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The art of arguing.

This topic came up recently.

The fact that you shouldn’t shy away from an argument or a debate.

But let me make one thing clear.

Debating is good, but not everyone who you “debate” with is going into that discussion with the same open mindset as you.

Arguments and debates are usually seen as a way of becoming more educated on an issue.

However, in life, you’ll run into people who like to argue, just to argue.

These types of people are hardwired to be argumentative and will not be satisfied until they have won the argument.

Do not be fooled by people who love to argue.

They are not interested in reaching consensus.

They may use emotions to defend their points, and they may also ignore facts that do not support their arguments.

A person who loves to argue will:

  • use intense emotions to defend points which they know they cannot logically defend;
  • have difficulty seeing things from the other person’s perspective;
  • become frustrated when his opponent does not concede the point;
  • often ignore facts that do not support their own argument; and
  • refuse to listen when the other person has an opinion that differs from their own

Debate is healthy.

Argument for the sake of argument is not.

Remove these people from your circle, as they offer no true value and ultimately only bring you down.

Remember, you are the sum of the people you spend time with.

Choose wisely.


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