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Take a #$@&%*! break!

As we all wrap up for the weekend, there’s some people on here, especially the hyper-driven entrepreneur/intrapreneur crowd who don’t shut off over the weekend. These are the hustle 24/7, 5am crew, #tgimonday, work junkies. But wait… Let’s take a look at the back half of your Friday afternoon. Do you find yourself looking at your phone, grabbing coffee /…
December 21, 2020

Slowing Down & Clarity

Even if you aren't in the best of circumstances. The ball is always in your court. There is always a way out, a way around or a way through. The only inhibitor to escaping poor circumsyance is our ability to see a solution and ideate how to act on it. The single most important thing to maintain when you're going…
December 16, 2020
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