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Natasha Graziano – Author, Speaker & Podcaster | Be It Until You Become It

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About The Guest

Natasha Graziano is the nation’s #1 Mindset Coach & ranked ‘number 1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world’ by Forbes Magazine and the top female mindset coach by Business Insider.

Natasha is the host of The Law Of Attraction podcast, which has gained over 100 Million Views to date and is ranked in the ‘Top 10 podcasts to download in 2021’ by Influenciv magazine.

Natasha is the creator of the renowned MBS Method (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity) – your transformation to a greater life which consists of ancient breathing techniques, and meditation in altered states of consciousness and is rooted in neuroscience. 

Her knowledge has gained over 1 Billion Views and her programs have helped over 1.5 million people transform their lives, making her one of the most respected names in her field online internationally.

Natasha has been learning and teaching Mindset for the last 15 years to all kinds of people at different stages of their life, incl. Entrepreneurs with 9 & 10-figure businesses and A-list movie stars.

She has been seen in The New York Times, Wealth Insider, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, BBC, Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes & many more top-tier publications.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Intro
  • 03:28 — Natasha’s first Instagram post?
  • 04:36 — When did social media turn into a business?
  • 12:58 — When did Natasha find her “why”?
  • 15:42 — What is Natasha’s playbook for building her personal brand
  • 21:31 — What does Natasha Graziano teach and what is the law of attraction?
  • 32:22 — Why does Natasha give an emphasis on frequency, the importance of thoughts, and how does the MBS method work?
  • 43:04 — How to start with meditation as a beginner and what is abundance?
  • 47:50 — When is Natasha’s new book coming out and how can people connect with Natasha?
  • 50:07 — What is the biggest challenge of Natasha’s life?
  • 52:00 — Which one person had the biggest impact on Natasha’s life?
  • 53:14 — A book or a podcast that had a major impact on Natasha’s life
  • 53:51 — What would Natasha tell her twenty-year-old self?
  • 54:08 — What does success mean to Natasha?

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Scott D Clary, Natasha Graziano


Scott D Clary  00:00

Welcome to success story, the most useful podcast in the world. I’m your host Scott D. Clary. The success story podcast is part of the HubSpot podcast network, as well as the blue wire Podcast Network. Now, the HubSpot Podcast Network has incredible shows like the martec podcast hosted by Benjamin Shapiro. The martec podcast is all about maximum value in 30 minutes or less. The martec podcast share stories from world class marketers who use technology to generate growth and achieve business and career success on your lunch break. If you like any of these topics, you’re going to love the mahr tech podcast. Some of the topics are zeroing in on the ideal product price point. Identifying loyalty plays for smart marketers, finding the line between sales and marketing and SAS extending the lifetime value of your customer. If these are topics that are interesting to you, go check out the mahr tech podcast hosted by Ben Shapiro wherever you get your podcasts. Today, my guest is Natasha Graziano. She is the nation’s number one mindset coach and ranked number one female motivational speaker under 40 in the world by Forbes magazine, as well as a top female mindset coach by Business Insider. She is the host of the Law of Attraction podcast which has gained over 100 million views to date, and is ranked in the top 10 podcast to download and 2021 by influences magazine. She is the creator of the renowned MBS method meditational behavioral synchronicity, which allows people through ancient breathing techniques, meditation in altered states of consciousness and neuroscience to operate at their highest level, she has gained over 1 billion views and our programs have helped over 1.5 million people transform their lives, making her one of the most respected names in her field internationally. She has been learning and teaching mindset for the last 15 years to all kinds of people in different stages of their life, from people that are just starting out to establish entrepreneurs with nine and 10 figure businesses to a list movie stars and a variety of other people. She has been seen in New York Times, wealth insider Mary Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, BBC Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes and many other top tier publications. So this is the second time I’ve had her on my show. We brought her in studio, we spoke about all the things she teaches over through MBAs breathing techniques, meditation, the neuroscience that you have to understand, to operate at your highest level to get in the right state of mind for anything you’re trying to accomplish. But outside of that, we also went into something that she’s done exceptionally well, which is built an enormous social media following. So she has over 10 point 2 million followers on Instagram and millions on other social platforms. We spoke about her first Instagram posts, we spoke about how she turned social media into a business, we spoke about how to find her why, and what drives the content she creates. We spoke about her playbook for building a personal brand. And then after all, that, hopefully, you can learn some things that can help you build your own personal brand. You can take the playbook that Natasha deployed, and then you can provide a personal brand that will teach people whatever it is your niche or your category or your service or your industry or your expertise or your insight is if you can build a personal brand like Tasha can, you can basically use that for anything unlimited benefits to doing what she’s done. So let’s jump right into it. This is Natasha Graziano. She is the nation’s number one mindset coach, podcast or speaker, author. She’s done it all your first posts on Instagram? Yeah. What was it?


Natasha Graziano  03:34

Oh my God, it was me. wearing one of the outfits that I did in the charity shop, I think I think I may have even deleted it by now. It was me just when I was. Yeah, I was taking clothes and wearing them and dressing up and anything that I could find. And that was my that was my first ever. My first ever post, which is interesting because I bought the clothes at the time from the charity shop. And then when I was homeless, I went back to that same method, but there’s some I couldn’t afford to buy them. I would just wear them in the shop and take pictures with them


Scott D Clary  04:13

And okay, so you did not this was more just you trying to live a normal life at this point. This is no thought of brand building. Oh, yeah. Influencing way back


Natasha Graziano  04:24

like it was. Yeah, like I’ve had a couple of Instagram accounts. So this was my first one.


Scott D Clary  04:31

Okay. So obviously everybody jumps on the bandwagon at some point, but not everybody turns it into a business. So you’re just posting When did you actually think, Oh, my God, I have some momentum here. I can actually turn this into something like where did you look and see because I know when I started my show, I was looking at other people that have built audiences and shows and I’m like, if they can do that, I can do that. So who was that person for you?


Natasha Graziano  04:55

Wow. I love that. The person that was for me was As a fashion influencer, I just looked at her at the time and just thought, if she’s earning money, she’s a stay at home mom, she’s earning money just from wearing clothes, I can do this too, you know, like, I can go and rock some sexy clothes and look cool and throw them on and earn some money and get myself out of the situation. I’m in. Like, that’s what I wanted to do. I just that was all I could think of at the time. It was nothing greater than that. In fact, it didn’t have a bigger goal at the time.


