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Ryan Stewman – CEO of Hardcore Closer | How to be a Hardcore Closer?

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About The Guest

Ryan Stewman is an American best-selling author, podcaster, and blogger. He serves as the CEO of Hardcore Closer, an online learning resource for salespeople. Ryan contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate, and Huffington Post.

He is best known for consulting with alpha personality business owners on rapidly growing their sales via the use of strong marketing and advertising. Ryan has published 13 books, 4 of which have gone on to be best-sellers. Moreover, he has coached and helped over 20,000 clients who now represent what winning looks like at all times. He is also a full-time investor who has ownership in 30+ companies with 100s employees.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Intro
  • 02:51 — Ryan Stewman’s origin story
  • 06:21 — Becoming successful and growing your business without conventional training
  • 16:01 — Starting up a business fresh out of jail
  • 17:23 — Building a coaching business from the ground up
  • 27:48 — Developing a strong community
  • 35:22 — Advice for people on when to start working on a coaching business
  • 41:02 — Ryan Stewman’s strategies and tips on hardcore closing
  • 47:20 — Where can people connect with Ryan Stewman?
  • 50:33 — The biggest Ryan Stewman has ever faced in his life
  • 51:57 — What keeps Ryan Stewman up at night?
  • 52:39 — The most impactful person in Ryan Stewman’s life
  • 53:53 — Ryan Stewman’s book or podcast recommendations
  • 54:16 — What would Ryan Stewman tell his 20-year-old self?
  • 55:30 — What does success mean to Ryan Stewman?

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Scott D Clary  00:21

Welcome to success story, the most useful podcast in the world. I’m your host Scott D. Clary. This success story podcast is part of the HubSpot Podcast Network. The HubSpot Podcast Network has other great podcasts like marketing made simple hosted by Dr. Jay J. Peterson. Marketing made simple brings you practical tips to make your marketing easy, and more importantly, make it work. Now if any of these topics sound interesting to you, you’re going to love his show, how to write and deliver captivating speeches, how to market yourself into a new job, how design can help and potentially hurt your revenue and how to create a social media ad strategy that works. If these topics hit home and they’re things that you want to learn about. Go listen to marketing made simple wherever you get your podcasts. Today, my guest is Ryan Stewman. Ryan has built an incredible diversified portfolio of companies. He is a serial entrepreneur, the primary organization that he’s built, helps individuals be better in all aspects of their life. He has over 20,000 clients and growing he helps them in their personal their financial, their health, their professional lives. Now, not only is he built an incredible organization, he is a top contributor to Forbes. He’s published 13 books, four of those who’ve gone on to be best sellers. He is also a full time investor who has ownership in over 30 countries with hundreds of employees. He’s a loving husband, and a proud father to three boys and lives in Dallas, Texas. Now he wasn’t born into the business world. At age seven, he was adopted by age 60. And he had left high school by age 21. He was incarcerated for selling drugs. After getting out of prison, he turned his life around and made seven figures in real estate. But he lost it all and was sent back to jail on false charges to cover up a mistake that local cops made 11 years after his second release, he has built a self made eight figure empire from scratch. So we spoke about a variety of different topics. He spoke about mindset recovering from the worst possible scenario and how to after leaving jail build a successful business when he didn’t even have any formal business training. We spoke about building an agency because he built a very successful one before he pivoted into coaching. So building an agency from scratch, building a coaching business from scratch, we spoke about how to price services attract leads, close deals, set scale and organization. We spoke about the only sales training you’ll ever need, it takes about five minutes, it’ll teach you everything you ever have to know to be a better salesperson, which is obviously a very important skill set if you’re gonna be building a business. And then we spoke about the importance of empathy, self awareness, leadership and accountability to be successful in any career or business.


Ryan Stewman  03:14

I wasn’t one of these people that really had this dream of owning a business that was never really what I was I was set out to do. But I was thrown into owning a business. I had a corporate job, I worked in a bank, I was in finance. I was like, you know, the Jake from State Farm looking guy that shopped at Kohl’s and, you know, Hey, would you like a mortgage interest rates of 4.75 today this feel like I was that kind of guy, you know, but I was a good salesperson. But I mean, I wasn’t the person that you see today. I was this, you know, manufactured clean, polished version of myself. But I lost my mortgage license I the state of Texas, was where I had gotten a mortgage license from and then the federal government in 2011 just changed how the licensing process went. Because of all the failures and everything else. And it became a federal thing. And the Feds wouldn’t give me a license because well, because I was still on federal parole for some time I had done inside of some federal prisons, right. So they wouldn’t give me a license. And then when my original license expired is like shit, I can’t do the only real job of the only money making job. I mean, I’ve had jobs like flipping burgers and chips like no the only real money making job that I’ve ever done now now I couldn’t do it. And so I was forced to like this the side hustle thing was like now the sudden is like shit ride or die. We got to figure this out, you know. And at first I had been selling on the side of my mortgage job. I’ve always been into fitness like you know, I’m not a personal trainer or anything. I’ve always been a healthy person. I like going to the gym. I’ve been doing that for 23 years now. And so I tried to sell some supplements stuff, you know, but but here’s the thing. I didn’t know anything about supplements or anything about health. I just knew eat healthy, go to the gym. I had never really spent the time on it. So let’s assume that means You’ve been buddies for 10 years, and I did your mortgage and I’m showing up at your house with dislike PowerPoint presentation on multilevel marketing fucking pills, man, I look back, I’m like, Man, I probably, I didn’t realize how dumb I looked. But there was some people that were, you know, hey, Ron, and I know, whatever you do, you’re gonna be good at. So I tried, you know, the network marketing thing. And I built this business up now in the mortgage business, maybe I’m making 3040 grand a month, then I go into network marketing business, because I’m forced over there. And I build it up to like six or $8,000 a month. So basically, I’m starving, right? Because I’m used to living on 30 Not living on it. But I’m used to making that and now I’m making a third of that, basically. And so what happens though, is they changed the comp plan, and it goes down to like, 1800 bucks a month. And I’m like, Man, I can’t put my my income I never again, corporate America, I put my income at risk with corporate America. Now I put my income at risk with this network marketing company, I got to start my own business. And what I set out to do from scratch when and I still live this today, I just got up a meeting right before we got on here. Because I set out to build the company that I would want to work for that Ryan, not a company that anybody would want to work for. But that Ryan stupid wouldn’t want to work for a company that pays well, a company that treats people right, a company would core values, a company with massive perks like celebrities, and, and cool trips, and private jets, and all this stuff that you get as being a part of somebody that works in our ecosystem, like I set out to create that because it didn’t exist anywhere that I had ever been. And I got tired of putting my income in shit like that in the hands of others. You know, it turns out 12 years later, it’s worked out pretty damn good.


