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Success Story Podcast

Mychel “Snoop” Dillard – Entrepreneur & Business Owner | Building A Hospitality Empire

Like The Show? Leave A Rating: https://ratethispodcast.com/successstory About The Guest Mychel "Snoop" Dillard, a trailblazing powerhouse and beacon of inspiration, has risen to become one of Atlanta's most eminent Black entrepreneurs. Despite overcoming tremendous obstacles, including teenage motherhood at just 15 and facing discrimination as a gay Black woman, Snoop has forged an awe-inspiring business empire encompassing multiple restaurants, lounges,…
Alyy Hash
March 17, 2023

Doing Something vs. Doing Nothing

If you're unhappy you only have two options... Option #1 - Do something. Option #2 - Do nothing and complain. Only Option #2 guarantees that your situation will never get better. Taking action doesn't magically mean that your life will get better. Taking action doesn't mean that you won't succumb to setbacks, failures, redirection and disappointments. But taking action will…
February 20, 2021

Microsoft Partner Productivity Hack #3

As an organization, we used to run in-person daily stand-ups with multiple groups across my entire organization. For me, these meetings were critical to keep everyone informed. Since we started working from home, it’s even more important for us to stay connected as a team. However, the added responsibilities we’ve all taken on at home have made it difficult to…
June 16, 2020
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