Scott D Clary  05:27

Were you ever self conscious putting it out there?


Natasha Graziano  05:31

Yeah, I think everyone’s self conscious at points. You know, I felt I felt insecure. And I had impostor syndrome. And I felt like, if I don’t, if I don’t do this good, people are gonna hate on it or comment on it now hates like a part of my story. Like, you know, you said to me, Well, if you don’t have haters, then you’re not successful. Like, that’s a part of your story. But I didn’t know that at the time. So I was tiptoeing around putting up a post and I was, I was scared. I was like, oh, no, if I, if I don’t put this up, if I do put this up, somebody’s gonna write this. And you’re always self conscious. But it’s about overcoming that fear. Fear is just false evidence appearing real.


Scott D Clary  06:08

Allowing that fear that again, say that again, what is what fear


Natasha Graziano  06:10

is false evidence appearing real. It’s not real. It’s something that you’ve built up in the constraints of your own mind. You’ve built up a wall around you of limitations, which only exist in your own mind. They don’t actually exist. In your life, they bend, there’s no wall. Look, there’s no wall around us right now. Okay, maybe here in the studio. But there’s no actual wall saying, Natasha, you can’t do this, or Hannah, or Martin, or whoever’s listening, you can’t do this. It’s just a wall in my mind. And you have to overcome that, you have to step back and say, I’m gonna break that mold. how


Scott D Clary  06:49

hard that is, you know, because ever since a young age, like you put yourself out there, you get bullied, you’re different, you’re bullied, you’re made fun of right? It happens to most people in their life. So to put yourself out, not even in your own friend group, or your peer group, or your family to put yourself out on social is, like, incredibly scary. So you started doing this, you had no money, you life kind of sucked at that point for you. And you were just trying to like, put something out into the world. I’m sure there was like a little bit of like, you know, feel good about yourself, put yourself out there. But when did when did it actually start to be something that you actually wanted to double down on when was just like, Okay, I saw an influencer doing it. I’m doing it, I’m mirroring that behavior. When did you see that inflection point where you’re like, I’m getting some traction. And now I can build this brand off of this thing that a lot of people just take as a hobby.


Natasha Graziano  07:41

So this is so interesting that she’s got so what happened was, I started to change my captions, instead of saying, saying something about the brand, you know, wearing this today, I would start talking around mindset, I would start talking around techniques and tangible takeaways and quotes from my favorite philosophers that could help people with their day to day. So the picture became almost a way to lure in the right audience that I wanted. And then the caption was where the magic was that the caption was like the honey, and the picture was the bees or the honey. And that was the way that I drew it in. Because I realized, once I started posting about this, the pictures started taking off, because they were more than just a picture. Sometimes they put a quote on the picture. And you know, you see a lot of coaches do that, that sort of thing. I do that sort of thing now. And I realized that when you start posting about something greater, something bigger, that is offering value to other people. So that was in my caption at the time, people were just loving it. And it started to build traction and engagement. And I was like, I’m building a community. And then when I realized I had a community, I was like, great. So I’m actually wanting to really transition who I am and what I am in the world. And then you know, I went through some crazy times in my life, but yeah, a lot of crazy stuffs happened in my life. And so going from being an influencer, you know, who was also dabbling in crazy situations in my life. At the time, I was a webcam, girl, you know, I’m bloody hell, I got to sex tapes released on me. But all of this shit is just a part of my story. It’s a part of my narrative. When all of that happened. I then didn’t realize I’m sorry. I’m going off on a tangent.


Scott D Clary  09:24

I want to I want to just ask, are you happy went through that? No, I have to say I not in like, I loved it at the time. Yeah, yeah. Are you happy? As to how who you are coming out of that? You think you would have been the same person? Or do you think you’re stronger because I’m stronger because of it.


Natasha Graziano  09:41

That that had to happen to me, that had to happen to me. I was a drug addict. I was you know, paying for a drug addiction. And so the only thing I could do to continue this horrendous addiction I had was do something that bought you in FOSS cash money. And for me at the time that was you You know, doing all that stuff. And my body was exploited, heavily exploited and the same people that are in charge of human trafficking and terrible, terrible things that happened to girls in the world. Now, the same people who probably exploited my body back then, and we don’t know, you know, what, who, what, why, when, but we just move on from it and know that if I didn’t go through that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, changing lives, saving lives on stage yesterday, saving lives the week before on stage, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And speaking for women and for men who have been exploited or been sexually abused, who have been through anything in their life, even dealing with a narcissist, having been through some way that they’ve created a skeleton if you want in their closet for themselves and feel like, I can’t go on because I’m, you know, such a terrible person. You know, I do not sit and think God, I that was a terrible, I think it was terrible things I was involved in, but don’t sit for one day and think of that I shouldn’t have done it, I needed to go do what I needed to go through to get to where I am. Now. Success is not success without failure. If I didn’t go through the most depressing hard time of my life, then I wouldn’t have been hit with homelessness, which was the wake up call to say, Honey, stop what you’re doing, stop what you’re doing. And then I didn’t listen, when the universe throws at you physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally, in every way. And then the illness hit me. And that was the physical pain I went through. And when I hit that, when that hit me, that was the wake up call. That was the final wake up call I needed. And that was in I had to illness in 2018. And, you know, that was painful.


Scott D Clary  11:36

And okay, so you are at an all time low at this point. Yeah, of course, it’s a wake up call. But it’s not easy to just change your life, like on a dime like that, like you have to figure out, you know, okay, so the stuff that I’m doing to make money is not what I want to do in 510 years from now, like, you know, I want to have a family, I want to, you know, maybe pursue a more traditional way of trying to grow business and so


Natasha Graziano  12:03

obviously lonely, so I realize, you know, at the time, but bear in mind, I was high, most of them, I remember half the shit that I did on the webcam, I was high, I couldn’t even tell you


Scott D Clary  12:10

that you got fucked up so that you didn’t have to deal with the reality of what you were experiencing. And then it was a


Natasha Graziano  12:15

vicious cycle. Yeah, it was a vicious cycle. So you know, I was just young and dumb. And when when you go through that, and when you come out the other side, you realize that’s not a way of life. That’s never I would never choose to do that. Now, of course, this is 10 years ago, when I did all the, the stuff this was 10 years ago. You know, the illness only hit me years later, I’d already stopped all of this stuff. But it was, you know, 10 to seven years ago was when all this was it was like 2022 2023 2020 Sorry, I’m like back in the day. 2013 30


Scott D Clary  12:48

Yeah, wait a second. That’s the future. Yeah, you know, this


Natasha Graziano  12:51

is like, 2013 2014 2015. So we’re, you know, we’re talking way back. Yeah.