Scott D Clary  06:41

Now you had you’ve had a hell of a story. I don’t know how far you want to go back what you want to talk about, but coming out of the shit that you went through when you were younger. And then building a successful business is not easy. Like you’re not like a Wharton or an Harvard MBA that just walked out of college and you know, figured it out. Because that’s the only path I’ve ever taken. So maybe what you take and where you want to take it. But talk to me about the experiences that you had, and maybe how it impacted your success, your ability to build a business because the way you did it, I can guarantee you it wasn’t a conventional way, because you didn’t have the conventional training.


Ryan Stewman  07:20

Well, and I don’t have a conventional business, I don’t know if you think about this, who I have to look up to. There’s no and I don’t say this egotistically that there’s nobody with our model. There’s there’s a lot of people with our model, but they’re chasing us, they’re not leading us, you know what I mean? There’s nobody that is doing things the way that we are like, like, like, if somebody has an event, they might be raising money for real estate, or if somebody has an event, they might be, you know, selling a digital product. It’s not we don’t do those kinds of things anymore. That stuff we did 510 years ago, we we create, I create new models of doing this stuff, and keep it innovative. So I really don’t have a when you say traditional training, not only do I not have traditional training from a college, or some sort of tech training or whatever. I also don’t even have a traditional business. Now mind you, I told you I’ve been doing this since 2010. Think of what Facebook was in 2010. It was MySpace still. Right? You may not and I’m not saying you particularly but but a lot of people didn’t even have invites to Facebook still in 2010 Like it was still semi private. Like you could get on there if you weren’t in the college scene, but it wasn’t much past that. And for sure, it wasn’t a hey, you know, everybody’s making the rush to social media. That shit didn’t happen until about 2014 or 2015. Right? I remember having a conversation with one of probably America’s favorite gurus back in 2012 Saying no you don’t understand this social media stuff is the future and he’s like, Oh no, man it’ll never be that way we’re gonna keep calling cold calls and everything else now that guy’s got like millions of followers once he tapped into it like 2018 that really works well for him you know and so but But I say that because I had to make things happen and had to figure it out on my own because what I’m telling you I started in this is like probably a lot of your listeners so I didn’t come from like good stock in the sense of my parents got money or they set me up with life insurance money. When I got to college age or anything. My life went like this. At five years old. My dad walked out the door he never showed back up. My mom remarried that guy adopted me that guy liked to use me as a punching bag occasionally on Friday nights and sometimes Sunday afternoons and sometimes Wednesday and Thursday and other days and ended with wives too. Then I left school and home and everything at 15 years old to get away from the BS I was going through with my adopted dad so so think about that at five years old. My dad leaves seven year old new dad shows up adopts me changes my name. Meanwhile, at six years old, my grandpa went to federal prison for anyways a crime she didn’t do but still went to federal prison. She actually went to federal prison for keeping your integrity long story but and then. Then by the time I’m 15 I’m out of school by the time I’m 17 I’m working three jobs at 630 in the morning. I wake up in at 7am. I’m on the job site wiring houses in Texas being an electricians helper means you pull wire through the ceilings of houses. Right now, in July. This is the time of year I did it right now, if I look on my phone, crazy enough, I’m sitting outside. But right now if I look on my phone, it is 103 degrees here in Dallas, Texas right now, which means it’s about 135 up there in that attic if you were to pull wire through there. And so that’s the job I did until four in the afternoon, at four by 430. I wouldn’t be back home. By five o’clock, I will be showered and I would walk across the parking lot of my apartment complex to the Mexican food restaurant. And I would stand there and I would be the guy that would say, Welcome to tamales. Let me know how many people in your party and I would give them a menu and I would go sit them at the table. But I got to talk to everybody. I like that because as an electrician, those guys are usually drug dealers and criminals. And on methamphetamine, I’m just saying the guys that I worked with, maybe not all of them but back then that was the case. I don’t have a whole lot to say to those guys. But people coming in to eat at a Mexican restaurant. They have a couple of margaritas they’re in a good mood. Oh man, I love that job. Then at 10 o’clock when the the the kitchen shut down at the Mexican place. I would go home and probably sell pot and cocaine to the few friends of it to make some money at night. So I’m essentially 17 years old living in my own place, making my own rent working three jobs a day, right back up again. 630 in the morning. I’ve always been an early riser my whole life. And so my kids are that way no one point got busted doing that selling drugs end up going to prison. Get out of prison, go work in a car wash become a manager selling carwash become manager all this other shit. Then check this out one day because the hard work somebody at the carwash offered me a job. This lady said, hey, you know, we’re going to teach you what a mortgage is. And that’s like, well, good, because I don’t know what that is. I never heard that word in my life, you know? And she explained, well, a mortgage is like a loan against the home so you can live there. Oh, so you can like rent it. It’s like oh shit. But anyway, she gave me a job right? And within you know, 45 days of working on that job I made like $21,000 And then I might as well be a bill gates at that point. So I was rich. You know, like I I went from hustling three jobs prison working at the carwash. You know, making $10.50 an hour to now listen, I’m making $11,000 a month, man, like, you might as well give me drugs, bro, because I was addicted to that. I went on the next year to make $700,000 right like just piling through mortgages. I made so much money that the little town in Texas that I lived in the cops that I was back selling drugs again. First of all drug dealers don’t make that kind of money. But not any that I ever met anyway. low level drug dealers. But anyway, they raided my house didn’t find any drugs. My roommate had a gun. And they charged me with the gun. They sent me off to prison, which I have the right to have a gun anyway. But the gun had 17 rounds in the clip and at the time, there was something called the Brady bill which you could only have 10 rounds in a clip they’re trying to read they’re trying to bring that back right now as a matter of fact, but anyway, long story short myosins up federal prison for some shit doesn’t even have nothing to do with. I got 15 months I walk in a millionaire and I’m married. I walk out I’m divorced. Right I go into the mortgage business that’s what I was telling you.


