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Pascal Gauthier – Chairman & CEO of Ledger | How Ledger Protects Billions

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About The Guest

Pascal Gauthier is the Chairman & CEO of Ledger, a tech company that specializes in developing secure consumer devices for storing and managing cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

He began his career at Kelkoo, later acquired by Yahoo, and was COO at Criteo, where he played a key role in the company’s pivot to advertising and global expansion. Pascal Gauthier also worked as a Venture Partner at Mosaic Ventures, a London-based VC firm, and is non-executive chairman of Kaiko, a leading digital data analytics provider.

Since he became Chairman & CEO of Ledger in 2019, Pascal Gauthier has expanded the company’s product line with Ledger Live, an intuitive digital asset management app, and a next-generation consumer device, Ledger Stax. He is committed to driving ownership and security in the cryptocurrency industry.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 01:19 — Pascal’s Origin Story
  • 02:50 — Fatherhood & Drive
  • 05:42 — Ledger’s Genesis
  • 07:33 — A Decade of Crypto Growth
  • 10:23 — Hardware Dominance
  • 16:15 — Breaking Crypto Barriers
  • 17:44 — Securing Crypto Assets
  • 19:39 — Ledger vs. Direct Entry
  • 20:55 — Crypto Adoption Key
  • 25:17 — Balancing Security & Usability
  • 29:01 — Sponsor: The Sales Evangelist
  • 29:46 — From Marketing to Crypto Security
  • 32:58 — Building Stellar Teams
  • 38:48 — Educating on Crypto Risks
  • 40:45 — AI in Crypto
  • 43:18 — CEO Challenges
  • 47:28 — Beyond Basics Support
  • 49:52 — Collaborative Security
  • 51:48 — The Importance of Self-Education
  • 54:44 — Connect with Pascal
  • 56:14 — Defining Success

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