Scott D Clary  12:57

Okay, so how did you pick yourself up? What was your What was your point? Like? What is your what did you find your why? Because I think that that’s what drives a lot of people. They find their why now you have a why that’s very impactful. Now you want to change lives. Now I know you have you have nonprofit ambitions, that you want to help people overseas and less, you know, in, in countries that are not doing as well as we are here. But why did you find that? Why? How did you find how did you find that? Why


Natasha Graziano  13:22

when I when I fell pregnant, when I got pregnant with my son, he was born in 2016. So in 2015, when I found my why, as soon as I got pregnant, I just went, Oh my God, you know, I’d already stopped doing all my crazy shit from the year before that in like 2014. But 2015 was when it was like, wow, this is a wake up call. This is a massive, massive wake up call for me. And I just ran from it, you know, I just like I was like, how am I going to be a mom. And then I started getting into a very dark place, you know, the dark place after I gave birth to my son was what led me to being suicidal. And then homeless, you know, had already stopped all of this stuff way before but because of this series of events, I left so I fixed yourself hadn’t fixed myself and the fear ate me up and the shame and the guilt. And if you live with that scarcity mentality, if you live with that thing in your mind, you will end up on the street, you will you will take yourself from your family from your friends, you will alienate yourself and your own mind. And that’s exactly what I did. So how did that lead me to being who I am today helping millions of people being a mindset coach, being empowered being you know, helping nonprofits etc, and being involved in charity and philanthropy. Because that why of having my child and watching my child alone, watching him and not being able to be there for him in the way I wanted to be at the beginning, not being able to be the most, you know, empowered mother. I wanted to then be a role model to him, but not only to him. I wanted to go on and be a role model to people in the world. I wanted to go on and be a role model to help millions of people hundreds of millions people the same way I picked myself off the ground the same way that I took myself when I was on the floor when I had nothing when I was broke, and when I was suicidal, when I was having anxiety attacks three a day, if I managed to pick myself up the floor, you can too. And that’s why I wanted to show the world. That’s why I created my MBS method, my meditational Bible synchronicity, which I’ve been giving away for free for years now. And we have, you know, a membership program, of course, we can get into like a more exclusive version of it. But the NBS method was born out of me understanding how to meditate and how to take myself away from the craziness of the world, and how to go inward, how to go into a higher state of awareness how to go into my higher mind faculty you


Scott D Clary  15:35

were doing to fix and help and heal yourself. Yes, these are the things and now you teach over, which makes a ton of sense. Yes, I want to go into MBs. I don’t want to go there just yet. Yeah. What I want to do first is I want to understand your playbook for building your personal brand, because I want to sort of show showcase how you use your social. And now that is a kickoff point, for launching MBS for writing a book for the speaking engagement you’re at last night and all the other ones. So you have a formula that works on Instagram. You You know you you’re you’re building a community on Instagram. When do you start to monetize? And how did you monetize? what’s your what’s your strategy for somebody that would want to say, Okay, I have my own community, I want to build my own community. She’s done it so that now she has 10 million plus followers. And obviously, the opportunities for her have opened up totally. So how do you do that?


Natasha Graziano  16:24

Okay, so you can easily monetize from 10,000 followers. I mean, you can monetize at any point. The thing about it is exactly what you said it’s about building a community. It’s about having people trust you people look at three things when they come to your brand. Number one, what value are you offering? Okay, so what value are you offering? Who are you? What’s your story? What’s your USP, your unique selling point? What are you offering to the world? What content are you posting? What are you putting out there, that’s the very first thing that look at. The second thing to look at is who you’re associated with. So when they come onto your page, they want to see you alongside you know, you’ve had Joe Vitale, on your on your show, you’ve had me on your show, you’ve had Jack Campbell on your show some incredible minds on there, right? And I love how just put myself in that box. You guys have amazing people show. So when somebody comes to your page, they know, oh, I know Dr. Joe Vitale and Jack Campbell from the secret, so I trust them already. So therefore I trust Scott, because I’m already seeing people that I trust on your page, right? And that’s the same thing with anyone that’s listening. Who you associated with? So who is on your page with you? Who’s speaking for you? Who are you showing up with? That can be testimonials that can be people, you’re doing zooms with people, you’re collaborating with people promoting your brand, however it is who is alongside you? And then number three? Where have they seen you? Where have they seen you? What publications have? They see me when who’s speaking about you in the press? Have you been in Forbes, you’ve been an entrepreneur? Have you been in Business Insider, what publications have you been in what TV shows we’ve been on? That is what people look at those three things. And if you can tick every one of those boxes, and you have doesn’t matter the size of the following, but of course the numbers help and I’ll tell you why now,


Natasha Graziano  18:00

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Natasha Graziano  19:04

every time I knocked on a door when I started my career, and I didn’t have many followers on there, maybe you know 10s of 1000s versus hundreds of 1000s at the time, I would knock on the door and if I didn’t have a blue tick, people are not quick to answer the door because you’re just the same as everybody else on the platform. However, if you knock at the door, and you have hundreds of 1000s or I am now with millions and millions of millions 10s of millions of followers, then you knock at the door and you go to boutique next year. It’s not knock who’s there? Oh


Scott D Clary  19:37

, it’s you suddenly validated social proof. You got it


Natasha Graziano  19:41

instantly validated social proof. Your validity has gone up your credibility has gone up. So anything that comes out your mouth now is already on a pedestal and on top of that, you then offer value so you swoop in there with value. So it comes with value mindset, offering value. I was saying somebody earlier When I was on that show, I was saying, if you do something for somebody else, and you make them happy first, they will go out of their way to make you happy in return, they will go out of their way to do something back for you. That’s the law of reciprocity. That’s the law of reciprocity. So give first offer value first. And when you knock on that door, give value and say, Hi, this is what I can do for you. I’ve got 10 million followers on my Instagram, I’ve got 5 million followers on my tech talk, I’ve got another million on my YouTube. So you know, we’re adding up and my email database, we’re heading up to near 20 million. Let’s go. I think I’ve done my maths wrong. All right. But what that’s all good. Yeah. Just somewhere in the big numbers, and cool. So this is what I can do for you. Do you want to do XYZ together? You’re offering them monumental numbers. Or let’s say you don’t have those numbers, you’re listening saying like, I don’t have those numbers? What can I do? What can you do? Tell me? What can you do? Do you have a great email list? Do you have a LinkedIn platform? Do you have a group a community every Saturday that you host in your local community with 300? People, any of this is more eyes on you. Any of this has more eyes on them, the eyes on you is the eyes on them. And that is what you offer? Visibility, you offer something that’s adding value to them first, before you ask. So I started my career.