Scott D Clary  13:16

Oh, and that’s what you’re you’re licensed mortgage was that the license taken away? And I got my license take away. Yeah, okay, dude. Okay, so So that’s that’s that’s tough. So I’ve had


Ryan Stewman  13:25

this really cushy life you know, everything’s been everything’s been handed to me on a silver platter. Okay, but but here’s the thing like because of that I didn’t I didn’t have a bank loan for my business think about this I’m selling social media management and training and shit before it’s a thing I don’t have any investors any bankers any parents to give me money any partners, bro I’m just out here bootstrapping ship poor as hell I had to sell my house and move in with my in laws and live upstairs you know how embarrassing is to be 31 years old and used to be a millionaire and now you ain’t got a job and you live with your in laws and you raising the baby like the humility that I had to go through to get here see so many people say they want some but they’re not willing to sell their fucking house and go live with their in laws at 31 years old man you know what I’m telling you what man I had people here Washington five of my Lamborghinis today it all worked out in the end you know, like it all worked. This house is way bigger than the one I was staying at their place. You know, so it all worked out but so many people are scared but man I rested I took my family out of the house and put them in with my in laws and, and you know, they’re retired. So it’s not like they’re, you know, making this crazy substantial income that they can afford to float. It’s anyway, it’s like, I risked it. Oh, man. I can’t tell you how many times I spent my last dollar one time I spent my last dollar note because I could only afford a one way trip to Vegas to go to an event. But I got to the event and I made like $20,000 The first day of the event like selling the shit that they taught while everybody was at the event still taking notes my ass went out in the hallway put together the shit that they talked about and made money from it before the event was over to where not only dug into Flight Home and finance my shit for the ads and everything Do you think


Scott D Clary  15:03

do you think that that like nothing to lose? Attitude was like the thing that allowed you to be successful?


Ryan Stewman  15:12

You know, nobody’s ever asked me that, but that it has to be 100%. And here’s why. I joke and say this all the time. Like, you know what, what’s the worst thing can happen? They throw us in jail. Yeah, you know, like, I’ve already been there. So most people have never seen worst case scenario. They’ve never seen dad leave. They’ve never seen abuse in nursing prison. They’ve never seen a grandma arrested. They’ve never seen the drug addiction and all that most people have never seen that shit. So I’ve already seen worst case scenario. And I’m like, Man, I know what it takes to get the worst case scenario to so I’m avoiding that, obviously. But But yeah, absolutely. It’s like, I had already been to prison twice. And I made it back again. So I knew that if I was just willing to put in the work, because that’s one thing about me. I don’t have to be the smartest person but I’m willing to outwork as many people as possible. And, and again, you know, when you don’t have anything to lose, like I didn’t have, I think this if my inlaws would have been rich and given me a bunch of money, like if they just said, here’s a, you know, half a million dollar loan to start your business or whatever. Ryan student wouldn’t exist as we know him today. Because it would have it would have ruined me because I wouldn’t know. Not having a safety blanket forced me to take action to put food on the plate for my family. Yeah. 100%.


Scott D Clary  16:22

Okay, so the first version of that business when you got to jail at a federal jail, you started it was a Social Media Marketing Agency, is that more or less correct?


Ryan Stewman  16:33

So people that might like that know me will say I’m one of the greatest writers alive and back then I would write for you. For $100 a month, I would write five Facebook posts


Scott D Clary  16:45

a day for you. That’s hard work. That’s not easy work with the clients.


Ryan Stewman  16:49

I had. It is it is and I had a spreadsheets. I had like a system blah, blah, blah. But but but yes, very hard work. I built this thing to 70 people, again, no partners, no helpers, no investors, no bank, no advisors, I know what the fuck I was doing. I just knew that I was onto something. But I couldn’t keep up with it. You know, it’s like, but here’s the cool part of that story, is I got to learn different people’s reactions and shit from 70 different social media accounts early on in the game, we’re talking 2011, right. So I came out in 2012. And I said, Man, you know, I didn’t know how to scale a company. So I didn’t know how to go and, you know, maybe hire people are any of that shit, right? So I didn’t know how that worked. So I just did everything myself. But then I thought, man, instead of doing it myself, how about now that I’ve got experienced, like, just teach people


Scott D Clary  17:33

how to do it. Okay. And so that’s


Ryan Stewman  17:35

what I got into the coaching side, because that’s obviously a more scalable. At least when you’re one person group coaching is more scalable than individual social media.


Scott D Clary  17:45

Okay, so when you’re building this business, I find this really interesting because all the businesses you jump into are like, super super. They’re super crowded, right? You’re talking about social media management and marketing, you’re talking about coaching, like they’re maybe not in 2011. But I mean, like, like now, like,


Ryan Stewman  17:59

there’s definitely not in two days. All right, so how do


Scott D Clary  18:03

you okay? So you know, you put in the work you you know, how to, you know how to kill it on social, you turn it into a coaching business. Even when you turn into a coaching business, there’s probably a lot of competition with people that are maybe like traditional marketers that are trying to turn it turn their own practical coaching business, but how do you differentiate yourself? How did you scale that up? And also, I want to talk like, I want to talk numbers, like when you when you start coaching? What is the product you sell? What’s the service you sell? How much money can you make? What’s the strategy to, to, you know, bring in leads, close them on a small ticket? Hi, I find this whole thing so interesting. And also, like, I see the people that are doing it at like the highest levels, but you never see somebody that builds it from the ground up, you always see, well, you Grant Cardone, like all the people that have been doing it for the past, like forever, and now you see where they’re at. But to build a coaching, to build a coaching business, from the ground up, offer true value, make true money, not bullshit your customers so that you’re actually improving their lives in some capacity. Let’s let’s break it all down, because that’s what I want to sort of unpack here.


Ryan Stewman  19:09

So my very first rewire, which is my podcast has about 4 million monthly listeners, my very first episode was sell on the level that you’re at. And so that’s what I did. And what I mean by that is in 2011, I was making 2010, eight 910 I’m making 20 to $30,000 a month, right? As a loan officer, which means you’re doing about two or $3 million on average in volume, which is five to 15 houses a month depending on what state you live in, right? Just to give you some math. So here I am a guy that’s making almost a half a million dollars a year in a down economy by the way, remember that Obama stepped in Bush screwed up the economy all the crap, right? That’s not really presidents that do that. That’s the narrative, right? And so, Obama inherited a big mess in other in other words that his administration was trying to straighten out in the mortgage business where I’m working right? And so not the easiest time to do business I think I’ve always sold the hardest stuff like mortgages and downtime and social media management before anybody knew what the hell that was like now it’s a crowded space. That’s the the objection. But back then it was like nobody heard of it’s Facebook. Why that was the objection, you know? So. But



