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Bill Bogs, Comedian, TV Host & Journalist | Lessons on Life, Comedy & Wonder Dogs

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Bill Boggs is the author of both a Hollywood-optioned novel, and an acclaimed self-help book. He is a four-time Emmy Award-winning TV host and executive producer. He is a sought-after speaker. Bill has been an important figure in the business, food, music, travel, sports, news, and celebrity reporting and interviewing for years. As host of the New York-based Midday Live with Bill Boggs and WNBC’s Weekend Today in New York and his long-running Food Network hit, Bill Boggs Corner Table, Bill has interviewed many of the most notable personalities of our time — including cultural icons, presidents, international leaders, business tycoons, writers, athletes, celebrity chefs, and food critics, not to mention a movie star or two.

He began his career as a comedy writer, and his comic novel, The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog: As Told to Bill Boggs, reflects strong observational comedy chops. He has written essays for The New York Times Sunday Magazine and travel articles also for The Times.

A true industry insider, Bill has interviewed many of the most notable personalities of our time — cultural icons, music legends, presidents, writers, athletes, celebrity chefs — and a movie star or two. In 2008, Harper/Collins published his well-received motivational book, Got What it Takes?, based on his interviews with highly successful people.

His TV credits include the long-running Midday Live, a decade hosting and producing Bill Boggs Corner Table on the Food Network along with programs on Showtime, The Travel Channel, ESPN and all the major networks. Bill was also the host and producer of the syndicated series, Comedy Tonight and the executive producer for the groundbreaking Morton Downey Jr. Show.

His Off-Broadway play, Talk Show Confidential, and novel, At First Sight, were optioned for a screenplay inspired by his life.

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Scott D Clary, Bill Bogs


Scott D Clary  00:06

Welcome to the success story podcast. I’m your host, Scott Clary. On this podcast I have candid interviews with execs, celebrities, politicians and other notable figures, all who have achieved success through both wins and losses. To learn more about their life, their ideas and their insights, I sit down with leaders and mentors and unpack their story to help pass those lessons on to others through both experiences and tactical strategy for business professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Without further ado, another episode of the success story podcast. Alright, thanks again for joining me today I’m sitting down with Bill Bogs, who is an Emmy Award winning TV talk show host and producer, author and professional speaker. He began his career as a comedy writer and his comic novel The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog as told to Bill Bogs reflects strong observational comedy chops. He has written essays for the New York Times, Sunday magazine and travel articles also for the times. He is a true Industry Insider. Bill’s interviewed many of the most notable personalities of our time, including cultural icons, music, legends, presidents, writers, athletes, celebrities, chefs and a movie star or two. In 2008, Harper Collins published his well received the motivational book got what it takes, based on his interviews with highly successful people. His TV credits include the long run long running midday live a decade hosting and producing Buildbox corner table on the Food Network, along with the programs on Showtime, the Travel Channel, ESPN and all major networks. Bill was also the host and producer of the syndicated series comedy tonight, and the executive producer for the groundbreaking Morton Downey Jr. Show. I’m interviewing somebody who can probably do this job much better than me. I appreciate that.


Bill Bogs  01:52

What are you talking about? It’s good to be with you, Scott. Thanks, Anthony young guy there in Toronto. A bet your life is really good. You’re married. You have a family? Not yet. That’s next. Man up man about town before the pandemic.


Scott D Clary  02:05

I don’t exactly. Know, I’m just now I’m just stuck at home. So it’s not much to do. But yes, though life is not so bad. Life is not over. Thank you for sitting down. I appreciate it. Good. So So let’s, you know, I want to speak about the book. I also want to speak about what led you to the point where you’re going to write a book. So walk me through walk me through your life, your career, what you know, there’s so many accolades, I guess, you know, I don’t want to do everything. But if you want to do everything, we can just walk me through what brought you to this point in your career?


Bill Bogs  02:37

Well, the standpoint of your show, which is, you know, dealing with success, I’ll try to have that be like the germinating essence of some of my answers. So in the broad sense, what brought me to this point in my career, and a point in my life when I am more grateful than ever before, for the blessed and lucky life. I’ve lived, I really have had a one, I’m having a wonderful life. But I would say what really brought me here was the way I was raised. But I had good parents, I apparently was born with above average intelligence, not really high, but above average intelligence and AI, early age developed a very deep and fulsome and active imagination, Scott. And so I think what really brought me here was the way I was raised. I, I think that my parents always without pushing me, believed in me and had expectations that I would do well. And within a very, very early point in my life, I demonstrated doing well, not that I was the smartest kid in the class, but that I just excelled at various things. And I just want to keep doing that, that may sound self serving. But what really got me this point in my life is belief in myself. And a great deal of that belief was instilled in me by my mother, to a somewhat lesser degree by my father, and by my schooling in public school in Philadelphia. So what got me to this point was resolve one word resolve.