Scott D Clary  21:13

No, I was gonna say that was the good point. And I know that’s how you started to create this, how you grew it, but you’re not only offering value to the people that you’re doing business with. You’re also consistently offering value to the audience in the community. And that’s how you build it. That’s how they trust you. That’s why you have the 10 million followers. And something that you said before even started filming in the other room was really interesting to me. You’ve never actually filled out a speaker application before. No, I didn’t even know what it was. And how many have you done now? Oh, well, in terms of like speaking engagements, we can gauge Yeah, no, no, no, how many?


Natasha Graziano  21:43

Yeah, a lot. A lot. Not We’re not into the hundreds yet. But like people


Scott D Clary  21:46

come to Yeah. So the whole point I’m trying to make is social is social is like the equalizer in terms of a business can go spend money on PR, a businessman, go sponsor a conference and go get their CEO to speak at a keynote. But what you can do is you can constantly post nonstop on social, build a community and all of a sudden you have the same access to opportunities that somebody who’s spending 1,000,005 million $10 million would only have access to, it’s hard to get PR for free. It’s hard to get speaking engagement free if you have no audience absolutely


Natasha Graziano  22:17

the best way they say to sell a book. Yeah, go on stage. Yeah, 100% way to sell your business right now is speak on other people’s stages.


Scott D Clary  22:28

Right. That’s what you’ve done. So okay, so this is how you built the brand. This is how you built in Tasha Graziano, this is how you now speak globally. But now you can use this and this is what you’re doing. Now. you’re launching a book. And I’m curious, I want to go through topics in the book because to me, this is interesting to me. Everything that you speak about on the social side, and on the business side, you know, this it all resonates with me this is something like I live by the other side of the things that you speak about To me that’s still like, it’s foreign to me, it doesn’t make sense to me, right? Like I I do so let’s let’s talk about the things you speak about. So you speak about MBs I don’t know jack shit about meditation at all. I know about manifestation law of attraction, my interpretation of these things, because they get a lot of hate to and this sort of like two sides to it. You either love Law of Attraction manifestation, or you absolutely hate it. And you’re like, that’s absolute BS. Like, I just work hard for whatever I have. So this is my interpretation, and how manifestation law of attraction has impacted my life. And I want to understand that this is correct. So when you do when you manifest something in my mind, it means that you’re constantly thinking about it constantly, sort of already assuming that you have that thing, so that all the actions you take in your day to day are even subconsciously geared towards you trying to get that thing. Yeah. So that is that, to me makes a lot of sense. And that’s the way that I’ve had explained to me by Joe Vitale, by by a Jack Canfield like, this is the sort of like the scientific way, but you take it a step further, because you actually go into the different ways that you think through things, and there’s like some neuroscience in there as well lately, so that I like that a lot. Because I want to dive into that because I want to, I want to, I want to get rid of like the whole negative stigma towards law of attraction, because in my mind, all it is, is at its core, it’s goal setting, and constantly working towards those goals. And I feel like by making it seem like anything else, in that it’s almost like confusing and conflating what it actually is. But realistically, if you’re always thinking about something, and it’s your top priority, then everything you’re going to do in your life, if it’s actually that you care about is going to be towards to get closer to that thing absolute. I don’t know why that’s confusing to people. That just seems like a very basic thing, but I think because they call it Law of Attraction versus goal setting, all of a sudden, it’s like this like airy fairy, like weird thing that like seems like esoteric and not tangible anymore. Absolutely. Okay, so let’s go into it. So what do you actually want? Okay, so first of all, do you wanna do meditation? Do you wanna do like law of attraction? What’s the or do they probably crossover crossover? What do you teach? What do you teach?


Natasha Graziano  24:56

So I help people unlock their full human potential. I help people Understand how to bring the ancient wisdom and the neuroscience together and where they meet. I knock out the skepticism I knock out the woowoo I’m not interested in Think positively and it will all appear No, forget it. That is not what helped me what helped me was the science unlocking my brain, or mind or this, this piece of hardware, 2 million years old, is the most incredible piece of hardware that we have in our body. This helps us function and also helps us D function. If we don’t use it correctly. Sometimes you’ve got to unlearn what you know, to grow. And right here, I’m going to talk to you a few pieces if you want.


Scott D Clary  25:38

Yeah, I want to Okay, so I don’t know if you want to break it down. Because you brought actually you’re very kind you brought an early copy. This isn’t even printed yet. I think it’s gonna have some more updates in it before it actually goes live. But okay, so let’s, you can break it down however you want. Amazing. I’m like, let’s go through the chat. Okay. So unlimited power of the subconscious mind where 98% of your thoughts and actions flow from, and how to rewire your subconscious permanently to create wealth and abundance. So, okay, let’s talk about thoughts. Let’s talk about the things you’re thinking on a day to day. This, to me sounds like your thoughts and your subconscious. If they’re flowing from somewhere, that means that you’re not controlling them, they just seem to be appearing in your head, like, like, I’m sure we have this data as to how many thoughts we have during the day, and I’m sure a lot of them are not useful. So where do thoughts flow from? And then once we understand where thoughts flow from positive or negative thoughts, then how do we actually tap into that so that we can be focusing on the things that we actually want to be thinking about, as opposed to things that are stressing? So probably drawing and draining a whole bunch of energy out of us? So how do we sort of like and I’ve heard also, I think I’ve heard it called like, priming your thoughts is like one way of phrasing it basically making sure that the thoughts that you think are actually your own thoughts versus all the other shit, that’s like imposing on you. This