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Ryan Stewman  20:38

If I’m a person sold $30,000 a month, I knew that I was one of the top producers, if not the top. I knew a subgroups are my company. But I knew it wasn’t the biggest companies out there. There were guys doing more than me. So I knew, though that I could teach people that were making five or $10,000 a month how I got to 30. So I go and I create a social media program because the social media accounts that I was running for those 70 accounts. They were everything, your real estate agent, your title companies, everything I knew, right? That’s how I knew to post right? So I stuck to what I knew. I didn’t come from like mortgages and go you know what, like, I screwed up. I came from mortgages and tried supplements and that shit didn’t work, right. But when I went back to what I knew, Okay, then the shit work, right? So I knew that if I could get because what happened was when I got out of prison, I started posting on Facebook, that I was top producer and that or and then I was winning and all this stuff. Because I was hoping my ex wife that left me when I went to prison would see me still winning. And it feels so stupid that she made that decision to leave me when I was down, right? But because of that people started hitting me up going, Hey, man, can you do my mortgage, and I’m like, Shit, I’m on to something, you know. And again, this is in there. Now that’s like common sense. But again, this is in the early days of all this. So I’m like shit, I’m really fucking on to something here. So I start teaching, I make an ad. This is the event that I go to in Vegas, I make an ad to loan officer that says if you’re a loan officer, and you’re not doing at least $2 million a month in mortgage volume, fill out this application. Let’s get on the phone. And let me show you how I consistently do $30,000 A month in mortgage commissions with no team, no assistant, no personal processor, and I don’t even know the name of the underwriter, fill out the application below. And we’ll get on a protocol. So what happened was it was a YouTube video on a Wufu on a Wufu. Like, which is a Survey Monkey type of thing. And then that transpired into my own, I still have all this shit done that transpired in took place into my calendar link.


Scott D Clary  22:33

And that’s like the that’s like the first funnel. So funnel right there. That’s the first funnel. That’s it.


Ryan Stewman  22:38

That’s it. And so a guy named AJ Roberts helped me construct that at that event in Vegas, he set to the side and show me how to do that within about 20 minutes, we had already had the video because I just recorded on my phone, it was like super easy to do that even back then. So then because of that got all these calls and so on selling a product that’s $2,000 for six weeks, six week training $2,000. Okay, here’s what most people do. Okay, they say, I’m gonna go and create a digital product. And so they go and they spend time creating this digital product, and then they go to sell it, and then nobody buys the shit. And they wasted all their time building it right, they waste their time building something that nobody wants. So what I did was that made sure everybody want it. So I pre sold it as a six week bootcamp. And then I recorded each of the six weeks and then turn those into a product and


Scott D Clary  23:26

product didn’t waste any time so I got paid to middle where I didn’t


Ryan Stewman  23:30

have no damn money, you know what I’m saying? Like I didn’t have the money to waste time. Like I didn’t have a bank partner. So that shit like I keep saying so like, I do what your audience I had to hustle and so so but what the way I priced it was if you do one loan, the average loan in America at the time was about $203,000 And if you’re a loan officer, you typically take home 1% Maybe more but on average 1% of that loan amount is what you’re actually putting in your pocket. It’s not the what the company gets and everything else but it’s what you actually pocket is 1% of the loan right? And so if you have a $203,000 loan, then you’re getting $2,000 So my whole pitch on the phone call was like Look bro for sure we can get at least one more loan over the course of six months because or six weeks from what I’m going to teach you like surely one more loan will come in to pay for this so literally my prospect has the belief that like shit I mean, I can’t really lose if I just close one one deal that kind of pays for itself it makes it kind of a no brainer because because again back then they’re like, I don’t know about this Facebook shit, bro. And now you want to $1,000 But I’m like one deal. Because one deal man and you got money being close to deals you’re in the truck and black. You’re in the you’re in profit city. You know what I mean? What happens if because two deals a month, and then four deals a month. And then those give you referrals? At least five deals a month. This is something that’s going to carry you for the rest of your life. So nobody would tell me No, unless they didn’t have to grant. But check this out. I got to a point where I couldn’t keep up with the calls. So I’ve got this digital product. I’m the only sales guy I’m the only marketer I’m making the phone making the video editing the video doing I’ve gotten no help, right. And so, in that at this point, I have money, I just not smart enough to hire help. I didn’t know how all that worked, I don’t know. But I just I didn’t have mentors and shit to teach me. So I’m doing all this shit myself. And but what happens is I get to a point where I’m making a whole bunch of calls. And maybe only you know 50 70% 70% of the people probably can’t buy because not a lot of people back then had $2,000 Laying


Scott D Clary  25:27

especially mortgage, especially mortgage brokers recession like that’s not a good time for them.


Ryan Stewman  25:33

My competitor at the time mortgage marketing animals their product was 47 bucks a month and I’m telling them I want to grant I was the mostly I was the Louis Vuitton purse of the mortgage industry coaches at that time, right. And so, but what happens so about 70% of the people wouldn’t do it. So with 30% still a big ask closing ratio for most people not so much been made me happy now. But back then it is what it is. But But what happens from that is I couldn’t keep up now I’m wasting 70% of my time with people who didn’t have money, right? That was their objection wasn’t I don’t believe in it. They clearly they filled out the app because they wanted it, they just found that it was too much money for what they had available their credit card lines, or whatever. So what I did was I went back to the video, and I changed the offer from if you’re a loan officer doing 2 million or less, to, if you’re a loan officer who’s closing at least $2 million a month, I want to help you get to five or more as fast as possible. So at that point, it takes all the people who because less than 2 million can be zero, right? But a minimum of 2 million lets me know at least you’re making about 20 grand a month, right? And on a W two, so you at least got $11,000 or so take home that you’re coming in every single month, right? So allow me to go and then all the sudden I’m closing about 70% of those conversations, because those guys two grands nothing, oh yeah, I’ll give it a shot, whatever is tax deductible. And so like, eventually, there’s only 300,000 loan officers in America. And I sold products to 20, something 1000 of them. So eventually, I kind of ran through that marketplace. Pretty good, right? And I got bored. And so I realized that I had a bigger gift than just social media, to loan officers. At this point, I’m running a full blown company with employees, and I’ve got multiple companies and investments of all this stuff going, you know, a few years ago. And I decided I wanted to just create a, like not just products, not just coaching, but I wanted to create a network in a movement of people. And so I created this, this Apex program, where, you know, we have basically three tiers in it, but it’s evolved beyond me, it’s not the Ryan students show it’s not the, you know, company and Ryan, students masterminds like Come be a part of something where people represent what winning looks like can be a part of something where it’s some of the best of the best in their respective industries where you can get to learn from no network, I get to put unknown names that are brilliant with huge companies and shit on stages to speak that wouldn’t normally get the FaceTime and stuff. And it’s it man, it’s just it’s evolved into something now that’s got 2000 active members in you know, we are doing more money than I’m really comfortable saying but if I said that the big if I just know that we are doing well, well, like well, the fucking eight figures a year. This year, we already well, the fucking to eight figures a year this year, we are well deep into eight figures this year, with only two sales guys.