Scott D Clary  04:31

Now my my question to you when you have somebody who is an expert or has excelled in so many different aspects or or areas of their life is how do you choose


Bill Bogs  04:44

what to take on? Oh, that’s an interesting question. I always chose to take on what I was interested in, and what I’ve been passionate about in my life, and I’ve always used it now. Always because sometimes I just had to make choices for money. And generally, when I made those choices, I wasn’t having as much fun enjoyment. I’m not one of those guys in the business who’s made a multi billions of dollars I’ve just followed, following pretty much what I wanted to do and what I thought, for the most part, I could do well, even if I hadn’t done it before. So enough faith and belief in myself to take risks and try things. But the risks were always generally in an area where I had a skill set that could fill in the behavior that it would take to accomplish those goals. Rather than not, for example, I wouldn’t have ever taken the risk to be safe, become a pilot, because I would have gone down the plane, I just don’t have that skill set, I would have been like this, and I wouldn’t have liked it. So operating with wide boundaries, believer myself, and always willing to take a risk.


Scott D Clary  06:04

So a lot of these a lot of these ventures that you took on, you took the risk, but you also you also succeeded eventually, in many of these. I’m sure there was obviously things that you know, you struggled with, but what? Yes, every day, every Yeah. Now, are there commonalities. And when you take so many different things on that, that enabled you to exceed and just be be successful in so many different arts and and ventures? Is there a is there a common theme that you sort of apply across everything you do?


Bill Bogs  06:34

I think, belief in myself, and belief is what my God given talent. And I think that having that faith in myself enabled me to to continue to try to move forward. I look, my career hasn’t been as big as many, many other people. However, early on, when I was in about 25 years old, just starting comedy, I made like a vow and wrote on the inside of my forehead, that my career in my life is going to defy category. So in the process, I posted 15 different shows I’ve done I have six different stage shows I’ve done I become a public speaker. I’ve written three books, two novels, a motivational book, and I post a game shows I posted talk shows I posted history shows I posted boxing, I hosted Food Network shows, and these were all things I was interested in. But as I said, you can find people with way, way bigger, successful, more high profile careers than me Bill box, but not too many people with a wide array of things I’ve done and that has led to an enormously happy, satisfying life.


Scott D Clary  07:52

And as you’ve as you’ve done these things, you eventually moved into what you’re working on now. Which is it? What would you classify? What would you classify spike? The wonder wonder dog as is it? Is it just a comedy? Or is it more of a commentary on what your life was? How would you classify the work?


Bill Bogs  08:12

Well, I think it’s both those things. Let’s take a look at the book. Here is a book that has this beautiful, bold yellow cover. The event is a spiked the Wonder Dog. As told to build box a dog narrates the story told me the story. And I wrote it down to the dog man at the top. We have highly original and hilarious satire Winston Groom author Forrest Gump, so that’s a clue right there that it’s satire. And I just got a cue from my directory. Smile and have fun. I’m not smiling, not smiling. Well,


Scott D Clary  08:52

I think you’re doing fine.


Bill Bogs  08:54

You know? i Oh, it’s hard. I can smile when I talk on television better when I have sunglasses on. Get me my sunglasses.


Scott D Clary  09:03

I did


Bill Bogs  09:06

that here’s a fake smile. Here’s a fact you should always smile with your eyes. More than than your mouth and Spike says in the book his brother told him wag with your eyes Billy, not smile with your eyes Billy not your tail. And then on the back. There’s all kinds of good reviews from writers and producers and stuff like that. Allons y Bell who was one of the original Saturday Night Live writers wrote so smart, witty and inventive that I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t read it. I didn’t write it. I didn’t write it. Focus on smiling. That I can’t read.


Scott D Clary  09:46

It’s okay when I when I don’t smile.


Bill Bogs  09:49

I mean let me try this one. Here you go. New York Post. Is that enough?