Natasha Graziano  26:51

is an entire book in itself. I mean, this is amazing. But just going to thoughts flow from your mind, we have neural pathways, right? So neuroscience is something I’ve researched for many, many, many years. It’s something that we have in our brain neural pathways, okay. And that’s where our thoughts will start from if we go a little bit deeper, we have a part of our brain called the reticular activating system, in the lower part of the brain, it filters to million bits of data, every second colors and sounds and things you see but not smell as a different part. And what it does is, it shows you things that you deem as important, so what do you deem as important, anything you focus your mind on is what you deem as important. So your reticular activating system will show you evidence around you to prove that your belief system of what you think is important is true in people, places and events. So if you are thinking thoughts of imposter syndrome, negativity, I’m never going to be great, you know, I’m not worthy of love, I’m not worthy of the pay rise, I’m not worthy of having a good podcast, I’m not worthy of, you know, a job. Yeah, whatever it might be your brain, your particular activating system, to be precise, it’s going to show you evidence to prove that that belief system that you apparently deem as important is real. But actually, if you learn to move maneuver that to change it to say, I do believe I’m worthy of the pay raise, I do believe that I’m worthy of love. I do believe that I’m worthy of starting my own business, whatever it might be, and you believe it at a belief level. And it sounds like I am worthy. All right. And it starts like that. And you start thinking thoughts of worthiness of abundance of wealth of something different, listening to podcasts, reading books, ingesting new knowledge, firing, rewiring your brain, those new neural pathways, the synaptic connections, change your reticular activating system shows you new evidence around you to show Hey, your new belief system is real. And he has people opportunities, events and places to show your new belief system is real. So it is up to you what you see around you. It’s up to you ever find someone who says yellow Minnie, you now see yellow minis everyone


Scott D Clary  28:58

was just gonna ask this is what you’re talking. Exactly. So when you think of a car, yeah, think of a car. You’ll see that car. Alright,


Natasha Graziano  29:05

well, yeah, that’s exactly this. If I say, Oh, my God, I’m on a winning streak, right now all of a sudden, you get another phone call. And it’s another winning streak. And like, I had three things happen to you, Jessica, things come in threes. You know, I don’t know why it is. But it’s a powerful number. Tesla, the Tesla method, if any of you know about that as a really powerful method to look into, and that’s about 369 The numbers, but it’s incredible because the other day, I was feeling amazing. And I didn’t start my day like that. By the way, I started my day in a very bad way. How do you change those thoughts, you shake it off you go do yoga, you go for a run, you literally physically shake the body when you shake up the body, the DNA physically moves, the cells move the atoms move, we change


Scott D Clary  29:45

actual hormone releases that will improve your mood and elevate your mood and your mindset to right so if you do like if you physical exercise, like there’s serotonin release and whatnot,


Natasha Graziano  29:54

absolutely. And we can, we can channel all of this, you know, our endorphins, our dopamine serotonin


Scott D Clary  30:01

serotonin. Am I getting the right? Yep. Yeah,


Natasha Graziano  30:04

absolutely. And we can, we can channel all of this and we can create more of it through exactly what I’m talking about, I’m gonna give you one final thing that helps you with your thoughts, because let me just preface this, your thoughts become your feelings, your feelings become your habits, and your habits become you. Your habits become you who we are by the age of about 30 years old. It’s just an amalgamation of our habits. You I we’re just an amalgamation of our habits of what we do what we do regularly and what we believe. And that’s who we are. Can you change that and of course you can. Why not. You can become whoever you want to be. Hence the new book, be it until you become it become the version of you you want to be before you get there. And then surely, it will become you. So every day, the first place to start, if you want something to take away right now you want to do this, get a pen and paper and write this down. Write down every single thing that you’ve done from the morning until the evening. So whatever time of day, you’re listening to them, keep going. And before you go to bed, look back at every single thing you didn’t you wrote down, I had a coffee for five minutes, you’d write the time, I chatted on the phone to somebody for an hour about bullshit. I mean, it really didn’t serve me. But you don’t need to write that you just need to write, you know, wasted an hour, or that or phone call with x, just whatever it was. And then I spent an hour filming a podcast, it’s been an hour sorting out some admin, I spent another hour doing this during the gym, whatever it might be the end of the day, you have to go through that list. And you mark them out of 10. And just mark it out. So you had your coffee without served you that was a nine out of 10. Great. You had that chat with your friends. Not really, that was a derogatory call. In fact, it was undermining somebody else. It was really negative. Really putting more hate out in the world. That’s not what I’ve done. I’m just saying other people have maybe done this today. And believe me, I once did. Yeah. And so that served you at like a two out of 10. And then you carry on writing down out of 10. Now why am I asked you to write down 10 Because anything that is under an eight out of 10 is something you want to root out of your garden, you want to up root and get it out of your garden, it’s a motherfucking weed, get the weed out of your garden, all the weeds of my mind led me to doing shit that I regret stuff that I wish I’d never done. But it’s a part of who you are, your past does not define you. It is just a part of who you are. So habits define you. Because that is who you are right now. So change them if you want to appear different in the world, if you want to be a different person, if you want to be successful, if you want to get out of being broke, you want to stop making the same mistakes that you’re making every day and whatever field you’re doing, change your habits change at a root level. And that’s your habits. That’s your thoughts. That is the law of attraction.


Scott D Clary  32:52

I love that that’s a great definition to take the woowoo Wow, it’s just Well ya know, you you get rid of the bullshit because that everybody you know if you’re talking about different books and things that people subscribe to like, like atomic habits, for example like that. How big is that about? Yeah. But like that’s the that’s the end result. So you have to go a couple steps back if you want to actually action that you the habits are great. Yeah. But they’re not going to turn into habits unless you get the mindset right first. Absolutely. I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode. HubSpot. Now, if you’re tired of slowing down your teams with clunky software, processes and marketing it’s difficult to scale. HubSpot is here to help you and your business grow better. With collaboration tools and built in SEO optimizations. HubSpot CRM platform is tailor made to help you scale your marketing with ease, integrated calendars, tasks, and commenting help hybrid teams stay connected. While automated SEO recommendations intuitively optimize your web page content for increased organic traffic. Ditch the difficult and dial up your marketing with tools that are easy to use, and easy to scale. Learn how your business can grow Okay, what are we okay, so what other things are really important here? So it’s chapter two is letting go to grow. So why do you place an emphasis on forgiveness? Why is that a big deal? I


