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Richard Capp – CEO of Milton & King | Disrupting a Global Industry

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About The Guest

Richard Capp, CEO of the renowned designer wallpaper company Milton & King, is a visionary entrepreneur who, alongside his brother Bryce, transformed their online venture into a global success story. Milton & King works with over 60 artists from around the world to produce custom wallpapers that suit different tastes and preferences. He also oversees the production process, which uses only on-demand printing technology that reduces waste and environmental impact.

Since 2012, he has grown the business to include warehouses in Australia and the US, and an upcoming plant in the Netherlands. He has also expanded the brand’s product range to include vinyl wallpapers for commercial clients. He has effectively bootstrapped Milton & King into a multinational 8 figure business. Richard has won several awards for his work at Milton & King, including the Premiere of Queensland Export Award for E-Commerce and has also been featured on HGTV for his stunning designs.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 01:22 — Building a Wallpaper Business
  • 05:29 — Richard’s Start on a Farm
  • 10:46 — Landing Your First Customer
  • 20:36 — Key Startup Mistakes
  • 30:53 — Navigating Niche Markets
  • 39:35 — Sponsor: The Sales Evangelist Podcast
  • 40:20 — Global Shift: Aus to US Business Move
  • 44:25 — How to Market Anything
  • 1:06:18 — Family-Biz Evolution
  • 1:08:24 — Finding Business Allies
  • 1:12:26 — Defining Personal and Business Success

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