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Natasha Graziano, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur | Manifestation Isn’t BS (How To Actually Do It)

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About The Guest

Natasha Graziano is the nation’s #1 Mindset Coach & ranked ‘number 1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world’ by Forbes Magazine and top female mindset coach by Business Insider.

Natasha is the host of The Law Of Attraction podcast, which has gained over 100 Million Views to date and is ranked in the ‘Top 10 podcasts to download in 2021’ by Influenciv magazine.

Natasha is the creator of the renowned MBS Method (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity) — your transformation to a greater life which consists of ancient breathing techniques, meditation in altered states of consciousness and is rooted in neuroscience! Her knowledge has gained over 1 Billion Views and her programs have helped over 1.5 Million people transform their lives, making her one of the most respected names in her field online internationally.

Natasha has been learning and teaching Mindset for the last 15 years for all kinds of people at different stages of their life, incl. Entrepreneurs with 9 & 10 figure businesses and A-list movie stars. She has been seen in The New York Times, Wealth Insider, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, BBC, Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes & many more top-tier publications.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Natasha’s story.
  • 09:41 — What is the MBA method?
  • 23:19 — What is manifesting, and how do you actually implement it in your life?
  • 28:50 — Biohacking & its tangible impact on your life.
  • 32:33 — Aligning your heart and your mind.
  • 40:32 — The power of personal brand.
  • 52:14 — How to deal with imposter syndrome.
  • 01:01:14 — How to grow your following on social media.
  • 01:09:36 — Advice for entrepreneurs.

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Scott D Clary, Natasha Graziano


Scott D Clary  00:00

Welcome to success story, the most useful podcast in the world. I’m your host, Scott D. Clary. The success story podcast is part of the HubSpot Podcast Network. The HubSpot Podcast Network has other great podcasts you should go check out like being boss, hosted by Emily Thompson. Now with the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably thinking, what’s next for you in the new year? What other shows are you going to listen to to level yourself up? Well, on the success story podcast, I interview a lot of entrepreneurs and I usually dive deep into the creative aspects of building a business. So if you are a creative, a creative business owner, or you’re thinking about eventually becoming one, which, at some point everybody kind of has to be because you have to be a little bit creative in how you build a business, how you market a business. Now you sell your product. All of that does require some creativity, but also for people that are hyper focused on the creative niche you may be interested in being boss hosted by Emily Thompson. Being boss is an exploration of not only what it means, but what it takes to be a boss. As a creative business owner. If you are into some of the following topics. You’re gonna love this show, project management and building systems for creatives, freelancers or side hustlers, opening a retail store rituals that inspire and evoke creativity and taking time off as a business owner to focus on yourself, your creativity and upskilling you need to listen to being boss. They cover all these topics and more, you can listen to being boss on any of your favorite podcasting platforms or at hubspot.com/podcast network. today. My guest is Natasha Graziano, she is the number one female mindset coach under 40. According to Forbes, she is the best selling author of the action plan. She is the creator of the world renowned MBS method, that meditational behavioral synchronicity method that she uses to help people transform their lives. And she is also the host of the Law of Attraction podcast. She has over 7 million followers on Instagram. She is an absolute, Guru, absolute expert when it comes to building a social brand. So she speaks on two very distinct topics. She speaks about mindset and manifestation. And she speaks about social media personal brand. So on the mindset and manifestation side, she is very cognizant that many law of attraction or manifestation, it kind of gets brushed as like woowoo, like too high level. So her goal is to give you tactical tips that you can use to get what you want. So she is more of a tactical application of the law of attraction. So we spoke about her method that she uses to get what she wants in her life to get her mind right and in sync and in tune with the things that you want to achieve. We spoke about that’s her NBS method. We also spoke about saying yes to opportunities. We spoke about how to deal with negativity and use that as a catalyst for progress in your life. And then we spoke about social media. So she is an expert at social media, building a personal brand. People come to her constantly to help them build their own personal brands. Obviously, she’s built an incredible one. With over 7 million followers. She’s featured in almost any notable publication, both both business and non business, because she has built such a brand for herself. So she’s done this from the ground up. She has 7 million followers, she speaks about how to build a personal brand, how to figure out what your mission is what you want to communicate to the world. She also speaks about social media, particularly Instagram, how to grow Instagram, how to create content that resonates. So mindset, social media personal brand, she has it all. This is Natasha Graziano. She is the founder of the MBS method, esteemed author, and host of the Law of Attraction podcast.


Natasha Graziano  03:55

You know what? I’m going to tell you a little story about me, I’m going to tell you where this all began for me. So five years ago, I went through the worst year of my life, I suddenly found myself bed bound homeless single mom thrown on the street after a divorce after an abusive marriage. And I was left alone, with nothing, I’d lost everything in my career. I was broken, I was broke. And this illness had me in a place where I felt not only depressed, but where I realized I’m actually not able to move and function as a normal human as the person I once was before this and I’ve got to get at something. I’ve got to do something to get out of this. What am I going to do? So I started working on myself and I realized, yeah, you can try the meds you could try all the things and you know, I used a lot of the medication I was given at the time I was on hot medication at one point. But what I found truly cured me truly helped me not just have the illness but of getting out of being broke. Coming away from just being this single mom with Nothing going on in her life anymore. I’ve lost my sparkle. And so I started working on mindset. I got into programs, I got myself a mentor, I started working from the ground up, I started working on myself, started building myself started evolving my path if you want, and I didn’t realize at the time but my NBS method, my meditational bagel synchronicity, I didn’t realize that is what I was doing went on to serve millions of people it has been taught to over 150,000 people to this day. But that method saved me that method that I created my meditation Bible, synchronicities, saved me from pain, trauma, suffering being stuck, unfocused, unloved, in my own eyes, I was unworthy. And I went from there to really getting to where I needed to be. And so as I started using this process, as I started meditating as I started breathing, because this is combined in the NBS is breathing exercises, meditation going deeper into altered states of awareness into data state, into the alpha equal to alpha and theta, depending on which one and from there, I then realized, you can reprogram your subconscious mind, you can rewire your thought process. And I knew, if I can rewire my thought process, rewire my pathways in my brain, my neural pathways, I can build new skill sets, I can become a better person, I can get out of this. And I did, I use my NBS method every single day. And within one year, I went from broke to making my first million dollars. And I used that through social media to growing my social media. And using that to leverage in my business, it was profound. And I’ve gone on to build three, eight figure three passive streams of income and one eight figure business. And I’ve just co founded a fantastic company, which is, in our first it’s a tech service, in our first month, just going public, we’re going to go into the six figures, seven figures, I get confused with figures, we’re going to go into the seven figures


Scott D Clary  07:01

a lot, you’re doing a lot. That’s, that’s why


Natasha Graziano  07:04

I know right? So I can’t announce that today. What that cofounded project of mine is I want to, but basically what we’re doing that is we are helping people with a big tech service that is so needed. So wanting so incredible. And that is about to go to market and it will in the it will go public. And in the first month it will be valued at a nice, big, chunky seven figure. So the point is, I have used this method to cure myself, I have used this method to get out of pain of suffering. I healed myself from illness, I built these businesses, I’ve manifested love, I’ve manifested the love of my life, I married him, I was just a divorced single mom who was struggling and broken financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I had, I was at rock bottom in every area, you realize when you’re at rock bottom in every area, that is when you need to rebound off the ground and come back with vengeance. And I did.