Natasha Graziano  34:12

love that you brought that one up. Forgiveness Scott is one of the most powerful things we ever do. In fact, if you want to talk about thoughts, thoughts have a frequency. That’s a fact right thoughts have a frequency. Every thought you have has a frequency and you mentioned before about positive and negative thoughts. So no matter whether you’re having a super positive thought or a super negative thought, whichever one you’re having, it’s going to bring what you want to fruition so if it’s super negative, and it’s like, Ah, I’m not worthy. I’m so I’m a loser. I’m an idiot. I’ve dropped my keys you idiot. We always say that. It’s a common one we see you idiot when you drop something. When you break something when you forget something, oh, you idiot, you lose the common words that we say to ourselves. And so my point of mentioning this is no matter whether it’s super negative or super positive, you will bring what you want to fruition so be careful where you’re placing your thoughts and Your time because the mind goes where energy flows, your thoughts become your things. These are all just well known quotes. So why is forgiveness important? The first thing you got to recognize you to forgive yourself, the first thing you do recognize is forgiveness has a super powerful frequency. It’s like gratitude. It has a super powerful frequency. If I tell you say thank you right now, so say thank you. And just keep saying it. Thank you smiling and feeling good. Eventually, if you say thank you, you can’t be angry. When you’re in a state of gratitude, it is impossible to be angry when you are in a state of gratitude. When you are in a forgiving place as well. It’s impossible to be angry and carry hate with you. If you want to inverted commas manifest something into your life. I call it attract goals into your life faster, you’ve got to first remove the blockages, how are you going to build a house, if there’s already a shit house on the floor there already, you need to wipe out that foundation and build a solid stone foundation that you can put your new home on to correct this is you, you need to remove the blockages inside of you. And that starts with forgiveness.


Scott D Clary  36:07

How do you do that? How do you so the concept makes sense? What do you do to forgive yourself to remove those blockages in your life? Because that’s an easier thing to say, than actually do because the knee jerk reaction when you screw something up is going to hate on yourself always tentative 11 out of 10 times, yes. So what do you do?


Natasha Graziano  36:25

So this is where my MBS comes in. So you can use, you know, many different forms of going into a deeper state of consciousness, which means not just doing it in the beta state where we are now wait,


Scott D Clary  36:34

pause. What’s that? Okay,


Natasha Graziano  36:36

so the different brainwaves, you know, beta and when you go deeper go into alpha and theta and delta when you’re asleep.


Scott D Clary  36:42

What am I what am I in right now?


Natasha Graziano  36:43

Beta, usually?


Scott D Clary  36:46

Yeah, I think I’m normal right now. Like,


Natasha Graziano  36:48

we’re sitting here and we’re in beta and how it works is we’re at a faster pace, Brainwave. And on EEG scans, you can measure these brainwaves. It’s called electroencephalography. If I’ve said it, right, and you can measure these brainwaves. And when you’re in an altered state of awareness, which is the alpha or the Theta Delta, you can your brainwaves are much slower, which means your mind your brain is more impressionable. And that’s where you can re wire the brain. So you don’t want to try and just say, Okay, that’s it, I’m going to remove the blockages, they’re gone. Because a you probably don’t mean it. But be when you do it in a altered calmer state of mind. As I said before, you’re more impressionable, you can feed new thoughts and you can re wire the brain, you can create new synaptic connections, strengthen neural pathways, strengthen the connections in the brain that you want to connect to rebuild a version of you. You know, they do it with patients who are coming back from, you know, seizures and things.


Scott D Clary  37:51

I’m assuming like the to artificially change the brainwaves. I’m sure there’s a lot of this sometimes it’s drug induced, like I’m assuming that if you are taking like some sort of drugs like that can actually change your brainwaves as well.


Natasha Graziano  38:04

I guess I don’t touch in that. Yeah, I’m assuming like,


Scott D Clary  38:07

but what I wanted to point out is like, meditation at its core is doing it naturally


Natasha Graziano  38:11

literally out. There you go. So you can use you know, iOS girl crazy things like this. And some people do.


Scott D Clary  38:17

That’s the same. That’s the same thing that you’re doing naturally. But that’s really what’s happening. Change your, your state of reality. Totally.


Natasha Graziano  38:22

And sorry, I say crazy. It’s not it’s not crazy. You can, it’s just different. Yeah. So your average person would probably say like, oh, I don’t want to touch that. I personally never done it. But I know people that haven’t had successful journeys on it. That’s a whole separate topic. But for me, you can go deeper. And it’s not just for me, it’s for millions, hundreds of millions and billions of people meditating all over Planet Earth right now. And that’s why I created my MBS method. So the NBS method incorporates ancient breathing techniques with modern day neuroscience, going deeper into altered states of awareness and anchoring in a new belief, once you’re in that altra, calm state, let’s phrase it like that, when your parasympathetic nervous system has kicked in, right over the state that we’re in right now. And you let it take over and your sympathetic nervous system, and it takes over and it takes you into a deeper state where you’re more impressionable where you can now say, Okay, I released the things that have gone wrong for me. But which former isn’t always something major, it doesn’t have to be like, I went through and I was sexually abused, my body was exploited. You know, it doesn’t have to be that it doesn’t have to be like what happened to me when I was homeless didn’t have to be major traumas that led me to that. It could be as small as somebody toys it in like you’re at school, your teacher told you, you were never good enough, you’re never going to be who you are today. In fact, most of the people who are told that are now huge superstars and those super uber successful individuals. And that’s how they’ve used that trauma to become their cure. And as Rumi, the 16th century poet once said, Let your pain be your cure. You have to let your adversity be your cure and forgiveness is the first place to do it. So in the MBS method, when you go deeper We’ve removed in this 15 minute or half an hour meditation, if you want, if you want to call it that, while you’re in that altered state, you can remove the limiting belief inside of you that is blocking you from actually getting out there. And being the version of you, you’re born to be the, the version of you, you are destined to become. And so it’s a very simple process. And it starts with breathing. Because a lot of people like me, I had ADHD, and I couldn’t meditate very well, but I can’t meditate. What even is meditation does, the version of meditation that I teach is their dogma attached to their religion. In fact, in most meditation, there’s none of that. It’s just about connecting with yourself, forget even higher self just connecting inward, looking within yourself being calm, and in that calm state, being more rational.