Scott D Clary  09:55

It looks like this is gonna it looks like you’re being held hostage.


Bill Bogs  10:00

I feel like venture. Your Post says no bogs takes us on a darkly comic journey. And but the key thing is this at the top of the book, it says at a time when we can all use a laugh for God’s sake. Yes, yeah. toolbox presents the audacious Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog here answering your question, satire, social commentary, absurdist humor, and a touch of personal memoir narrated by fictions funniest canine that’s a big long diatribe on the book if you like to laugh if you want to take a big look at so called culture in America and want to poke some arrows in it and if you like dogs stories, you know dogs are is a very popular infection Scott and the critics are saying that spike spike the Wonder Dog is the fictions funniest canine. So when loser draw, I think that the book will be remembered and it’s gotten a grateful to excellent reviews, but it will be will be remembered as having created fictions, phonies cannot. So that’s a long answer, but that is an answer to your quite astute question. Now I’m going to smile and wait for the next question.


Scott D Clary  11:30

It’s okay, because when I when I concentrate too much, I have the biggest, you know, RBF, right. You’re the the resting bitchface. It’s when you it’s when you just look mad all the time. And it’s like my TV watching face. It’s my concentrating face. It’s my I don’t understand you, but I’m trying to understand you face and I just looked mad. And I think


Bill Bogs  11:51

all right. I feel like my I’m sort of locked in a smile, but I felt that was normal. I was enjoying myself.


Scott D Clary  11:59

I didn’t I didn’t. I didn’t get vibes, but I appreciate it.


Bill Bogs  12:03

I’ll think of something funny in the book. Okay.


Scott D Clary  12:08

Tell me tell me more about so. So walk me through walking through the story. Because if there are points of it that tie into your life. I think that’s also interesting, as opposed to just asking you parts about your life.


Bill Bogs  12:20

On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, I don’t want people think, Gee, I don’t want to get the adventures despite the one dog because I never heard of this guy Bill box. He’s going on and on about himself on Scott show. However, most fiction writers, many fitments say most many fiction writers will simply say that they right close to what they know. So my book is set in the world bill, set in a world of talk shows the bill box career has been a career predominantly on talk shows, I’ve had 15 different TV shows. So my career starting in Philadelphia, my hometown, then I went down to North Carolina, where I had a show called Southern Exposure with Bill box, which was on for three years. It was on ABC affiliate, and we got syndicated in the South. It was quite a successful show. We had beat the today’s show. The whole three years were on the air, which was pretty good for a local show at that time. This was before Good Morning, America would be on ABC affiliate. Anyway. So on that show, I had a very funny dog, my own dog and English bull terrier that, like you see here jumping through the TV screen, that kind of dog and he was on the show and it’s always a natural clown English bull terrier breed and the way the book is partly a tribute to that to that breed is known as the clown of the canine world. It’s really like having a really funny little kid in a dog suit. Right before going in New York for my big doesn’t know chain. The dog is right behind. Oh yeah. The dog was


Scott D Clary  14:03

in the shot. It’s in the shot. Yeah,


Bill Bogs  14:05

I see you doing the interview. I have someone monitoring what I’m doing. So this Aygo right now, this is an example despite the Wonder Dog is also a bank. You say? It’s the same bank that is used in accounting room in the casino in Monte Carlo. They have these lined up and they put the money in there. That’s their spike by Monday. I think anyone will get that that was actually a joke there.


Scott D Clary  14:31

I got the joke. I got the joke. At that casino, too. It’s a beautiful. Did you lose money or when I was up 100 euro and man what happens? And then I walked away because I knew that everyone else had way more money than me.


Bill Bogs  14:47

Know how to hold them know how to fold them know how to walk away and know how to run. So right before going to New York a long time ago in the 70s The dog got killed run over by a drunk driver right in front of me. Terrible, terrible. Anyway, when I committed myself to write this novel, my second novel, The first one was written several years ago and was actually optioned for a movie by Renee Zellweger. She liked that book. But anyway, I thought, What if spike hadn’t gotten killed? And what about a story where he and a talk show host like me, go from North Carolina and come to New York and Spike becomes a huge star in social media and on today’s world, and that was my premise, I knew where it was going to end, I knew that the dog was going to face tremendous obstacles, to save his own life, that fame was made, who is being kidnapped and stuff like that. So it’s a satire all the way through, but it has no spike ends up having a near death experience. And some interesting thing, interesting stuff happens on the mind


Scott D Clary  16:00

coming. Hopefully, that’s not you having a near death experience.