Scott D Clary  08:01

Alright, so let’s, I love the story. And let’s let’s unpack that, because it all makes sense for you now when when you have that success, and you’ve built the business, and everything seems everything seems to just fall in line. And looking back, you know, hindsight is 2020, all these different things you did to pull yourself out of this horrible spot. It makes sense. But let’s let’s bring it back to when you were going through a lot of the difficult parts of your life. So you weren’t financially successful. You just came out of a really poor and not great marriage. So what are some of the things that this MBS method, because you have to understand, too, I want people to when they think about mindset, there’s a knee jerk reaction to that doesn’t make any sense. It’s just putting in the work or if I’m not already bought into it, it’s hard to convert somebody into somebody believing that mindset is the answer when somebody is in a situation like that. So I want to I want to break down some of the things you spoke about, even like the different states of mind, like alpha and beta, like that’s coming at left field from some people that are listening to this right now. And also it’s coming at left field for me if I hadn’t have researched more about some of the work you do. So walk me through the the as I guess, pragmatically or as scientifically as you possibly can, not being I don’t think you’re a PhD if you are I missed that part. But I don’t think you’re but try and walk through so somebody understands what you’re actually doing. Like, what is this actual practice? manifest as in your day to day and how can that be? Yeah, yes, yes.


Natasha Graziano  09:40

Okay. I love that. So how does the science really work behind I’m going to give you two things. It’s all based around neuroplasticity, because it’s rooted in neuroscience, as I said, my MBS method. So how it works with the mind so the law of attraction, people think, oh, that’s woowoo No, there is actually a lot of facts behind it. There’s actually a lot of science behind it. And whether not you believe in it, the law of attraction is happening all around you. Hence the secret is, you know, some a fair billion on their, on their sales and everything because it’s so real this stuff is is real and it’s happening. So I’ll explain to you what the science is. When you’re in an altered state of awareness there, your mind is more impressionable. So that is why I take people deeper through a self note state into the altered state of oneness into the alpha and the beta state. Your brainwaves are slower here, when they’re measured on EEG scans, you can see your brainwaves are slower. And here, you’re more impressionable. So the aim is to do the work in this altered state of awareness. And what you do is you remove an up route, weed out the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving your goals achieving what you want to in your life, and you remove those limiting thoughts in that offset, whereas, but instead of just leaving a void, you replace them by building a new neural pathway and strengthening it every single day by practice, like we’re learning a language, you’re building the neural pathways, same thing. And so you do that on the altered state of awareness. That is what the process does. Let me give you the science. So there’s a part of our brain the lower part, our brain called the reticular activating system, the reticular activating system filters around 2 million bits of data every second. And that’s colors and sounds and things that we see and how it works is it shows you things that you deem as important. So what do you deem as important? Well, anything you focus your mind on. So if you’re focusing your mind on, I am worthy of being loved, I am worthy of financial abundance, I am worthy of that promotion in my career. If you focus on those things, then your reticular activating system is serving you in the way you want it to. And it’s showing you evidence around you to prove your belief system is real in opportunities, events, and people in places, it’s showing you opportunities and things around you to prove it’s real. So whether or not you believe it’s real or not, that’s despite the point your brain doesn’t know, if you run the race, when you’ve actually run the race. Or if you’re practicing it like an athlete in your mind before the race. Okay. And so if you are focusing on negative thoughts and negative situations, then that is what your brain thinks is important. And your reticular activating system says you focus a lot of your mind on this a lot of your time on this topic. So therefore you think it’s important. So let me show you things around you that back up as evidence to prove that belief system is real. Do you get it? So you’ve got to get rid of that negative belief, you’ve got to root that out of your mind? Because your reticular activating system is working, whether you want it to or not.


Scott D Clary  12:43

Under understood, okay. So that that does make sense to me. Now, I’m super curious as to how you figured this out. Because now you teach people this, me going through a bad spot in my life, even if I was practicing some of the stuff that you were practicing. How does someone who, to my knowledge you never, you never were a student of this, it’s not like growing up through your marriage through all the other career and potentially other, you know, work, things that didn’t work out? So well. You were not a student of this practice is this. I’m sure there’s various iterations. MBS is one there’s other iterations of this that people do, you know, believe in and practice in their daily life? So how did you how did you figure this out that this was what you were doing?


Natasha Graziano  13:29

So what happened was, I realized, I was meditating. My father is a doctor, and he is always creating new medicines. And I would always speak to him around ways I could heal. When I was unwell. And he told me, do breathing exercise, and I said, But dad, you know, you’re, you’re a doctor, you create medicines, and he said, stop breathing more. Okay? He said, breathe deep. Breathe, when you inhale through your nose and your nasal breathing, you create nitric oxide, nitric oxide literally can heal you in so many ways. It produces nitric oxide, and when you nasal breathing, which helps heal your immunity, boosts it, it just helps us in ways of oxygen in ways that we don’t realize. So he said, do deep breathing. And then I realized that will calm my anxiety. So anyway, I was having panic attacks and the panic attacks, the only way I could calm them down was through certain exercise that I was doing. So I would do all these different exercise breathing exercises, meditations on things that are practiced by monks and psychologists like, I downloaded programs online. It was the best thing I ever did, getting myself that mentor is the best money I’ve ever spent. It was, you know, at the time, I think it was like $997. And that was the best money I ever spent because that showed me how to start my journey. And I learned then how to practice all these things. But I realized it’s not just about practicing all these different things. It’s about combining them in To the same practice, and that’s when I created my method. I didn’t know like I said that it had a title at the time, I just realized, every day I will go sit down. And I’ve looked, I studied, I’ve read 100 mindset books I’ve, I’ve studied various studied from Napoleon Hill. I’ve read up on a lot of Einsteins work. There’s so many Aristotle, we could go through them, I enjoy this passionately, Joseph Murphy, I’ve read so many of these books, which have helped me exponentially. So first of all, I studied, I think, if you want to heal in any way, whether you want to get back financially, you want to meet somebody, you want to heal a relationship, you want to change your life in any way. And shift, you’ve got to first look within because 80% of it is in the mind and 10 20% of is in the action. So I really had to look within so I would sit in this practice of mine every day, and I would meditate. But I realized until then, I didn’t understand how to meditate properly. And that is the difference. When you learn my NBS method, you are meditating properly. It’s not just sitting and quieting the mind. No, no, we quiet the mind plus another 10 things. We do so many things in this process, which I now teach and speak about around the world help people to heal themselves in the same way I use the word heal, because it doesn’t to me mean just physical health, I mean, getting out of being stuck, a motivated and focused. So I would sit for that time, every single day, I will meditate, I will do breathing exercises, I would anchor the new belief system in into my altered state of awareness when I was in the Alpha state. If I was in Phaedrus, you have to learn how to control your mind and theta. So the whole process uses self hypnosis, we go deeper, there’s a countdown involved. And when I was there, I realized oh my goodness, I couldn’t have got here, if I hadn’t have done the breathing exercise I did. You’ve got to do the breathing exercise to take you to that place. And then there’s a bit of journaling involved and you come out the other side, you imprint that new belief. And then the way that you imprint it when you’re in that altered state, I would say is the main thing.


