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Success Story Podcast

Ryan Blair – Impact-Driven Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author | Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

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About The Guest

Ryan Blair is a visionary entrepreneur, best-selling author, and spiritual mentor. From his humble beginnings as a gang member and high school dropout, he rose to become the co-founder and CEO of ViSalus Sciences, a multi-level marketing company that generated over $2 billion in sales. He also wrote two books, Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain and Rock Bottom to Rock Star, that chronicle his remarkable journey and share his insights on business and personal transformation.

Ryan is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and live with purpose. He founded AlterCall, a platform that offers science-based healing modalities such as meditation and breathwork, to awaken humanity to the next level of consciousness. He also created the Blair Foundation, a nonprofit that supports entrepreneurship education for single mothers and at-risk youth. Ryan is a living example of how one can overcome any obstacle and turn adversity into opportunity. He is a sought-after speaker, coach, and advisor who inspires millions of people around the world with his message of hope and empowerment.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 01:07 — Ryan Blair’s Origin Story
  • 02:33 — Youthful Entrepreneurship
  • 05:37 — First Venture Triumphs
  • 12:10 — Successful Tech Exit and What Followed
  • 13:23 — ViSalus Venture: Ryan’s Unconventional Pivot
  • 16:01 — Direct Selling Mastery: Scaling ViSalus
  • 25:23 — Executing Direct Selling Brilliance
  • 27:11 — Sponsor: The Product Boss Podcast
  • 28:00 — Navigating Chaos: Wisdom for Young Entrepreneurs
  • 34:28 — Ryan’s Current Ventures: Books and AlterCall
  • 40:03 — Entrepreneurial Mentorship: Learning from Mistakes
  • 42:28 — Mental Health Insights
  • 50:09 — Understanding Conscious Capitalism
  • 52:25 — Legacy Goals
  • 53:20 — Connecting with Ryan Online
  • 53:45 — Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges
  • 54:34 — The Most Impactful Person in Ryan’s Life
  • 55:20 — Books and Podcast Recommendations
  • 56:49 — Defining Success

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