Bill Bogs  16:06

You know, I’ve done some bad interviews in my life, they’re like a near death experience. This isn’t this is not one. Oh, and so I just set out to write the book and anyone listening now who knows anything about fiction writing, is that the voice of your character has your characters of different voices, and the voice of a very funny dog transmuted itself onto onto the page. And then I knew I had something I suddenly this you really have to grasp this, I was writing in a voice I had not used on stage in any my comedy shows, I had never written in this voice before. But that inflections and insight and the sarcasm, and the observational humor, and I knew something great was something really, really unique was happening. And that was what led me to writing the adventures of Spike the one at all, as told the bill box, and it’s now just out. So if you like dogs, if you like to laugh, if you want to read some solid satire, the satire is a very, it’s hard to satirize our society as it is, it seems so satirical. But I think enjoy the book, everybody who’s read it has said, I laughed out loud, more reading Adventures and spiked wonder dog than any book in recent history. And that’s a quote, I’ve not made that up.


Scott D Clary  17:35

I think that, you know, I think that you mentioned one point that was really great. It’s like, we need some positivity in the world right now, which is so negative. And this isn’t really a question more just a comment. I find that there’s, there’s so much so much focus on negativity, and especially with what’s going on right now in the world that when you have these like works like this, like that’s why I really like speaking about them and bring them to light. This is more you’ll sort of maybe take a break from the news, take a damn news break, take a social media break, because it’s just toxic. I find so it’s, you know, good on you for putting this out there. I think the timing is 100%. Right? Oh, you know, is there more to it after in your career? You’ve written this book. I think that this is a time when people need like a relief from from all the shit that’s going on in the world. What do you want to do with your career going forward after after this, as you decide that things only work?


Bill Bogs  18:27

I have Yes. I have clear goals. I have clear goals. One is to expand my social media presence i i have entertaining stuff that goes on Facebook. I’ve Instagram and Twitter, expand that presence. Right. That’s one goal. And the second and more important goal is to write a sequel to the events of the spike, the underdog, that I have the title, the title is called spike unleashed. The wonder dog returns. And so that that’s my initial goal. I’m not pursuing TV work. I think I will. I do have a show now. I don’t think you’re aware of that. I have a show called trap live. And I do it once a week. We did it this week with Bob costs the Hall of Fame sportscaster and the shows that I shoot are on live on YouTube and Facebook, and then they stay on my YouTube channel. I have you were kind enough to mention though, some of the shows that I’ve worked on hosted. I have a YouTube channel where I’ve for almost 15 years now invested my money. No one else’s money is my money to digitize old tapes. So the YouTube channel has videos on it going all the way from my first television appearance in 1970 Up until the day before yesterday. In Depth interview with Bob Costas,


Scott D Clary  20:02

I’m on it right now. I


Bill Bogs  20:02

said, I would urge people to go to billboards TV on Youtube bi LLB Ogg STP. Subscribe. This is of course a natural free thing, then you get notified when things go up. And we we only press the button when something good goes up, which like maybe once a week at the most. So we put up the Bob Costas interview. Some of the other guests on that show have been Lucie. Arnaz, the Judy Gold, the comedian. Bobby write down what was on the show a lot of good guests, and they’re all on billboards, TV on YouTube.


Scott D Clary  20:42

Yeah, I’m checking it out. Now. I think that, you know, it’s funny, you mentioned that, um, do you see,


Scott D Clary  20:48

do you see a difference in the strategy that somebody would take to to get themselves known and recognize, compared to the way that you did it over your career, just because everyone has completely different,


Bill Bogs  20:59

completely different if I were a young guy, like in my 20s, starting out right now, I would be killing it, meaning I’d be working really hard on posting stuff that would go viral, that you know, when I when I started, there are only were like three outlets for me to get a job in Philadelphia, three stations. Now you’ve got local stations do have cable stations, you have streaming services, all manner of things. And the need for content is greater than ever. It doesn’t mean you’re going to make a lot of money doing it. But the ability to get started in the business now is I have a computer, I have a little camera, I have an idea, I wouldn’t go on, I’m going out with my phone, I’m going to shoot video, I’m going to edit it, I’m going to put it up, I’m going to talk about things, edit people, and you’re in business. But when I started my career in the early in the early 70s, it was a much steeper hill to climb, much less competition, and just different things got completely different.