Scott D Clary  17:09

Very interesting. And if somebody wanted to, somebody wanted to start going down this path, and even just start, you have a visitor, you can have more we can have, we can have everyone in the podcast I just want to say is so cute, so cute. You know, it’s funny, I have a question about this. But just on that point about, about family life and whatnot. One thing that I actually love, and I don’t understand why people are so so scared about their family or their dogs or their kids like coming on the podcast or coming in the video. But I think it’s like the most human thing that could possibly happen after the last like, year and a half of everyone being locked away stuck at home like it’s everyone’s stress is about I think we stress to my wife


Natasha Graziano  17:56

He’s he has a nanny and a housekeeper and we still don’t manage to keep her he loves his mommy and I love my son. So whenever I’m on camera, I’m just like, if he wants to come in, I’m like, You know what, just covered via my video. He’s cute. He just loves to follow his mommy. And then as soon as I finish them, we’ll go and do like a puzzle or something. And then like that, during the during my you know, when I’m filming podcasts or masterminds, he wants to come in and say hi, part of my journey is him. My me getting to where I am now, when I was that broke single mom who was depressed and feeling like I’ve got nothing going on. Who am I like, what is this? He kept me going and he was my why he still is my why how do I achieve more for him. So going back to the NBS, I was focused on really building something that would would help me to make money helped me to meet somebody who would be an incredible partner. And it was it was very difficult at the time to actually kind of make it work because when you’re alone and you’ve got nothing and no one to support you, it can be very, very hard. But if you practice something like my MBS method every single day for 21 days, it takes 21 days to form a small habit and 66 days for a big habit. So if you practice that every single day, whether you’re in business, whether you are in tech, whether you’re a housewife, whether you’re a house husband, whether you whatever you are doing in your life, doesn’t matter where you are, this method is the transformation to the greater life.


Scott D Clary  19:34

So how does somebody so how does somebody that that’s a good, good dovetail into the first steps baby steps to understand how meditation journaling can help you in your day to day so what is the first thing somebody does is they just start writing a daily journal like I’ve heard 1000 Answers to help somebody get started.


Natasha Graziano  19:53

The very first thing that somebody wants to do when they want to get started, is they want to look within they want to pause, and they want to ask what they want to achieve. And to give you my five pillars of achieving your goals right now, one, get clarity on your vision. So that’s the first thing, get clarity on your vision to remove the blockages, remove the self limiting beliefs remove the blockage is you can do that, through meditation, you can do that through getting a therapist you can do that through working through it on your own, you can do that using my NBS method to do whichever method you want. My What’s the quickest, the fastest way I believe the way it served me and hundreds of 1000s of others. And then three, you want to imprint the new positive belief. And then for pillar four is expand your vision. And pillar five is take inspired action. So the very first thing when you want to get clarity on your vision when you want to get started, this is the best question. You need to be getting yourself a journal and writing down what you want Napoleon Hill from thinking grow rich. He said, If you write down and it’s 1937 books, this this has been around for a while you guys it’s been around for 1000s of years. In fact, we got just like earlier on in this last century, it’s been around for 1000s of years. Get clear on your statement, he says write it down, write that paragraph down know exactly what it is you want and read that aloud morning and night to twice a day. So I would start with that myself. And I wrote down my what I wanted in detail. And it was sound like I want to help 100 million people by December the 31st 2030. So you must write a date and time you set it in time and space you see because otherwise your your brain has nothing to work towards it might take years to make it come to fruition but you want it to come to fruition now, how do you do that? You write a date and time. And so I wrote down I want to help 100 million people through and I would say what it was I was doing my mindset teachings and I will be doing this, that and the other, etc, etc. So you really want to write down exactly what it is that you want to achieve and how it serves other people please do not miss this detail. Because let me explain to you when you want something and you only want it for yourself. Sure might come into your life but might happen like me might be easy come easy go when things fly. And I my first marriage I was married, I thought I had everything cars homes around the world. I thought I had it all. My god that was the biggest wake up call for me suddenly got ripped from beneath my feet, I was suddenly divorced. Suddenly, God known as suddenly broke, suddenly homeless with a newborn baby, etc. All in one year. When you think you have something, and it’s not serving others, it just does not last, the higher intelligence does not bring about the thing that you want as a long lasting, beautiful experience in your life. And of course there are anomalies who have bad people who have good things happen to them. But let’s not focus on that today. Let’s focus on you doing things and wanting things for the betterment of others. What do you want in your life? So write that down? What do you want to know why and how does it help other people? Because then the higher intelligence will bring it into your reality faster. If you want it for the betterment of others. So write that down, get really clear on what you want. Do you want to tip on how to make it happen faster?


Scott D Clary  23:16

100% Yeah, I think so let’s


Natasha Graziano  23:19

say you’ve run your you’ve read your statement down, you know exactly what it is that you want. The very next thing that you do is you write underneath that a gratitude list and you do it every day, not just once. Gratitude single handedly I would say unlocks the key to abundance in every area of your life. It unlocks what you want


Scott D Clary  23:40

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Natasha Graziano  27:22

How does it do that? When you start giving thanks for the things that you have, when you start giving thanks for the things that you don’t yet have that you get thanks for them right now as though they are already yours. And you write this gratitude list? Well, hey, do you know what happens? The universe gives you more of what you do want. And all of a sudden, more nice things happen, you got more to be grateful for but let me ask you this. What came first, gratitude are the things to be grateful for. Because for me,it was the things to be grateful. And it can be either for you. But you must understand why I’m saying that. If you are already grateful for the things that haven’t yet happened, as though that you’re just already be grateful for the fact you got clean water every day, the fact you’re breathing every day, I would dream of my beautiful homes, in different countries, my homes in over the ocean. And I would really say thank you for them as though they were already mine. I believed it, I said, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this, I am working towards what I want. This is it. You can do it to anyone can do it. But you must give gratitude. So Gratitude is the key to the catalyst speeding up what you want.


Scott D Clary  28:50

I think that there’s, I’ve had these conversations before. And I think that there’s something that I want to highlight, and I and you let me know if if you agree with me or not, but I think I want to highlight something. So when you do all the things that you just mentioned, I think that what it prompts you to do even subconsciously is take the actions that you may not have taken every single day towards that thing. So if you already are if you already feel like you have gratitude for something, or if you already know as you know, with crystal clarity what you want to achieve in life, you will potentially consciously but also subconsciously always be moving in that direction. I think what a lot of people they don’t understand the power in setting these things and and reinforcing these things so that you yourself, believe them, because you can everyone’s gonna say I want a better job. I want a family I want more money, whatever it is that you want, but if you don’t, if you can say that once, but do you really believe it when you’re tired at two in the morning after working a hard day? Or do you really believe it when you’re potentially on Tinder matching with somebody that you shouldn’t be matched like Do you really believe it like So I think that this really drives a lot of very tangible actions in your life. And I think that’s very important as well. You do a lot of you speak a lot about, I guess, would this be considered biohacking or is this not considered biohacking because I love that concept as well. I


Natasha Graziano  30:15

love that you can do you can definitely put this under biohacking. This is biohacking your mind, you see can’t wait. Right you bite you can weigh your brain, you can weigh your heart, you cannot weigh your my heart that way. Well, it’s it’s like Wi Fi. You can’t see it, but you know, it’s there. And there’s something bigger and greater. And so yes, you can biohack your life, you can biohack your mind, you can use the power of your thoughts. When in alignment with your actions and your emotions and feelings of thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, all in alignment, you’re living your best life. But your heart and brain must be in coherence. Okay, if your heart and brain are not aligned in coherence, you’re not going to manifest the things that you want around, you’re not going to see the things you want come to fruition. I teach a lot of entrepreneurs, I’ve got clients who are eight, nine figure entrepreneurs, but clients, a lot of nine figure entrepreneurs, in fact, and how I explained to them as they could have everything they go to broke suddenly, or their business is a complete mess, or they don’t understand how their love life is in a shambles or something around them isn’t going right or the they’re just not in tune with the greater thing. And they feel like I’ve got this going on. And why have I not got this going on? Why is one hour of my life chaos in the other area of my life is, is in order. And I help them to understand your heart and brain and not incoherence in the way that you want to live. Look at the artwork around your house, you got to Picasso in there. And then you got to have two ladies who are standing with you as though they’re arguing over you. So there’s a problem. So you’re attracting drama into your life. You need to paint pictures and buy artwork, have you in a happy marriage with the family and kids or with your children.


