect with Uri Levine
  • 48:58 — Defining Success with Uri Levine

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