Scott D Clary  22:09

And one other thing that I wanted to point out that I thought was a really good point that, you know, part of the part of the proceeds for this go to, for spike the Wonder Dog, they go to animal animal rescue, and I meant to bring this up before, but I didn’t I forgot about it. So I apologize. Why? Why is this the case for you? Why is animal rescue important for you?


Bill Bogs  22:32

Well, I don’t first of all, I love animals, I care about animals, as long as I can remember Scott, as long as I remember the concept of an animal, being an endangered species, and then becoming extinct was horrifying to me. And so hence, as time has passed with hunters and global warning and poaching, it’s even worse on our animal friends or bird friends, or insect friends. Now, that said, part of the book, The Adventure despite the one the dog, the dog is kidnapped, the dog is snatched off the street, the dog becomes a dog who needs to be rescued. So I thought, why not turn over a portion of the proceeds. And anyone who buys the book eventually, despite the one blog recognizes that a portion of the proceeds are going to go to animal rescue organization. So that was a thought there, Scott?


Scott D Clary  23:28

I think it’s I think it’s admirable. And I think it just sort of ties into, like the stuff you take on now. It’s just very, it’s very, you’re very passionate about the things you take on. And I appreciate that. And I think that that’s a lesson also combined with the fact that it’s just a very admirable thing that you have built into your your persona.


Bill Bogs  23:48

Yeah, it’s Thank you. I appreciate that. It’s nice of you to say that. Thank you.


Scott D Clary  23:53

No, it’s my pleasure. And I think it’s just something that I want to highlight because it shows that when you do take all these things on and I sort of spoke about this at the beginning, but like the multitude of items that you’ve been successful at, like blew my mind when I first read about all the things I knew your name, but I didn’t know everything you were associated with, until I started really doing a deep dive.


Bill Bogs  24:14

And funny. It was funny Scott when you’ve had a long career like me, right? But you haven’t been like world famous like I’d say Stephen Colbert or somebody like that. When I meet people, you know, eventually you meet them. You run a party intermission of a show and what are you doing? What what are you doing? I always say I I’m in the entertainment business. I’m in show business. Oh, really? What do you do? Well, I’ve primarily been on television. I’ve had several different talk shows. And this is as predictable as a rainstorm on a cloudy day. How come I haven’t heard of you? I have heard this. So many people have no idea right? How that kind of How come I haven’t heard you why why this happened hundreds and hundreds of times? Not to a lesser degree. This happens this hasn’t happened for a year or two. But this is the one that really can get any go bogs. Aren’t you on television? What happened to you that this does not engender like a really nice feeling? I could say, well, you know, I was executive producer, the Morton Downey Jr. Show for two years during that period. I know in a way, I’m just kind of telling you, it’s interesting to be a sort of a up whatever, a semi public figure and some of the things that happened to you. I’ll give you one one of the stories is one of my favorites. At the height of my being, say recognize in New York City when I was doing midday live with Bill Boggs for 13 years. And while I did that, I did the commies a night show I did. Saturday morning live I did a game show for CBS, I was really very active so frequently in those days, you know, I’d walk down the street and wave or something. So one day, and this is exactly how it happened one day, on the on the subway going downtown reading like the New York Daily News, The New York Post, I’m looking down like this. I’m reading I’m reading. And in front of me, between me and the newspaper, a face comes in like this. You can’t hide from us. We know you’re hiding. Now, this is because this woman this it goes to show you all his illusion, Scott. What she saw was television person reading a paper. And the reason he’s reading a paper is he doesn’t want to be recognized. Now I was reading a paper because I wanted to read the paper. I was only 20 minutes some way, right? So it’s very interesting to see how in a certain way. Being notable can be a litmus test of stuff like that. But people automatically assume things about you. But that’s one of my favorite stories. Because First off, this woman’s face is like, right up here in my face. And she wasn’t wacky. I mean, she asked me, but she didn’t look like a bag lady or anything. think


Scott D Clary  27:31

No, I that’s a very good story. Um, perception does not always equal reality. I think that I think the second you get a little bit of notoriety or fame. People act different. It’s a weird,


Bill Bogs  27:43

yes. Yes, that could be, you know, I’ve always felt that I just put people at ease. And, and you know, everyone’s smile. Now. I’ve done so much stuff. You know, somebody will say, Wow, you meant this up. It’s so gratifying to think that your work would be a value to people like that. That’s actually one of my daily prayers. I hope that that to do work today. That’s a value to people. In the current thing. The event is is like the underdog the value there is laughter. I mean, short of a vaccine in our in our arm. Well, after maybe one of the very best medicines, we have to get us through this really difficult time.