Scott D Clary  40:45

So once you actually achieve this state, so you’re going through this process, you’re going through a 15, or 30 minute meditation exercise, and you and you start to change the state that you’re actually in and you probably are achieving some of that altering from beta to other types of states of consciousness, then, is the exercise that you do and what you teach over to remove some of these beliefs. Is that built into the actual meditation? Or is that an extra step that you have to tap? Like, if I’m going through the meditation right now? What do I have to do to make sure that actually accomplish that if somebody’s listening to your meditation, what do they have to do to actually achieve that


Natasha Graziano  41:21

you will naturally go into that state of flow, you’ll naturally go into that altered state of awareness just because of the breathing exercise at the start. That’s the difference. So the aim with meditation is to go into that altered state into that alpha or the theta, brainwave state, that’s where you want to get to. But this is why I created the MBS, because it incorporates ancient breathing, pranayama breathing exercise before you do the deep guided work on your mind. So you’re already at a very relaxed state, because you’ve been doing this special form of breathing, where you’re essentially improving the these are facts of science around breathing exercises, improves your blood circulation, it brings fresh oxygen to your body, it improves your immunity, it brings more oxygen to your brain, it is the checklist incredible of what breathing exercises categorically do. So now I incorporated ancient breathing techniques, which have been around for years, those breathing techniques into my ambi Azmuth. And then when you do it, that’s part of it, you’re already very calm. So now when you do a deep guided meditation, like a self hypnosis, you’re feeling so calm and relaxed, you’re in a deeper state naturally. And if you don’t find you are most people I mean, I find it’s, you know, a very, very, very high percentage of people sort of 98% of people who will have a very, very, very productive experience from it. Maybe even higher, maybe even 99, what


Scott D Clary  42:45

is that? So when they come out of the meditation, what is the thing that people will generally feel


Natasha Graziano  42:49

so calm, so relaxed, and free of whatever they let go of most people are very emotional, and they do the MS. Most people cry, for the majority of the 1520 30 minute exercise, it’s a very, very, very deep exercise new connect with what we call the inner child, the inner child is just you as a seven year old as sexual five year old imagining yourself. And when you visualize and see your younger, five year old self in front of you, it’s very hard not to say sorry to them for the pain you’ve caused them or forgive yourself, for what you’ve put yourself through. And looking at that young child, it almost you feel like it is your child. And it’s a very, very, very emotional process. And that’s how we start to remove the limiting beliefs that are blocking us.


Scott D Clary  43:33

This seems like a super intense process to go through this. So if somebody wanted to start to include a meditation meditation regimen into their life, is this something you would do every morning? Absolutely. Because you don’t even know like you’re crying through it.


Natasha Graziano  43:48

There’s some parts now. Notice that as MBS for inner child work, which I’m talking about now, but yes, for removing something like that you really want to get rid of and then there’s MBAs for brain focus, and lunchtime MBAs for productivity. And of course, you’re not going


Scott D Clary  44:04

to sit and cry, want to do this work. And I’m, like, bawling my eyes out. Ya


Natasha Graziano  44:07

know, you’re probably not going to cry during the one for brain focus. There’s one on YouTube right now. And it’s, you know, we give it to loads of teams, they give it to so many of my corporates that I that I speak at, this helps you your brain productivity and focus and rejuvenation suddenly in the middle of your lunch break. Like you just need to go 15 minutes, 20 minutes, boom, do this exercise, you’re probably not going to start crying, but you probably are going to go back feeling rejuvenated and energized.


Scott D Clary  44:31

Okay, good. Okay, that makes sense. Okay, so, no, no, I just wanted to make sure because I’ve never I’ve, I’ve personally have not done a lot of meditation, I think something that I want to try more of, and I just want to understand how best to like incorporate it in my life. And so I just act as like the layman like for somebody else who there’s probably a lot of people that listen to this that have done a lot of meditation in their life. But how do you like how do you get started and I guess that’s sort of the the the questions like what’s the best way to get started to like dip your toe in so I don’t know if tomorrow, I’d want to be crying looking at my inner child, that seems like incredibly


Natasha Graziano  45:03

scared MBAs or it doesn’t even have to be MBAs do an NLP or do that’s quite deep as well. But you could do just a normal guided meditation you go on an app like, you know, yeah, whatever you’re on.


Scott D Clary  45:14

And then yours when you work with when you work with MBs, somebody works for them. Yes, they’re like you have a meditation that is specifically targeted for particular,


Natasha Graziano  45:21

absolutely weight loss anxiety, achieving a particular goal in your company and creating more productivity in your team that you get your team to do. I mean, it really is powerful for every single thing. Why? Because there are specific breathing exercises that connect to a particular desire. So if you do a particular form of breathing with a particular style of meditation, you will be able to achieve your goal faster, because you’ve already gotten into the altered state of consciousness naturally, which by the way, just feels super relaxed. Like we spoke about it as like this bougie word, it just means when you’re no drugs, just high on your own supply on your own breath. You’re just super relaxed and chilled.


Scott D Clary  46:01

Okay, last thing I want to talk to you about, because I love this topic. And it’s the last chapter in the book. So obviously, it’s important to you. So it’s abundance. So what does abundance mean? What does abundance mean to you? And how do you how do you incorporate into your life and why it’s so important,


Natasha Graziano  46:14

okay? Abundance is everything. Abundance is living with everything you desire in every area. It means having being and doing all you were destined to be and being that version of you, it means having as much money as you want living abundantly, right, living abundantly financially would mean having as much money as you want, or at least a lot of it, it just means a lot, basically, right? What do you want a lot of more happiness, or success or health? Those are the three common things my clients will tell me living in that state. Can you imagine how good that would feel? So if I could tell you right now, here’s the answer to living an abundant life, would you take 100%? Course, the MBS is, I believe the route to that understanding your


Scott D Clary  47:02

mindset towards Yes, I also think it’s important, like when you’re trying to achieve a mindset of abundance, that you realize that it’s not all focused on you. Yeah. So when I think about how I spend money, how I help people how I raise people up, I have always found that it’s like, I’m looking at everyone else in my circle. And if I can live a mindset of abundance like towards them, then everything always comes back to me. So like in how I help people and how I get absolutely, yeah, that’s yeah, sorry that I misspoke. Yeah. So that’s how I look at abundance mindset,


Natasha Graziano  47:33

you got it. That’s it. The more you give, the more you receive, the more you put out there in the world. I’ll put it like this, this is a really good example. Okay. If you are waiting to give to charity, until you have millions in the bank, why wait, start now be giving right now. And guess what happens when you’re giving right now, the world in time will give back to you, the world will give you more of what you want, as you give, you know, don’t wait to give 100 million in the bank to give a million to charity. Let’s start giving now the little you do have when I was homeless and had nothing I would still give the dollars at the time was pounds it was in the UK. But giving the pounds I did have two people who also needed it. Give, give give given every way. And that is living a life of abundance because you are feeling like you’re giving birth to a new take out jealousy, pride and ego. Take out jealousy, pride and the word take all of these out of your mindset out of your psyche out of you. And then those things that are the most destroying things you’ll ever have. Take them out, guess what? You’re now free. You’re a forgiving person. You’re living happily you’re giving you’ve got no ego. You’re just giving, giving, giving. And now you’re living life abundantly. And guess what? The life around you looks a little different.