Scott D Clary  32:01

You’re taking it a step further. Okay, so you’re saying okay, so let’s so I think there’s two things that I want to unpack here. These are all very good points. So firstly, how many people and I everything I’m saying, by the way, is from like a layman’s perspective, because I’m not as in this world as you are. So I’m just trying to communicate as best I understand. So the the average entrepreneur, the average highly successful entrepreneur, I know many of them, I know many of them that are two, three times divorced. That’s not a good thing. That’s not a good metric of success. So when you say when you say your heart and your mind are not aligned, it’s not just in the work that you do. It’s in other aspects. So you’re saying to fix that, you’re actually creating an environment, to the point where the way that you the way that you style the house, or the way that you create the atmosphere in which you work is conducive to the goals? Not this is this is taking it a step further than this is not just writing stuff down. This is not just meditating, this is now aligning everything you do in your life. Correct, including where you live,


Natasha Graziano  33:07

right? Absolutely. It is about aligning all your areas, you cannot just think that that’s enough. You cannot just read a book and think that that’s enough. Go read that book four times, because I want to hear every single detail and then you will know you’ve learned that book. It is about your environment. I’m gonna give you three things right now. So anyone who’s listening you’re gonna love this write this down three tangible things. One when it comes to success when it comes to aligning anything that you want in your life you must align it in every area your mindset, your skill set your environment just what you were just saying Scott and elaborating on that further your mindset is everything if you are working on your mindset you’re doing those studies you’re getting a mentor you’re getting into a program you are understanding there is more to it than meets the eye that your mind controls so much of it your thoughts control so much of it now wait we don’t just pause on the positive thoughts because that’s the law of attraction apparently but no it’s not the law of attraction is so much deeper there’s science behind it’s why I love teaching and coaching it because there’s so much to it underneath that okay, underneath that is your skill set. Should I dive into what your skill set is? Yeah,


Scott D Clary  34:17

yeah, let’s do my it’s my


Natasha Graziano  34:19

favorite topic your skill sets a little bit longer guys so I’m going to go here you ready? You’ve got five main skill sets and it’s not a fluke that me that Bradley we got the same ones that some other beautiful known speakers, some other really everybody who’s super super successful we all say the same skill sets that y’all need. Every single person should have this and that is one communication. Communication is everything. Communication is one two is social media. What is your social media like in today’s world, you need a social media if you’ve got resistance against it, that’s your mindset. Once you get out and you practice how to use social media how to sell without having to spend a penny in many instances on social media, but you understand how to build an audience and having a platform, you will not imagine your life without it anymore, you won’t be able to imagine your life without having that asset. Okay, number three, the more doors that you knock on, the more money you make. So you’ve got to make sure you are knocking on doors and knocking on doors in today’s world, his DMS his emails or doing private messages on your Instagram, your LinkedIn using your platforms to knock on doors every single day. If you knock on 50 doors a day, okay, that could be back in the day, that’d be letters, and I did door to door sales when I was young. I said, I work for this temping agency, and I would walk around in Oxford where I grew up. And I would knock on doors with these flyers. And I was trying to understand, you know how the world works. So I go and I take these flyers around, I had to advertise the temping agency I was working for and I was the great example because I’m the tempt showing up saying, Hey, I’m attempt at this agency, to this car dealership to the next door to the next. Will you sign up this and I realized, that doesn’t work. So the next point is you got to learn sales, you got to understand how to sell always be closing. But anyway, I would go around and knock on the doors and how many doors you know con, if you knock on 50 doors a day. Remember this generic doors that is a year. That’s over $18,000 a year.


Scott D Clary  36:20

That’s a numbers game. It’s a numbers game.


Natasha Graziano  36:23

So come on, let’s get that. Let’s go. You’ve got so many doors, you can knock and you can do it now. All remotely, you can send 50 emails a day five might stick. I always say to my Instagram clients, everybody’s growing your Instagram, I teach people to scale them on Instagram, right? I say if you put a message out there and you have a great call to action, if 50 people see it, and then 10% of that sign up when they do the swipe up button. That’s five of them. That’s five new clients. You’ve just got that one day. So again, you’re reaching over 80,000 A year and how many you read it’s a fantastic numbers game. So you got to go for you got to knock on doors. Okay, so that’s the next one. So you got communication social media, knock on doors, always be closing sales, you can put that in the same one. And finally personal branding. Okay, personal branding is everything. How are you showing up? What do you look like go and get that shoot done that you need to go get that makeover that you need to guy or gal whoever you are, get your stuff done? Fix up go and present yourself? Well, because we you need a professional copy? You need to look good. You want to you don’t people go wow, he they had a really big rebrand. Yes. And that is what is selling them right now people buy from people, how are you showing up every day.


Scott D Clary  37:40

I love that I want to I want to actually double down on you know, we’re talking about the podcast before the show, I’ll tell you one thing I’ve done to grow my show. By the way, all the all that volume and constant activity. That’s some of the smartest sales advice you’ll ever get. But one thing I’ve done with my show is not a single day, since I started my show works. I’m a sales and marketing person by trade that I haven’t actually been running campaigns, just introducing people to my show. It’s not even a sales pitch at this point, I can always sell something. But it’s always if I don’t have anything to sell, it’s like, Hey, this is my show. And I’ll send that out to 50 people a day minimum. And it’s just always always having activity action and like my god, the amount of tools and tech that you can leverage to get that done. So that you’re always putting yourself in front of somebody, even if it’s not passive, if it’s not through regular social, it’s active, it’s more it’s more outbound. But it works. And if you do 50 those every day


Natasha Graziano  38:30

in front of them to get the clients or to get the numbers to get the people to see it. I just


Scott D Clary  38:34

why I always do to sell. But I also do it just to get people to know about the show. And there’s no there’s the call to action is to listen to the latest episode. It could be it could be to sell something. But if I don’t have anything to sell at the time, or maybe I want to run a second campaign, maybe I want to be running a sales campaign. And I want to actually be selling a product or a service or whatever. But maybe I also want to run a second campaign, just saying hey, just check out my podcast. And you run that all the time, every single day. And then you have 1000s and 1000s and hundreds of 1000s and eventually millions of people that you’ve touched over the course of you know, one to five years, and those people will people that would have never heard about you, if you didn’t do that action is always about just always the tools that you have access to and the the way you can leverage these tools to scale yourself in a way that’s it’s not annoying, it’s not offensive, it’s not invasive, you find people that you think would be a good match for the stuff that you’re putting out into the world and you just let them know that you exist that’s it you’re not bugging them. It’s not it’s not a cell that can be a cell if you want to it doesn’t have to be a cell and you do that stuff for you do the stuff for male you just email your stuff on LinkedIn. You cross pollinate your social media audience audiences if you’re not reaching out to all the people that are following you on Instagram and tell them to go check out your YouTube and telling them to go check out your your Twitter, like you’re you’re shooting yourself in the foot and actually, if you really want to be you know, if you really want to break it You’re actually doing them a disservice by not introducing other things that they could enjoy out, you know, to that person. So I think that that’s something that people have to sort of get over. It’s it’s the, it’s them being in their own head about putting themselves out into the world about branding themselves about posting on social like you, you know, all the things that you just mentioned, find ways to do it every single day, sell something or not, but just evangelize yourself, promote yourself constantly. Because if you don’t do it, no one else is going to do it.


