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Success Story Podcast

Rob Moore – Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor & Best-Selling Author | Know More, Make More, Give More

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About The Guest

Rob Moore, a disruptive entrepreneur and double world record-holder in public speaking, is the No. 1 business podcaster in the UK with “The Disruptive Entrepreneur” podcast. Co-founder of the Progressive Group, including the UK’s largest property training company, Progressive Property, Rob’s journey from £50k debt to a self-made millionaire by 31 epitomizes his bold approach to business. His impactful content, including ‘Rob’s Rants,’ reflects real-life experiences, with a global following in 204 countries. Recognized as one of the UK’s top business influencers, Rob offers mentorship to celebrities and multi-millionaires, emphasizing his commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs through the Rob Moore Foundation.

Rob Moore’s entrepreneurial journey from overcoming £50k in debt at 25 to co-founding the Progressive Group highlights his commitment to innovation and financial empowerment. A sought-after keynote speaker, he has given 1,500+ speeches, sharing tactical insights and real-life business experiences. As a RISE board member on the Prince’s Trust, Rob engages in philanthropy, supporting youth entrepreneurship. His impact is evident not only in business accolades but also in his role as a mentor and influencer, shaping the global entrepreneurial landscape. Rob Moore’s disruptive spirit continues to inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs, reflecting his belief that taking risks is key to achieving lasting success.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 08:04 — From Rock Bottom to Success
  • 09:41 — Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome
  • 12:56 — Investing Energy Wisely
  • 20:37 — Sponsor: The Product Boss
  • 21:26 — Money Matters
  • 26:51 — Broke vs. Rich Mindset
  • 31:42 — Sponsor: Foundation Source
  • 35:02 — Life’s Biggest Challenge
  • 52:04 — Influences that Shaped Rob
  • 54:25 — Advice for Younger Self
  • 54:38 — Defining Success

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