Scott D Clary  28:26

So that’s so that is that is Trump community started referral community that you said, okay, so then yes, we got a couple of things you built out. So you built that obviously built an awesome coaching business, you sort of have like the blueprint for that. So you you know, you go after people that could have high ticket high ticket products that they want to sell, and you find them a way to get them, you find them a way to close those products easier. So that’s really what you do. So if somebody did want to go into this, sort of you unpack the playbook that you just did, maybe you don’t build the product, you build the funnel, you you sort of use that funnel to find some leads, make sure you validate your product market fit for that. And then you can record the courses. As you go through that first tranche. That’s kind of what you did. You could do that in any industry. If you could really do that in any industry. If you’re an expert, and you know, You’re shitting that industry. And the second thing you did was you built up this badass community. That’s what I’m assuming it’s a recurring revenue product to that’s it that’s a monthly subscription. Right. Okay. So okay, how do you build that? How do you build that a strong community? What’s What’s the what was the strategy to build out apex?


Ryan Stewman  29:30

Three things. Yeah, first of all, this community does recurring multiple, seven figures per month. And so the three things they didn’t realize on one, you have to have a mission statement for not the company for the people. Right? So we’re creating not a network, not a mastermind, but a movement and a movement sounds like, you know, everybody says they’re creating a movement that’s supposed to be some next level stuff, but to me of movement, is people taking action together. That’s it. That’s a movement people taking action together, right. And so The movements got to have a mission. So our mission is apex. So we say it like this, when you sign up with us, you sign the contract to join with us. It’s not a month to month thing. It’s a minimum one year commitment. So when you sign the contract to join us, and you put our jersey on our T shirt with this logo, you now represent what winning looks like at all times. If you’re out of shape, get your ass in the gym, right? If you broke, you better get your ass on the grind learned our stuff. So you can get money, right? If your relationships broken and you want to fix it, you need to either divorce or get it fixed, right? Like now winners winners don’t do losers shit. And now you’re a part of us. And if you really want to win, we will put that heat on you and hold you accountable. And so that’s the first thing is you have a mission. So somebody signs up, they don’t go, Oh, hey, I’m a part of a mastermind ego shift student is going to kick me out if I don’t start representing what winning looks like. Right. And again, when you’re from day one in the NFL, for example, you’re not in the Super Bowl, it takes you a whole last season to get to the Super Bowl, if you can even get there. And even if you don’t get to the Super Bowl, does it mean that you didn’t represent what winning looks like when you were out? Thrown that for


Scott D Clary  30:57

you? How did you find that first? Same thing? How did you find that person? That was like, holy shit. Apex is what represents me. And that’s what I want to add to I want to align myself with how did you figure out that winning formula for that person? And then I want people to take that and figure out how to do that in their own industry or with their own audience.


Ryan Stewman  31:17

Well, first, I figured out for myself, you know, but I’m one of these guys hadn’t lost it had it taken away from me and always got it back. So. So there’s, there’s undeniable proof that I knew how to how to hustle and make things happen. Right? The so people believed in me, first of all, because I had to be the leader, because that’s, that’s the big thing is everything really rises and falls on leadership. So that matters the most, right? So I had to, I had to become because you just didn’t happen overnight. But I had to become the man that I would look up to, you know, when I started all this, I was not somebody that I would look up to I am now and I’m always growing, you know, but but that was my goal is like, Hey, I got to start, think act and be the man that I would look up to. And so because of that people say, hey, I want to be like you. So I want to be in your program, not in the sense of they want to kiss my ass or they’re FANBOYS. But they say, I want to do a relationship with my wife, I want my kids to have a good relationship with me, I want to be in good shape and create a good habit of going to the gym with a personal trainer on a regular basis. I want my employees to respect and love me as opposed to just fear me as a boss and want to work for me for a paycheck, right? Like, these are the things that we’re we’re really teaching. So the the folks aren’t showing up because they see that fruit of my life, you can’t make this shit up that happy employees happy why we can’t fake that for 12 years, you can’t do it, right. And so, number two thing is you’re gonna have core values. So so many people have a company or a mastermind or coaching program, whatever you want to. It doesn’t have a relationship, but they don’t know what the purpose of that relationship is. The purpose of our mastermind, our relationship with the network is to represent what winning looks like to show the world what the fuck winning looks like, right? Our core values, which we have to agree that we find value in these things. Because if we don’t value if we don’t mutually value, these things, that our values aren’t aligned, and we shouldn’t be aligned anyway. So those core values are number one, we do the work. Right. So that is a personal work ethic issue. So that’s the statement the core value is work ethic, we believe in doing the work number two is we make no excuses. That is a personal accountability Personal Responsibility Statement. So the core value of that responsibility. Number three, is we do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it, that’s integrity. If one of our members tell if you do trade services with somebody you buy from them if they tell you something, they better stand by it if you invest with somebody, they better stand by it right? And number four is we go above and beyond that’s an honor issue because when you service somebody above and beyond, you’re honoring them for being a part of your circle or being a client or whatever because so many people were doing a little shortened below you know what I mean? We’d like to go above and beyond a prime example of that. Yesterday I joined about this like in flow training thing for like $6,000 where you you go in these guys basically teach you how to get even more focused and in the zone it’s pretty cool it’s like Steven cockerel some guys. But when I bought it, there was like no login, and no nothing. I kind of had to, you know, wait a day and then send in a form and say, Hey, how do I get access to this stuff? That page? I’m in the business I’m a little more patient than most of them like, Hey, I paid six grand for this. How do I kind of get access to it? I was wanting to watch it yesterday and I couldn’t get a hold of anybody. The difference is and I’m not shitting on them, they’re not in this full time business. I am because of our core value of going above and beyond. I pay American people kids fresh out of college young 20 something year old kids fresh out of college $50,000 a year on salary w two salary to work for me, every single person that buys any of our products whether it’s a $60,000 product or a $60 product calls them make sure that they got their login make sure that they know where everything is answers their question makes them feel good about it doesn’t upsell them shit. Just make sure that they’re happy. You know, and and when somebody buys our stuff and they like Man, these guys remember Isn’t winning, they have these four core values. And then the third piece and the most important piece, is that unwavering integrity, right? So I have to as the leader, I have to be the leader of the mission, be the person that respects and values the core values the most. And then I have to have unwavering integrity tied to those two things or it’s all fraud.