Natasha Graziano  40:32

God, I love that that is so powerful. I love promoting anything I feel like it’s a part of today, it’s it goes on to the you know, always be closing, you got to be selling all the time, people follow you because they want you to sell, right people follow you on social because they want you to sell to them, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the world if you don’t sell. So you’ve got to be selling, selling, selling, selling all the time, putting out their call to action on everything. And you can cross pollinate with other audiences. So when I first began, I would literally Yeah, I mean, I didn’t even have a show. And I would message different, incredible leaders and minds and authors and experts and speakers the whole way up and down. And I will say, Hey, do you want to come and have a chat with me on my social media? And I’d love to put it out there. I’ve got a million followers at the time and now got 6 million followers. But the time was I’ve got a million followers. And because I had a blue checkmark and I had a million followers, the answer was always yes, you see, that’s another thing, all the doors open for you, when you got those kinds of numbers in your in the press, you want to be getting that kind of stuff. This is why I help a lot of VIP clients to personally grow their pages to get to that next level. So the thing here is cross pollinate. So you go and do a chat with somebody who’s got a bigger following than you or got a bigger name than you, you both put the talk out onto social media and all of a sudden, it’s on social media, they’re promoting their audience, you’re promoting it to yours, and boom, you’ve got new viewers, you’ve got new new potential buyers, you’ve got new leads, it’s all about finding new leads, and finding them fast. And the easiest way I believe is using Instagram is using your social media, Instagram is literally a pool of fresh leads waiting for you. So if I’ve got 6 million people following me, if we go for 10% of them are interactive, that’s like 600,000 potential real life leads who are ready, so then I let you know I was working 1010 10 So then I’ll look at, okay, if 10% of those people bought 60,000 Well, that’s how I’ve done my MBA. So if you think about it’s reached millions of people, through my networks in my emails, and etc, etc. Industries, millions and millions of people, and over 150,000 have been through the programs 60,000 Of those, let’s say have come through my Instagram, because I have a 6 million following. And the other 80 of my master’s bad thing is something


Scott D Clary  42:49

you’re not far off, we got


Natasha Graziano  42:51

around that the other bits come from all my other kind of promoting. So you know, never give up on the idea of social media. If you’re stuck in the dark age. And you’re like where I was, when I before I started on it 10 years ago, Get off your high horse and just roll in and just say I’m gonna jump on a different horse right now put that horse to bed, put get on another horse and start galloping. Because there is never too late moment to get started. You can grow your following if you get yourself, you know, social media marketing company to use minus or use whoever’s use a social media marketing company, get yourself out there to the world, get your numbers, because then you got people to sell to, I grew my platform first. And then I injected my brand. I did not do it the other way I built a platform. So I have people saying chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, I’m here to buy, I’m here to buy.


Scott D Clary  43:38

And once you do build that following, you can sell anything and you can launch new products, you can, you know, we’re talking about cross pollinating across different social channels or with different people. You can cross pollinate to different media mediums, right, like now I have a podcast, I’m putting it into a newsletter. And that’s another media you can set like there’s so many things you can do with it. And any product you launch now, any product you launch, you will have a guaranteed audience sell into without any ad spend whatsoever. Which is like that’s, that’s any entrepreneurs dream, right? I’m, you know, we, you know, we’re speaking about, we’re speaking about sort of, I guess, educational products or services that you’re selling, but you could if you were a founder, and you wanted to launch a tech product, you have a group of people that will try your product give you feedback ASAP that will sign up for it like the that’s why you see these serial founders that keep building and launching products so successful because they already have a user base to sell into. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a book, it could be a new, you know, anything you want it to do. You have you have a book,


Natasha Graziano  44:42

my books, you know, it’s a brilliant book. It’s around implementing the law of attraction in your life and under an hour and it’s called the action plan. Why? Because I take the woowoo out of it and I show you how to use the science behind it how to actually take actionable steps towards attracting your goals,


Scott D Clary  44:58

so people can check the book And then obviously, they’re gonna hear you here, they’re gonna check the book. And then if they want to dive in, and they can go check out NBS and go further down the road and learn more.


Natasha Graziano  45:08

I mean, look, every Saturday, we have a meditation using my MBS method live, I do it live with hundreds of people, sometimes we get into the 1000s, depending. And right now I’ve got an offer, and it’s only $4. So if you want to come for the whole month, you get the whole month for $4. And you can just come and your first month, try it. If you don’t like it, there was only $4. So then you can try it out and understand how it can change your life. So yeah.


Scott D Clary  45:36

Okay, so we really dove into a lot of the stuff they were working on with MBs. I’m trying to think, do you want to do you want to speak on? I’ll leave it to you. And you let me know. Do you want to speak on a few more mindset topics? I wrote down a couple things like negative thoughts, saying yes, opportunity lending, and we talked about those? Or did you want to give some quick tips on growing social, because obviously you’re hella good at that, too. So I don’t know what I know.


Natasha Graziano  46:04

I literally keynote on both areas. They’re both I’m so passionate about


Scott D Clary  46:08

both I literally have for you, I have like two two parts of I have social media and like five topics, 10 topics and Law of Attraction mindset of 10 times. So I didn’t know where to go with it.


Natasha Graziano  46:18

I have this I have the same thing. And like what I keynote usually on both sometimes I end up doing two keynotes at events. Because what happens is, do you and I were talking about this before the podcast, you know, when you want something in your life, you want to achieve it and then you understand the business aspect of it, right? You you understand how to scale it, how to build it, how to apply it, all of that actually realize behind it that the mindset is so key. And so that’s why I then say okay, let’s go. So they come in, they learn about their mindset, they get their message straight, and I show them how to scale on social media, and then I hand them across to people in business, you can then do like, other angles, wisdom, you know what I mean? And that side of the coaching, so I just literally had on social media. So okay, let’s dive into it depends what you’re going to call this. Because if you if this if this? I know I know.


Scott D Clary  47:01

But no, it’s good. It’s good. It’s good. We I don’t do scripted, like this is actually good. I love it. Okay,


Natasha Graziano  47:07

cool, then it’s apparent if you if people are listening doesn’t I want to hear the titles around mindset? And I’ll keep it on the mindset. So if you want to dive into if it’s going to be around a social media topic, and whatever, then I’ll dive more in that.


Scott D Clary  47:20

It will it will be Oh, that’s a good point.


Natasha Graziano  47:24

I know. I got a title for this. I’m going to give you two I’m going to give you a bit and then you gotta tell me one. Okay, so.


