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Set Yourself Up To Lose The Deal

By November 8, 2020No Comments

The single biggest mistake I see people make, when they’re trying to sell anything is that they get too comfortable.

Face it, prospecting is hard. When we find a customer who’s willing to buy it’s tempting to take the foot off the gas, and focus on the shiny (paying) object.


Set yourself to lose the deal.

When you’ve built a business (or funnel) that’s 100% dependent on your next customer closing, to keep the lights on…

Or you’ve built a funnel that requires you to close every single deal, in order to keep your job…

You’re setting yourself up for a risky, and stressful time.

You need to set yourself up so that you’re more than ok to lose the deal.

Why is this important?

  1. If you don’t have a strong pipeline filled with deals, you’ll compromise anything to close the deal on the table. (Time, Energy, Revenue, Profitability etc.)
  2. Your clients will sense how desperate you are, putting you in a subservient position, giving any negotiation power to the client.

The second you need the clients money more than they need you, your service, or your product, you’ve lost everything.

The ability to flip this on it’s head and say “no” to unreasonable client demands is an absolute superpower in the world of sales.

How do you make sure you don’t fall into this trap?

Set up systems that force you to continuously prospect and bring in new leads.

Whether it be automation, strong brand, paid traffic, or time blocking prospecting hours, force yourself to set up systems early on that maintain constant funnel and pipeline growth.

That’s the secret to stable, sustainable, repeatable, predictable and non-stressful, sales & business growth success.


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