Scott D Clary  35:20

I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode HubSpot. Now, they don’t call it the sales destination. It’s a sales journey. And on that journey, you want the best tools and support to keep you and your customers connected every step of the way. HubSpot is an all in one CRM platform that is impossible to outgrow and ridiculously easy to use, meaning you never have to worry about a slowing you down. That’s because HubSpot is purpose built for real salespeople with real customers and real problems to solve. With customizable hubs and tools that you can add and subtract as you grow. And an interface it’s just as easy to use if you’re a team of one or 1000. HubSpot is built for you and your customers to grow together. Wherever the journey takes you. Learn how HubSpot can help your business grow You know, you mentioned the it’s all fraud. And the the issue with people starting something is that when they actually do deliver value, they’re still in their head. They think that they don’t know what they’re talking about that impostor syndrome always creeps in, especially with entrepreneurs. So how do you what would be the advice you’d give to somebody who’s looking at looking at everything you’ve built? They’re like, fuck, that would be so cool. But like, I’m not ready yet, or I don’t know my industry or my category enough yet. But realistically, they may. So how do you know when it’s the right time for you to start coaching? Start building a community saying I can be a leader of people, I can teach somebody how to do this. But like, when is that point when you want to actually take this stuff you learned in your career? And then you start turning it into a business?


Ryan Stewman  36:49

Well, first, like I said, I think you know, if you’re going to be a coach, you need to have some level of success. Obviously, I’m wasn’t teaching now I’m qualified to teach people how to do a billion in sales or 100 million build $100 million company, we’ve done that, right. Like, I have the ability to teach that. But in the in the past, like I said, I started out somewhere, right? I wasn’t having the conference today, had a conversation with the guys kept $30 billion in assets under management, right? I wasn’t able to have those conversations when I first got so I don’t know what the fuck and say, right? It’s like, wow, you’re rich, that have been all pretty much known to say, you know, and but the thing is, like, when I got, like I said, I got forced into all of this. But if you let me just tell you two things, because I have this conversation a lot. Because being a coach is kind of like being called to be a pastor or preacher or a police officer or a teacher or a nurse, it’s more of a, it needs to be more of a noble calling, like you would do the ship for free before you charge money for it. And here’s why I say that. Because when you’re coaching people, you got to realize you’re dealing with problems, they hired you to be a problem solver for them. So you’re gonna hear people bitch, you’re gonna hear people complain, you’re going to hear people that are struggling, you’re gonna have people that you tell a clear solution that struggling that would stop their struggle, they’re still gonna choose the struggle, despite the fact that you can help them and have helped them and are trying to talk and help them right like this is this is just, you have to be able to understand it’s not just show up and get on a call and be like the cool guy and roll out like you see in the social media highlight reels, it’s gonna be people crying about divorce, people crying about not being paid fair. And all this like, that is not an easy job, you become their confidant, right? You become that police officer that priests that person that they can trust, right? And so if you’re called to do it, it’s like a nobility. Here’s what I would tell you. First, you need to let somebody coach you. Right? It doesn’t mean that you got to go pay to join a mastermind or you got to pay or any of that shit. But you need to find somebody who’s a level up of you everybody in life needs that someone poured into them, someone on their level and someone they’re pouring into. So before you can pour into somebody, you need to go get somebody poured into you, right? Just yet I have two mentors that I pay one of them I paid $10,000 a month for 90 minutes of his time. The other one I paid $3,000 a month for a 90 minutes of his time, maybe two hours a month and the time regardless, I have two people that I invest, you know, $13,000 a month in just to be able to have conversations with and and because how am I going to pour into in one of those guys is richer than me and the other ones not what I was a pastor and I paid for the pastor’s time because I think that’s important. When I was a pastor, so he’s leading me with wisdom, core values, spirituality, that kind of stuff. The other one’s a multimillionaire, who’s teaching me how to exit my software company correctly for probably about the same. So you know, but these are people that are pouring into me. Yesterday, my pastor and I were on the phone, and we’re on a zoom and he gives me this template for core value stuff and I’m like, Dude, I’m stealing this and he’s like, take it and I’m like, Dude, you just saved me a ton of time. Like coming up with As you already have it, like, Yeah, I’m using your stuff, and I’ll put your name at the bottom of it and then put a donation to the church if they want, you know. But, but so if you’re called the coach, you’ll know. But if you say I think I can go make a few bucks coaching, man, I wouldn’t even waste your time because you’re going to find the A, you’re miserable, and the clients are going to find that you’re miserable because of it, you’re going to deal with chargebacks and unhappy and it’s going to be short lived. The other thing, that’s the first thing I told you, I had to the other thing is suppose you are called to coach, but you are a roofer. And you’re fucking busy, right? The wind keeps blowing these damn roofs apart, and you’re busy as hell and you’re like, Man, I want to coach people, but like, how do I do it? First of all, have a have a goal to coach people. And what I mean by that is like, maybe you say, I’m going to coach people who want to be on my team, I’m gonna go hire some people, get them to be roofers with me, and I’m going to mentor them. So you don’t have to go out and charge and start a roofing coaching program, you can just say, hey, come work with me, and I want to mentor and coach you, as a part of being on my team, then it’s a winning situation, because now you’re coaching people that are making you money. And it’s, it’s a success cycle that you create, there. So I would challenge you to have a back end. Like if you’re an investment banker, it’s like, okay, so maybe you could do some coaching and consulting with the end goal to get people to invest in whatever your projects are, that you’re raising money for. So don’t just think you don’t just have to think coaching on the front end is like you know, where I’m going to make my money, you can coach people for free and do deals on the back end and, and get connections and build your own business and everything else. So you can you can think of it that way too. You don’t have to go start a site.


Scott D Clary  41:42

Because I feel like what you mentioned where people jump into it, and they don’t understand the scope of what coaching is. And it leads to really shitty experiences, that leads to negative stigmas from coaches who have like screwed over people or not delivered value. Like that’s not what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to get people that can actually and it does take a certain kind of person to pour into someone else, that’s a great way of putting it that’s not an it’s not an easy thing to do, man, it takes a waste, it can give you energy, but can also drain your energy. So you gotta like be prepared for that. But the other thing I wanted to I want to go into it just because like it’s all over your brand. It’s okay, so the hardcore closer, like that’s like the one sales lesson because I know that, you know, you could talk about you could talk about negotiation, you could talk about doing discovery, you could talk about finding leads closing, what’s the what’s the strategy that you would teach over to somebody that’s having trouble because I think everybody can figure out the majority of the deal but closings always the hardest part. Actually, I would, I would even say there’s like two hard parts of closing either get it, there’s only two things that you should ever be able to do. If you’re a salesperson, you get leads or you closed but if you can’t do either of those, you’re not going to be a very good salesperson. But the closing part is very very fucking hard. So what are the strategies tips that you do to bring a deal all the way through?