Scott D Clary  47:35

Okay, so let’s, let’s finish up the mindset topics. And then we’ll do a little a little side on social. And the only reason why is because when somebody obviously this MBS is obviously highly important to you right now. And I completely respect that. But when people see your name, and they’re like, oh, you know, she’s like the clubhouse marriage girl, she’s the one who has 6 million people. She’s been featured, and then they don’t hear any of it. And I’m like, I missed that. I missed that opportunity to bring some stuff out from her. So I don’t want to just completely ignore, okay,


Natasha Graziano  48:04

no, no, exactly.Exactly. So people know me as like, you know, how to get on and attract. We want to that’s why I mission that, but when it’s a business conference, and when it’s a business thing, obviously I might be expert and I can build million dollar


Scott D Clary  48:16

valuable. Both are valuable for business. 100%. Okay, so negative thoughts. Okay, so the one thing that could hijack all of this stuff would be we’ve kind of touched on it like getting inside your own head negativity. How do you move past that? How do you move past the noise, the negativity that always sort of impedes? Everyone? So let’s take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode truebill. So let me ask you a question. How often have you signed up for a free trial, and then it converted into a paid subscription, and you forgot to cancel it? Or how often have you just not been able to cancel something because the process to cancel that particular, your monthly service is just horrible and painful, and they make you jump through hoops? True bill is solving this for you true bill is letting you fight back against scammy subscription services. truebill is a new app that helps you identify and stop paying for subscriptions that you don’t need, you don’t want or you simply forgot about. On average, people save roughly $720 per year with truebill. And it’s honestly because companies make subscriptions difficult to cancel. True Bill makes it incredibly simple. You just link your accounts a true bill and they cancel everything unwanted with a single click. And if something doesn’t cancel automatically, they actually have a concierge service that will follow up and cancel it for you so that you don’t have to true Bill has over 2 million active users and they saved people over $100 million. I used it myself. I saved about 578 bucks. But that’s just because I spent so much time in the past having to go back and cancel. I’m sure if I knew about them two, three years ago, it could have saved me like 1000s of dollars by now. So stop letting CEOs and bad business get rich off you being unable or just forgetting to cancel don’t fall for subscription scams start canceling today with true bill at truebill.com/success story go right now true build.com/success story. That’s true build.com/su cc ESS sto ROI it could save you 1000s a year. That’s true build comm slash success story, take control of your subscriptions. I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode feedback loop. Now if you’re a product person, entrepreneur, startup guy like me, you have at some point in your career tried to take a product to market you’ve tried to come up with a new idea and it fell flat it’s ultimately failed 85 to 90% of all new products of all new startup ideas fail why is this basically it is really hard really expensive and really time consuming to validate product market fit with your potential consumers or customers old style market research is way too slow, too complicated, too time consuming for dynamic fast moving teams and want to build great stuff but what if you could test out your idea your product with your target consumers whenever you want before you invest in the money time energy effort that it takes to actually develop a product well that’s what startups all the way through to Fortune 500 are using feedback loop for you get quality feedback from your target customers early and often. Feedback Loop is the test before you invest product research platform. It has built in expert templates for concept testing, user discovery, prioritizing features on your roadmap and much more. You can create your own test in minutes and get quality insights from your target consumers in hours they set up a special link for everybody who’s a success story podcast listener to test it out to try it go to go dot feedback loop.com/access You get three free tests that’s go dot feedback loop comm slash success you can try it out for free you get three free tests. So if you want your next product idea or feature to be a hit test before you invest, build based on data, not opinion and launch with confidence with feedback loop check it out right now.


Natasha Graziano  52:14

When you have noise in your head, right when you’ve got these little voices saying you’re not good enough for like friends around you, imposter syndrome, imposter syndrome. Absolutely. Well, you’ve just got to learn to battle through it. Now it’s easier said than done. What do you do? You get so crystal clear on what you’re going to do and you be relentless towards it ever seen that post on my Instagram? It is so cool. I just put it up and it looks like this. Okay, and it’s you at the bottom, your dream and then all around it. You’ve got everything between you, your dreams and your goals coming to fruition. Okay, you know what you’ve got in the way you’ve got doubt parents, society haters, ego fear, relatives, friends, rejection, all those things are trying to stop you from getting to where you want to be. So you have to stampede through and be like no motherfuckers I’m going where I want to no matter what I’m relentless, this is what I want to do. I’m gonna make 100 million business. I’m going to exit from my business entry and make a billion I’m going for gold. Go for bulimia. Amanda been 100 million great. You still did. Okay, good for you. Put your put your mind on it and just go for it and do not stop. But you’ve got to take action. Now. When do you get out of the imposter syndrome? How’d you get out of it? Well, every time that thought comes in, you use like the NBS metaphor jumble and you repel the other way. So you rebound the other way. So it comes in and then you say nope, but because you’ve done the work in the older state of awareness, you understand how to then through the anchoring, you’ve put it in a certain place, we used to do it between our eyebrows, you’ve anchored in the thought of the thing that you want to manifest the things that you actually do believe about yourself. So when these nasty little thoughts come up, imposter syndrome kicks in or anything kicks in, you know, no, I know exactly what I do want. And I know exactly who I am and what I’m worthy of and then you replace it, you maybe do a bit of tapping, you maybe go and do a dance, put a piece of music on you want to change your frequency, you want to change your vibration, go put a piece of music, one dance, you see me out here in the rain, it rains a lot in Vancouver, I’ll go rain, rain dance, and I’ll stop there. And I’ll be like, having a bad time because something went wrong in my day. And I’m not going to wait till tomorrow to have asleep for a new day. No, we’ve got time for that. You know, you have on average if you’re 131 and nearly 32. And the amount of Tuesdays that I have left until I’ve worked out till the end of my life is like only around three and a half 1003 and a half 1000 Tuesdays my Tuesdays. Oh that’s so terrifying. And so that’s I just looked at it from that. So you can you can work out your numbers by working backwards. Wow, look at that, oh my god, I’m not going to waste another minute. I’m not going to wait until tomorrow to have a good day. I’m going to change my day right now. And I’m not going to let the person telling me that I’m not good or the little person inside of me telling me that I’m not good enough to do it and I can’t do it and you You’ll never do it, you’re not good enough, you’re not cool enough, you’re not tall enough, whatever the bullshit things are. I’m not going to wait till tomorrow to start believing something different. I’m going to change that right now. And you know, you’re all we’re all human, we’re gonna have days when it it’s so heavy, when something really heavy is going on. But you would never know when something’s going on in my lifetime. You know why? Because I don’t suppress it. I acknowledge it. But I also acknowledge the feeling that comes with it and say, Hey, emotion. Wow, okay, this is a physical feeling I’m having in my body right now. So my stomach’s turning my heart’s racing and maybe get sweaty palms. Ooh, you know what’s going on? I acknowledge it. I was joking myself say, Come on, bring it on. Let’s go. That’s the physical feeling. And they acknowledge this thought and then I say, ciao, motherfucker, and I say, get the fuck away from me. You do not belong here. You’re not mine, then who’s you are off you go. And I re align my focus. And then I start going towards my goal again.


Scott D Clary  55:54

And that is how you stay as you’re by far the most positive person I’ve ever, ever spoken to in my life. Your energy. You know, why would you do it? That’s how you do it, though.


Natasha Graziano  56:07

Totally, totally. But you just got to stay on your game. You got to find the right start if you want a tangible takeaway right now. Tell me right now. What five activities do you love to do? What five things you love to do the most? Right it? Does it yoga, hugging your dog, playing with your kids swimming with somebody? What is it that gets you feeling good? Because those are the seeds. You got to plant into your garden of joy of love, compassion, excitement. And then what do they mean? Well, they are activities that make you feel those things. When you feel compassionate when you’re doing something for somebody else. When you feel loving when you’re helping someone you’re giving to charity, when you’re giving money somewhere when you’re doing good deeds that makes you feel compassionate. When you feel joyful. When you jump on a trampoline, when you go and canoeing, whatever it is, you’ve got to do those activities every single day. Not all of them. But you’ve got to do at least one of your five activities every day. So try not to choose things which are like, you know, climbing Mount Everest as one of your five things you can do with


Scott D Clary  57:09

things you can do with less maybe a little bit less, you know, planning money, resources time, it’s like things you can just like pick up right away and do


Natasha Graziano  57:16

do those every day. I make sure I do them every day. For me, masterminding having really cool people was my house and US masterminding and coaching my beautiful clients and speaking on stages that makes me feel alive, that makes me feel so good. chatting with you right now. And this book was knowing that someone is going to change their life today, someone listening to this, you are going to have that breakthrough.