Scott D Clary  28:27

Yeah,that’s a that’s an important note. I think that everyone, like you mentioned is struggling right now. Like the mental health is taking the beating. When you isolate and you’re stuck at home. I have a couple. Just a couple, I guess. rapid fire questions. I’m ready. I just wanted to give you the floor. Was there anything that


Bill Bogs  28:48

you’re Scott, your volume has just gone down? Something happened? Oh, can you hear me now? Is that I just suddenly became deaf. Yeah, go ahead.


Scott D Clary  28:56

Alright. Sorry about that. No, I was I was just getting all serious and my voice lowered to emphasize the mood. No. What I wanted to ask you was if there was anything that we didn’t speak about, that you wanted to that you wanted to bring up.


Bill Bogs  29:11

The importance of having gratitude in our lives, no matter how bad things are, believe me, you don’t have to look very far to see somebody whose life is worse than yours. So I’m, I really believe in gratitude and the power of gratitude and letting people know on a daily basis, how grateful you are for your life, because gratitude manifests gratitude. That would be one.


Scott D Clary  29:34

Good lesson. Good lesson. Okay, so quick question. You’ve built a career outside before social media and now you sort of migrated to social media. So if somebody is looking to build their own persona, on social build their brand, what would be some advice that you could give someone?


Bill Bogs  29:51

You know, I’m not really the honestly the best person to ask for advice about that. By advice would be find somebody who really knows how to do it and you Have them help you. That’s what I’ve done. So that when I needed to do that I got people who knew what they were doing, including my son Trevor is up there in Toronto helped me to develop the Instagram account for spike the Wonder Dog. So that would be spike underscore Wonder Dog on Instagram. We love we put we post a thing that we put up there today, Scott, I almost like it. I’m gonna see if I can pull this off. I’m gonna see if I can show you what we posted today. It’s made this maybe if I can find it on my phone. Hold on just a second. I want to see if I can find it here. All right. Now look. I’m going to try to hold this up, let’s say and start it. But wait a minute.


Scott D Clary  30:49

There’s no sound there’s no


Bill Bogs  30:53

stop, stop. Here we go. Oh. I spent an enormous amount of time in the water this summer, avoiding both the heat and the pandemic because scientists have said Marvis can’t swim. I also know in summertime, folks like to read. And that’s why we’ve created a special underwater version of my book, The Adventures of spiked the Wonder Dog. Right? Where’s the book? Oh, here it is. This is wherever fine books and waterproof objects are available. So happy summer. Happy reading.


Scott D Clary  31:37

I love it.


Bill Bogs  31:39

Have some fun with what you’re doing. We just did that this morning. My My beloved Lady Jane, my girlfriend Jane who was took the the cover photo and it tells me to smile. She’s there by my side. She shot that video with that, and I saw you smiling. And it was a real smile. It was one of those?


Scott D Clary  32:00

No, it wasn’t one of yours.


Bill Bogs  32:05

What else? What else going on? Go ahead.


Scott D Clary  32:10

Um, lot. Two more quick questions. But you kind of already answered one. But I’ll ask it again and see if there’s anything else that comes out. One life lesson that you tell your younger self.


Bill Bogs  32:22

Your health is your wealth. Everything Everything is pinion on that. Life can be guy. Yeah, it’s never been better. And that’s health goes away. Right? And he was health has hope. He was hope has everything. Hope is a very powerful emotion. But you’re my father said it. Countless times I was growing up your health is your wealth. No question about that. Good.


Scott D Clary  32:50

And last last question. A resource could be a book podcast, Audible, not your own book could be a person that you would go and suggest people learn from


Bill Bogs  33:00

a person I would suggest people learn from. Okay, I’m going to suggest I actually I would suggest this man as a guest for your show. He’s an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. His name is John before I’ll be i FF AR I will give him his contact information around on the show. And he has created a a media platform called Peace vision that he wants to spread around the world and spread the message of individual actions for peace. And he is all manner of work in his life, all kinds of documentaries, but he is someone I think he’s one of my closest friends. And every time I’m with him, I learned something so John MacFarlane check out peace vision. That’s free social media platform.