Ryan Stewman  43:00

No, it’s it’s it’s funny because when I got started in this that was all I knew was sales. I was a salesman for a mortgage company, you know, so I taught hardcore closer closers are what mortgage guys are they closed mortgages. Right? So that’s where that came from. I’m this prison guy. That was a you know, a closer mortgages. So I’m like hardcore closer, right. And that was what they call me it the opposite was like my nickname. So I registered it online. You know, this is 2012 I think when all that came, but that’s what they had called me at the car dealership I worked at for a short period of time. They you know, I’ve always been that in the mortgage cycle. And that’s the hardcore closer. That’s just kind of a nickname that stuck. And what I know about nicknames you can get a cool one. Because you can get a shitty one right after that it sticks you know, so like, I’ll take that hardcore closer. That’s me from now on. Y’all heard him right. So but that was all I knew. But now that I’ve been doing this for so long, like I couldn’t even tell you the last time I actually closed the sale sale like like to AICPA somebody asked me how much level one of APEX was the other day and I didn’t know if it was 2500 or three grand which is really weird because it’s a it’s my company but JRuby and Zach that are my sales guys. These guys do you know a couple million dollars a month in sales and so I don’t have to you know, at one point I was the Social Media Manager for everything to and now I’ve got Brittany so I don’t I don’t have to do that. So I say that because I still know a lot about sales but and I’m about to give you all the sales training you will ever need to pay for in about five minutes. But but I’m not as hands on what that because is we make a progression from being employed to self employed to the CEO of a company to ultimately selling or exiting or owning that company in a cash flowing force right that’s there’s never such thing as retirement. That’s that’s what it is. It’s an exit not a retirement retirements when you don’t have shit to do and you’re bored and money stops coming in and you go crazy and you go start another job or exits where you’re on to the next thing right and so, for, for me, I’m at the CEO level right now. But as a CEO, I’ve had to have a different sales conversation than I did as a salesperson. And I can tell you sales just breaks down to two things. All the men don’t give a fuck what grant or or Jordan or any of those I’m not shitting on them. I’m just saying, I don’t have sales training to sell you. And I stopped selling sales training, because when I figured these two things out, and I’m Fuck, I’m like, Well, I can’t literally sell that to anybody. That’s cheating, right? So it comes down to two things. Number one is empathy. And listen, don’t go on Gary Vee saying that shit on me. I’ve been saying it longer than him. But here’s the thing is like, empathy is I like your I like your wisdom, because that’s his thing, empathy, wine and chips. Every time I say that, I feel like I gotta make sure that it’s different. Right? So. But empathy just means that you listen. So if you’re in sales, we are taught that we need to be talkers, you gotta have the gift of gab, you gotta have a blah, blah. It’s not true. Like the, like you. He who speaks the least earns the most, if you’re in the sales conversation, uh, you use the least amount of words, chances are, they’re going to buy from you, because that person is talking to you, because they’re looking for a solution. And they want you to know that the problem, they want you to clearly understand the problem. So they are articulating it to you. So how do you get empathy? So Empathy means for you for them to know that you understand their problem. So you get empathy. By listening, you get to listen by what asking questions. So that’s the key, talk, listen, and ask questions. Because like, you can call me as a loan officer. And I know the second that you get on the phone. The problem is you need leads from realtors. That’s what the fuck you called me for, right? But, but I can’t just go well, you need to buy my product because I already know your problem. I gotta let you tell me that it all started in the fifth grade when Ginny kiss you and then ran off and kissed another boy right after and it ruined the way that you thought a life and like I gotta hear your whole life story. So that, you know, I understand you. Everybody thinks we’re unique. We’re not we’re all the same. We just have a different story to arrive at the same place, right? And so but you got to hear that story. So they think, right, that’s how you create empathy. Once they understand that you understand that all you’re missing is confidence. And competence works like this product knowledge, if you know your product inside and out. And you are confident that it can solve their problem because they know that you’ve listened to them. When you pair empathy and competence together, they can’t help but buy from you because you know their problem, and you are 100% confident that you can solve it. For them. Only a fool would want to move forward at that point. But so many people never get to that because they’re too busy talking, instead of listening to where the customer see we live in the fields economy fuckers need to feel like they’re listened to they need to feel like somebody cares about because everybody’s swiping on social media. Everybody’s talking over everybody. Everybody’s interrupting people and trolling each other on the internet shit like that. So when you actually have the benefit of having a physical human conversation with somebody, whether on the phone or FaceTime, or in person, that the whole empathy competence thing just changes, you know what I mean? It’s like, hey, this person’s listen. Nobody listens to it’s damn


Scott D Clary  47:55

good advice. It’s so simple. It’s so simple. Okay. I want to do a couple of rapid fire to close this up. And most importantly, before I pivot to that, where do people can? Well, you could do listen, closing thoughts from you anything we didn’t cover, but then social media website, all that stuff where you want to send people.


Ryan Stewman  48:16

So there’s one thing I would challenge everybody here, and I don’t have anything for sale. So when I send you here, it’s not to upsell you or trick you into it’s not, there’s literally, I’m not going to send you an email reminding you to do this shit. That’s how little I’m trying to sell you something here. But I have a software called G code. And a cheat code is basically a system of living life. It’s for four things, a grateful mindset, working on your genetics being healthy, your grind, which is your job, and the group of people you spend time with. And it’s all explained on this website. So 100% free, but it’s software, where if you get wins in each one of those areas everyday, you can get a point. So up to four points a day, okay? So if you get up to four points a day, so you can get about 100 points a month, on average, give or take that you miss a few days, right. But what happens is it creates habits for you to start focusing on winning with the people in your life winning on your job winning in the gym, winning in your mindset, it forces you to focus and create habits, I’m going to read something absolutely crazy at four points maximum a day, I have 3600 points in this thing. Okay, like you got to understand, like when I say I live by this thing, I live 1100 days in a row without missing it. Right, like 1100 days in a row. That’s like, I did this before I got the software, but I’ve been on the software for 1100 days in a row. And so I’d say that because if you’ll plug into that, it’ll help you in your business. It’ll help you in your relationships, and it’s absolutely free. It’s just a little system to check yourself and score on a regular basis. So it’s daily g Daily g G code stands for code the greatness right? If you want to follow me, honestly Facebook is the best place to go to a Ryan student. It’s real Ryan’s two minutes long with a blue check all the other shit, don’t trust it. But on Facebook with the blue check, I write a post every morning about between 6am and 7am Central time that will open your mind and change your life. Right? Like if nothing else, just tune in every morning for my daily posts. I really write it it’s not a ghostwriter. It’s not a copywriter. It came straight from me sitting my ass in front of the gym waiting to go inside of the gym every morning, right? And so like when you when you read those, they’re very eye opening and motivational and feel free to send me a DM on Facebook. I got Instagram at hardcore closer, but I’m pretty shadow banned over there. I don’t know what I did wrong over there. But I went from about 10 to 15,000 views per story that 200 views per story. So I don’t know what I did to make the mat over there. Yeah, I’m in like June 13. It just like, just stopped. So I don’t know what the hell happened. So but Facebook is, is still popping for me. And we have a group on Facebook called sales talk with sales pros. If you can go to sales talk and it’ll take you right there. So 120,000 salespeople super active, awesome. Learn a lot.