Scott D Clary  57:42

Amazing. And then the last thing that I wanted to pull out of you, because I’m a big believer in this as well. But I want your take on it. Saying yes to opportunity. What does that mean to you? When is an opportunity, good thing are all opportunities? And they should say yes to when are you ready to jump into opportunity? When should you say no? If ever curious as to your take on this one.


Natasha Graziano  58:02

Opportunity is everywhere? And always say yes, the answer is always yes. So many of the things that I’ve been through in my life have come from me saying yes, so many opportunities when I built my social media marketing company in that first year, and I did my first million. Right. How did I do that first million back then? Because I decided to say yes to someone who said, Hey, I love your Instagram. Can you grow mine? I was like, Sure. I was like, they’re like cool that you just go with it? The answer is yes. And then work on the product that gives you the urgency to then and the pressure to make sure it’s done within a deadline. Sometimes you need pressures. Sometimes you need that urgency to make you get off your ass and go and do it. But you got to say yes. And when do you say no, when it doesn’t serve you, when it doesn’t feel good when it feels itchy when it feels sticky? When it feels like oh, this may not serve me how I want when it doesn’t feel good, you will know. And that’s when you say no. But you have to see everything that comes into your pathway as a potential opportunity taking you in a step towards your goal. But if it’s like an opportunity saying, Go and try this out, and you want to follow your intuition you want to go with it if it’s not really leading you towards your goal right now the news prioritizes this comes to my pyramid. Okay, there’s a pyramid process you can look at and it will look like this on the bottom of the pyramid on the base. The chunky of it will be the must haves and the things that you need to do in your life. The second layer is the middle section is your goals. And the top level of the pyramid, the smallest part is your ideas. So the stuff that you’re going to work on the most is going to be the must haves at the bottom the needs the things that you have to do right. And then in the middle section is going to be your goals that you want to work on most of the time you want to in when you’re not doing the things you’ve got to do urgently like pay the bills and do this and do that. That’s where you want to sit. So where does it fit on your pyramid? it, does it fit into ideas, which is the area you won’t be working on as often because that’s not bringing you the money right now that you are building that when you have the time? Or does the financial goals, which is the stuff you want to achieve right now? Or is it just something that you need to do, because if it doesn’t go into one of these, at least, then you definitely don’t want to be doing it. But you want to be focused on your goals the most. That’s where you want to sit, and then put time into ideas when you’ve got time. But focus on the goals, and you’ll be doing the must haves at the bottom.


Scott D Clary  1:00:28

I love that. You just you I didn’t prep you for any of this stuff. You’re really good at this. I don’t pull us up this quickly. That’s really good. Good for you. I appreciate I appreciate it. Okay. So last thing that I wanted to tie this all up, just because you’ve built an incredible personal brand. So let’s just talk about the sock about everybody, let’s say somebody already bought into the concept of personal brand. So let’s skip that conversation. Because that’s a whole other can of worms that I think that we can go into another time. But say somebody already wants to build a personal brand. How did they do it? What are the first steps? What did they speak about? And then how do they grow from zero to 6 million followers? What’s the what’s the game plan for that?


Natasha Graziano  1:01:14

Oh, my God, well, when you want to grow your following, the first thing you want to do is you want to learn social media. So do like I did get yourself a program and learn because I’m going to give you some tips right now which are in, for example, one of my big programs, that there are 50 Blueprint winning steps that you’ve got to do like I did to grow that following exponentially. Okay, 50. And if I give you just one of these steps, you could start growing it today. Okay, so you want to get you want to start meeting people on there, you want to start getting people to know who you are, you want them to be sticky followers, the first thing you want, look at what you posting, when people come to your page, look at three things one, what value offering to who you’re associated with, and three, where they see me. So if you do not have amazing value on your page, your content is not incredible. Your presentation is not incredible, they’re just gonna drift away, and they won’t be sticky followers. That’s the first thing. If you have loads and loads and loads of followers and 100,000 followers, millions of followers, oh my god, they’re gonna stick because it’s the bandwagon effect, they’re gonna come to your page, they’re gonna say, Well, I haven’t ever found this page before. I want to follow this guy, I want to follow him and he’s so good at what he does. And then the other thing is to look at, where have they seen us that’s like, press, you want to be putting all your present stuff into that everything you’ve ever been in, and who you’re associated with. So who are they seeing you alongside in this content? Who are you doing your your talks with, like I spoke about when I first began doing my Zoom talks, and I put them on my instagram with big names. And then that built into my podcasts, you know, and it’s now a top rated podcast, you know, it sits on all the platforms, and I have great guests. And I just repurpose the content, which we originally filmed. You can do this acting too. But you got to look at what you are posting every day. So who have you spoken with us or your contacts, who’s bought your product, if nobody has, you start reaching out to people and getting some names alongside you. And I don’t mean you have to go to an A Lister that could be quite hard if you’re just starting out, but you need to get brand association, they just have to trust you. And when they see a familiar face, they’re more likely to trust you. So your content is crucial on your content, you got to make sure every day and this is still only in tip one. Take you know it can take quite a while to go through every tip.


Scott D Clary  1:03:27

I’m just I know this I think I think far too sometimes. I can figure something out what to do I look about I don’t know, but it’s gonna be


Natasha Graziano  1:03:34

just that. One. See, what you only want to look at is how often you’re posting you only posting around once a day now. There are tips and methods you can do to grow your content fast may tell you now, me Prince EA Jay Shetty. We’ve all done it. And a lot of really big speakers. I’ll tell you what we do. We post generic videos of something which pulls on a heart string. Maybe it’s an emotional video, maybe it’s a really cute little dog video. Maybe it’s a beautiful image of someone coming back off to the war meeting their child, whatever it might be, you post a video, it might not be yours, you got to find it, but you got to tag them, okay, you got to find this generic content or you can buy it online. When you find these beautiful generic videos, what you will then do is you will repurpose that and you’ll use it on your page and you’ll write something underneath it like double tap. If you think bla bla bla about the video, double tap if this tickled your heart today. Double tap if you agree. And then people will start to share it. They’ll double tap and they’ll share at the front of oh my god, this is so beautiful. It’s so emotional. That’s what you want. You want people to say, Oh, wow, this is a great page I want to follow but you don’t put the generic content up every day. It’s got to be in keeping your brand as well. Always like if you put up a cute little animal maybe that’s nothing to your brand. But the point is, this is how you go viral. Why’d you go viral like this? Because when loads of people are double tapping, like when loads of people are commenting, they’re sharing their story they’re saving image and the sending it to friends. Do you know what happens? That post goes to the Explore page. And when your post goes to the Explore page on Instagram, that’s because the algorithm has said, Hey, this is a really popular post, loads of people are liking it, loads of people are commenting on it, let’s put it on the Explore page for more people to see now how you can go viral. Now hundreds of 1000s of people can see your post on the Explore page, and you have the ability to gain 10s of 1000s of followers, literally a one post just like that. And this is what I did. So I grew up through a lot of generic content like this. And then you would go back and see you’ll do your post a sales post something else about you and then a generic post. And then again, the cycle, something about the business that you have, while it serves others for day to day three might be a testimonial, day four is the product itself day five, generic video. And you don’t even have to be the generic video for that long, I would if it’s relevant to you. So if you’re teaching, if you’re a coach, okay, in business, and you want to teach your clients around why business is so important, and using a certain tool, then you put up a video, an emotional video, something that people understand through this video. And then you say you see how this also applies in business. Because here in business, we could use this tool that I’ve created, which is similar to this guy in the video, do you understand so you can always refer it back? Anyway, it’s a fantastic way to grow. So use those points and get started with that.


