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The Death of a Content Creator

By November 26, 2022No Comments

When I started creating content, I felt like I found myself.

Finally a community of people that love building as much as I do.

I loved the conversations I had and the relationships I built.

But over time, as I tried to build out other things, my podcast, my personal brand, the following.

I fell into the trap of writing about things I didn’t care about. Or posting things that the people who originally consumed my content didn’t want to see.

I thought… if I just post a few promotional posts, no one will mind.

But then one promotional post turned into every podcast episode and then before you know it, almost all of my content was promoting something that I was working on.

My creativity died out.

I felt as though the posting schedule needed to be maintained and everything that I cranked out was promotional or half-ass.

I hated it.

Why am I telling you this today?

Because I don’t necessarily know what to call this feeling, where you feel like you’ve strayed too far from what originally got you excited.

But I feel like it happens to creators too often, and that’s why they fall off.

So next time you’re dreading making that piece of content, think, why am I doing this, and what made me the happiest at the beginning of my journey that’s changed?

For me, it’s writing about the things I struggle with on a daily basis, solving those problems and then teaching people so that they don’t have to go through the same experience.

So I’ve come full circle and decided to post things that really matter to me.

Things that I’ve learnt on a day to day that can hopefully help some of my fellow creators on and off of LinkedIn.

So whoever needs to hear this — if you’re ever feeling tired, or burnt out, or depressed about the next piece of content.

Pause, stop, reflect, and remember why you started creating in the first place.


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