Scott D Clary  33:51

Yeah, I have it right here. I’ll I’ll check it out. But yeah, more than more than happy to bring them on. It sounds like a really, really nice cause. is reading about it now. 30 years 30. Oh, I see. Okay, so, Director, what is your job as far as a founder and chief creative officer of peace vision for over 30 years John and the dream time entertainment network or team and produce original network television. What is a piece of vision is a manifestation of a lifelong dream of being able to use the medium of film and video at its highest level as a resource that gives us the tools to live our best life possible. So it’s a whole it’s a whole ecosystem of video. And I see. Wow, it’s very nice. Yeah, we’ll do we’ll do a deep dive on this.


Bill Bogs  34:33

Do you think he’d be a good guest for your show? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. You can also possibly put up a couple of videos up I was never aware how easy it was just to show that video like I just did, you know, yeah, camera, but he’s really terrific. So you know, I’m in no hurry to run away but I would strongly suggest John before as it gets.


Scott D Clary  34:56

Now, I appreciate the last the last thing that I wanted to say Bring out because you know I want to get people to go to check out your website your social Where do you get the book? What are all of what are all the places?


Bill Bogs  35:09

I’ll take it I’ll take it a little slowly. Okay by the way, Jane my beloved Jane, you have to see how handsome this man is. You know it’s true let’s just take a look and Snoop Dogg okay very handsome. Younger well okay, I’ll take this slowly Thank you. I’m with Spike them on the dog the website spiked the wonder dog.com Okay, Spike the wonder dog.com You can order the book there at spiked wonder dog.com It’s available anywhere books are sold Amazon Barnes and anywhere books are sold. You can get the benches despite the one dog on Twitter. It’s at Spike Wonder Dog. Right? On Twitter. I am at real Bill bogs. Okay, that’s me on Twitter. I’m on Instagram spike is mentioned was your spike, underscore Wonder Dog on Instagram spike underscore Wonder Dog and on Instagram. I am rat Packer eight. Type in rat Packer you’ll get Buildbox I didn’t even type in my name Bill box. Then rat Packer will come up on Facebook. My Facebook page is obviously me. I guess that’s basically it. But the big one is a billboards TV on YouTube, which has a we have about 3 million viewers so far.


Scott D Clary  36:47

So you have actually you have 6.4 1 million views so far. I mean, 46 6.4 1 million.


Bill Bogs  36:58

Choose a double like in the last couple of months,


Scott D Clary  37:02

you have 463 videos and 6.4 1 million views.


Bill Bogs  37:07

Thank you. Thank you. I will keep I’ll stay in touch or you can let me know about this in the future. I was unable to see that. That’s good.


Scott D Clary  37:14

I’ll take a screenshot for you. i My my camera set up. I can’t move it but I’ll show you.


Bill Bogs  37:22

Yeah, I can find it. That’s great. Thank you.


Scott D Clary  37:25

Yeah, no, it’s it’s doing it’s like a it’s like a bill box Netflix.


Bill Bogs  37:29

Well, yeah, it is. Because what you have there on Bill box TV, you have some historic interviews. I mean, there’s interviews. Like for example, some of the big stars of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. Jerry Lewis, Miles Davis, Natalie would just take those five, a James Brown, Little Richard, there have been documentaries made about all these people. And they’ve used parts parts of my interview, but not Not, not with, not with James Brown. So there’s historical stuff there. There’s a debate between Roy Cohen and Gorby doll. There’s crazy things that show, you know that his stuff we were doing. But a lot of what I did in my career, Scott was long form interviewing, which really is comeback young on social media now, but prior to the pandemic, who was going to interview anybody for 40 minutes, you know, it just didn’t happen. So that’s it.


Scott D Clary  38:29

That’s all for today. Thanks again for joining me on another episode of the success story podcast. You can download or stream this podcast wherever podcasts are available, including iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, I heart, radio, and many others. You can also watch his podcasts on YouTube. If you haven’t already. Please subscribe and share this podcast with your friends, family, coworkers and peers. Please leave us a rating on iTunes takes about 30 seconds as it allows other people to find our podcasts and lets our amazing guests reach even more people with their message. And remember any rating is fine as long as it contains five stars. I’m Scott Clary from the success story podcast signing off


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