Scott D Clary  51:06

Well notes too, so I’ll get those for me. But let’s do a couple rapid fire to close this out. Biggest challenge you’ve had in your personal life, what was it had to overcome? And what do you learn from it


Ryan Stewman  51:21

the biggest challenge I’ve had in my personal life is learn how to be a leader, you know, everything rises and falls on leader and so, you know, a lot of people want to be a leader, but they want to be a leader in the light when everybody’s looking but they don’t want to be a leader in the dark, they tell you to lose weight, but they had been to the gym and longtime and he got a bag of chips in there. The you know, on social media, they’re showing you last year’s pictures that they took not this years, you know and, and, and, and like for me, I just had to learn to be a leader, which meant that I had to learn to love people a little bit more I had to learn to give people breaks and be more understanding. And I’m not wired that way man. I’m like a, like I am a machine. I’m not wired to be that way. But I can’t do this on my own. And I’m going to have to have people around me. And so I had to become a better version of myself and better at being a leader. And that’s something that every day there’s two types of leaders, situational and natural born leaders. I feel like I’m a situational leader like I was thrown into this shit and now I have to lead I don’t feel like I was born to lead like maybe a Tom Brady or somebody like that. It’s like, I’m like I’m thrown into this position. So I read books about it. I study videos about it. I bought programs and seminars about it so that I can just become the best Personal Responsibility leadership driven person that I can not just for myself, but for the people around me that need me to be that example too. So


Scott D Clary  52:35

awesome. Good. Okay, what keeps you up at night now?


Ryan Stewman  52:40

Ah, excitement honestly, man, like, I can’t believe this is my life. And I love I love what I do. And it’s crazy. Our company that does well deep into eight figures a year I don’t even take a salary or pro profit distribution from that company or anything. I dump everything back into it. I pay myself for my speaking gigs. Which you know, I do I charge $75,000 to speak and I do two or three a month so I’m like no shortage of demand there. And so you know, that’s how I pay myself and I’m still putting the money back into these companies and just growing up so like I’m literally so in love with my job I don’t take a paycheck from it


Scott D Clary  53:18

amazing. If you had to pick one person obviously there’s been many but pick one person’s had a major impact on your life. Who was it? And what did you learn from them?


Ryan Stewman  53:27

Number one person to have an impact on my life would be pastor keep craft with Elevate live church here in Frisco, Texas. been with him for 19 years. It’s the only church that I’ve ever stepped foot in that wasn’t for a wedding. And, and and only church I’ve ever been a member of the only church have ever been baptized and I’m not some kind of crazy Christian clearly I dropped more F bombs than Little Wayne during this podcast here. But I believe that they tell us to have a relationship with God and I feel like I don’t want to thank God it’s right it’s not who I am. It’s not how I have a relationship with my wife is not how I have a relationship with you right now. So I’m just me I think that’s the best gift we can give anybody is just to be who we really are and not not hide and how many secrets but what no any of that without Keith I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without Keith I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be the man that I am today without him. I was thinking about that just the other day I was like man, there’s clear is Abell one person that has impacted my life more than anybody that’s him. And if you watch church on Sunday, you’re gonna go that’s the clean version of that dude on his podcast. Like the the clean version of me we are so much alive.


Scott D Clary  54:32

I love that. All right. Book podcast. Audible is something you’d recommend people to check out.


Ryan Stewman  54:38

Go read my book G code on Amazon. It’s it’s free. Basically, it’s priced for what Amazon minimum will let me sell it forwards. It’s like five bucks or something like that. You can read that book in about 90 minutes it’ll change your life. It’s G code real simple black cover red letter G on the front of it will change your life.


Scott D Clary  54:55

If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing what would it be?


Ryan Stewman  54:59

I made a video Do about this one time, I would just tell him to keep going. And it’s gonna be really, really, really, really, really, really hard. But it pays off well, in the end, you know, just keep going. The only way that we really lose it anything, the only reason that I’m here is because I just didn’t quit. You know, and so many people like, life as a business will say, as a lot like official, if you were to go to the tip of the BB on the fishhook, it jumps up real quick, right? Like you start at the bar, it jumps up. So let’s say you’re a real estate agent, you start the business and two of your friends are buying a house. But then you don’t have any friends that need a house and you start sliding down that fish hook to the bottom of that fish hook. It’s so many people quit at the bottom of that fishhook because they’re not working on the way down, they’re writing that one small victory they got in the beginning, me I understand that man, if you’ll just stay working the whole entire time, eventually, you’ll come out the other side of that fishhook. And if you think about it, it’s tied to string and never ends. You know what I mean? You never get to the end of a reel of string on a rod reel. So it’s never ending, but so many people quit. Because you don’t know where the bottom of the fishhook is, you don’t know how much longer this shit is going to last how much but your ability to be successful is in direct proportion for your ability to withstand financial pain. I promise you that.


Scott D Clary  56:09

I love that. And last question, then this, this dovetails nicely. What does success mean to you?


Ryan Stewman  56:16

Being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it without anybody telling you that you can’t. That is success. It’s not a measure of dollars. It’s not a measure of things or assets. It’s can you do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it, without it, without it disrupting your life or without anybody getting mad at you until you can’t do it, including your wife, your parents, I’m in a position where I don’t have debt partners, investors, nobody can tell me that I can’t pick up Instagram and say, eff this person. Or not that I do that but no, but in the end, you know, let’s say a president or something was ruining the world I want to be able to use my voice for whatever and then go hey, man, you know, stop talking about such and such company that’s destroying kids or whatever, you know, I’m saying I want to be able to use my voice for however I want and that to me is true success when you can do you


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