Scott D Clary  48:52

100% Okay. Last thing I wanted to do, I always like to do a couple rapid fire to close these out. Yeah. But before we pivot, where’s this book going to be? Sold? When? When is it actually going live? Like all the all the end? Where do people connect you to


Natasha Graziano  49:07

amazing. So be it till you become it is out on the second of August. And you’ll be able to buy at any bookstore. So just go online and anywhere that you buy a book, just grab it online, Barnes and Noble and all the above, I’m sure it will be on the list there. Have a look and see. We’ll put a link below right. So you guys can do it. And make sure you get your you know, get your copy. And if you enjoy it, I always say to people buy a book for a friend. It’s a great gift. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be mine. It could be it could be who others. But I think when you buy a book for yourself and you buy one for somebody else, you guys have so many notes. I do it with friends of mine. So I’ll be like let’s both read this at the same time. And then by the time we finish it, let’s go through it. And let’s go to our notes on what we learned. And it’s phenomenal because you find they read things you didn’t. Then you’re revising through going through it. It’s a really great way it’s almost like forming a book club. So you know get one for yourself. Get one for your family. Enjoy it and If there’s a part in the book that you love, tag me, tag me on Instagram, It’ll be my pleasure to repost that out to my, you know, big audience. And like, you know, just personally say thank you to you, I love to be in touch with everybody. And if you have a question, do you have me about it? You know, ask the question, I’d love to answer your question about be it till you become it. And just quickly for anyone that wants to understand what be it till you become, it really means, you know, growing up, I used to hate the words, fake it till you make it. I used to hate it, I still do. And the way I decided to maneuver around that was, it’s not about faking it, you don’t need to fake anything. Forget the word, fake it till you fake it till you make it, be it until you become it become the version of you really authentically that you want to become before you get there in your mind, and your heart, and your soul and your business and the way that you show up to your friends, your family, your podcasts, your building of your business every day, become the version of you that you want to become before you get that and ever so much around neuroscience in the book. So we really dive into how to become it. By the end of the book. You’re already there, for sure.


Scott D Clary  51:10

Good. Okay, let’s do a couple rapid fire. So I already asked these questions. I’ve had you on the show twice now, but I’ll go through them again. Because I want to see if your answers change do. Okay, so what was the biggest challenge that you’ve had in your life? How’d you overcome it?


Natasha Graziano  51:23

Because I was out of my life was when I was in a dark place and a drug addict when I was when I was addicted to drugs when I was in an industry I hated and it was just a rapid circle, you know, feeding each other the drugs were feeding the career and the career was feeding the drugs. And it was it was a bad career all you know, that I didn’t enjoy. And you know, I own that. And I stand up to it. Because that without that challenge of doing webcam being webcams or having two sex tapes put out on me without that I would not be who I am today, I would not be the woman I am today. Because my past does not define me your past does not define you your past does not define you. Nobody’s past defined you it is just a part of who you are.


Scott D Clary  52:06

What was the thing that you fail that in your life? And how did you get through that point?


Natasha Graziano  52:12

I failed at business multiple times before I built my empire, my company. I failed at business so many times I have I still have villas in that I own around the world. And the first one failed so badly. I had you know, I spent three years trying to get guests you stay in it. And it just like it wasn’t taking off. It was costing me a fortune. So I just didn’t do the research. I’ve never even been to Morocco. When I bought my villa. I’d never even been there. And I still have it and I love it. And I was just like we know at


Scott D Clary  52:43

this point. Yeah, no, we made Did you ever figure it out?


Natasha Graziano  52:47

Yes. Now, a hotel is what you call a Riyadh. So it’s beautiful. But I had to go through failures of years of like, this is the worst investment of my life. I’ve lost $100,000 on this breaking thing. Like it was a bad bad like scenario for me at the time.


Scott D Clary  53:05

Who is one person who’s had the most impact on your life?


Natasha Graziano  53:09

Um, you know, I would have to say, probably John Assaraf. He’s really close friend of mine. He was best man at my wedding. My husband,


Scott D Clary  53:18

John Assaraf is at your wedding. Yeah, house. I didn’t. I didn’t realize. Before I knew you. Oh, my God, no one knew the clubhouse. Know that he was part of that. Yeah, I’m just


Natasha Graziano  53:30

saying his house, which is awesome Sunday. Yeah. It’s beautiful. He’s been a massive impact in my life. He’s been a huge impact he’s friendly, doesn’t always have one of the authors and the secret, but the secret which inspired my whole life 16 years ago, that was a big thing. And I didn’t know that him from afar, being my mentor would lead me to where I am today. But him being in the book and speaking his knowledge and his truth and everything that he’s created and how to create a better life. Having a coach in your corner has everything. Having that one person behind you is everything and you know, it’s It’s incredible because I manifested him into my life. You know, as a as a friend and we now work together. I am one of the coaches in one of his programs. And yeah, we do some amazing things. So he’s definitely been a huge part of my journey. What has


Scott D Clary  54:19

been a book or podcast that you consume lately that’s had a major impact on your life.


Natasha Graziano  54:25

A book that has had a massive impact, I have to say is the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D wattles. That is an old book and it is absolutely remarkable for anybody who really is skeptical Okay, around the law of attraction are skeptical around anything around achieving things through like Wi Fi, you can’t see Wi Fi. So it helps you understand what Wi Fi is just in this modern day world. That really helps you achieve your goals faster and understand how to get past the barriers of your mind.


Scott D Clary  54:57

If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing what would it be?


Natasha Graziano  55:01

It’s all gonna be okay. And don’t worry. Just have pure tenacity, pure ambition, and be kind and courageous.


Scott D Clary  55:12

Last question, what does success mean to you?


Natasha Graziano  55:16

Success is a reaction to your action. Success is not success without failure. Amen.


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