Scott D Clary  1:06:26

That’s great. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. I know that I don’t want to I don’t want to keep it too much longer than plus the the podcast you just wrote an hour. So this is this is a good this is a good spot to to start to wrap up. I guess the only other thing that I wanted to pull out of you was, in your opinion, what is a huge misconception that businesses have or people have about social media?


Natasha Graziano  1:06:47

Okay, one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about social media is that it doesn’t sell and it doesn’t work. Well that’s funny because that’s how so many of us have done millions and millions and millions and across all the platforms, billions of dollars. It’s a trillion dollar industry, social media marketing, influencer marketing is so powerful. It’s such a powerful space to sell from it works and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do and give it a try yourself and just start building it. You can’t just expect to sell on one poster though you might do today. You may be like, Okay, I’m gonna try it today. It actually starts working, but you’ve got to keep going on it. It’s like anything is like a little baby trying to learn to walk when he learns to work, it’s gonna form this bomb. But that doesn’t mean he’s failed that just tries a fail just means a try. You just tried try try try again. And so that’s like social media. The common misconception is it didn’t work and now it doesn’t work for me, or I’m too old. I’m past it. There is no age limit on it. There’s no dogma, no religion, there is nothing that stops you from getting your product out there on social media. There’s nothing that can stop you from achieving the goals you want to through using social media. That’s how people scale their businesses social media, your tax your income tax your salary on social media. So don’t be stuck in the dark age and and have the misconception of Instagram doesn’t work. I talk really around Instagram today. That really is my favorite platform. So open yourself Tate get started. Come and learn how to grow it. And yeah, you’ll be away to the races.


Scott D Clary  1:08:17

Amazing. Alright. Okay, so I like to do a couple rapid fire questions. But before I go into those, and that’s how I finish up. Where do people go and connect with you? What’s the best social website for everything?


Natasha Graziano  1:08:31

Where everybody can find me. You can find me online Natasha graziano.com. And you can find me on my instagram at Natasha, Ghana. Another you confuse them which name Natasha Graziano is my my name but I’m under Natasha Guana for a lot of things I’ve done in my life and a lot of achievements a lot of press. So when you type in Natasha guano Graziano comes up. It’s it’s all the same thing. So touch graziano.com and my Instagram at Natasha grano or Attitash Graziano will come up and DM me DM me drive me wild I don’t mind hit my DM up. I love that. There is a whole drop down menu on my Instagram have free programs, free Instagram growth programs, free acceleration programs in your business for Instagram free programs on how to get your mindset right how to learn my MBS method. There are so many goodies in my drop down list where you can get your mindset right, get your message clear and then learn how to scale on social media. So come and play and choose one and it’ll be my pleasure to hear from you.


Scott D Clary  1:09:36

Amazing Okay, good. All right. So do a couple rapid fire then we’re done. We’re good to go. Biggest challenge you’ve had in your life. What was it? How’d you overcome it?


Natasha Graziano  1:09:45

Cool. Biggest challenge I had was definitely overcoming illness, overcoming the illness and the divorce all in one that was really not easy. No, that was really tough. That was a very emotional process for me and trying to overcome to in one, I just thought, you get told like you you only get sent what you can handle like, when did anyone say that I could handle all this in one? I mean it was, it was tough. So overcoming that was the hardest point.


Scott D Clary  1:10:19

Very good. One person, there’s been many but one person who’s been incredibly impactful in your life. Who was it? What did they teach


Natasha Graziano  1:10:25

you? Um, I would have to say John Assaraf. In the secret. He was one of my earlier mentors. I first read the book 15 years ago, when it came out. I then watch the movie. He was like a mentor to me from afar. And he’s taught me so much in business in the law of attraction. Now, we’re good friends, which is so beautiful. And we work together. I’m in his winning the game of money program. I teach a whole syllabus around growing your social media. So he is definitely somebody who’s who’s taught me a lot.


Scott D Clary  1:11:02

Amazing. You know, I’ve had Joe Vitale on the on the show as well. No way. Yeah, so I’m not I’ve never I’ve never I’ve never spoken to him before. But I Joe was in the movie if I’m not mistaken for a little bit.


Natasha Graziano  1:11:16

I think he had Yeah, apartment. Yeah, yeah.


Scott D Clary  1:11:20

Okay, favorite source to learn and grow book podcasts, something that you mentioned, the secret other, any others that were impactful in your life?


Natasha Graziano  1:11:31

Places, books, just a lot of studying. And a lot of programs of different people are never feeling like if one thing doesn’t work, then that’s you know, everything is walking you down the aisle to where you are now. So for me, it was getting involved in programs, which were going to teach me the skills I needed in business, to be able to grow my empire alone and understand how to do that as a single mom. And I would say I did those in my many years ago, you know, a decade ago. And since then just studied, I just really studied my own craft, so studied around at the neuroscience around what I’m teaching, how to really have been do anything you want. So there’s a lot of those books on self development on mindset.


Scott D Clary  1:12:16

As diversify, you just dive into anything.


Natasha Graziano  1:12:20

That’s absolutely I never stopped, whether it’s listening to a radio station, whether it’s listening to a podcast, because for the duration of the time that you’re listening to a podcast or a book or you’re reading a book, you are being one to one mentored by that person, the duration of that time because you’re getting into their thought process, you understand their psyche, or understanding what they think and feel and how they did it. So while you’re listening to this, you want to one mentor by me, while you’re listening to something else on Scott show. You’re you’ve been one to one mentored by them. It’s incredible. When you come to my podcast you you’ve been one to one mentor by the incredible minds which come on that whenever we listen, we learn when we talk, we don’t know.


Scott D Clary  1:13:00

We live like that. Good, smart, very smart. Do you hold any unpopular uncommon beliefs that are very important to you? In terms of business mindset?


Natasha Graziano  1:13:19

I have a few things where I think people will be like, Whoa, that’s like contradictory or like, whoa, that’s so different. You know, and they definitely started around social media.


Scott D Clary  1:13:31

Because you have done a different.


Natasha Graziano  1:13:32

I was born through social media, like I never even understood what a funnel was, until the last four years. I don’t think I understood any of it. And so I built in such a backwards way I built that platform. First I got a massive audience. And people would usually think, Oh, well, I’ll do my social media later. No, you want to do your social media. So you got people to sell to but make sure you’re collating those email addresses. That’s more conventional. That part of it but I think I did a lot of door to my door to door sales was all through DM some people like what is DM? Well, that’s where I made a lot of my money. I can do six figures in a week from my DMs. You know, you could do that you can do six figures from your story. In a day. You can do six, zero in a week do you can, you can do these numbers in every aspect of your social media, people just don’t realize. So you’ve got to build a team. That’s why my new tech service, which I’ve co founded, is so phenomenal for this. So I’ll come back and tell you about that soon. On the next round. Because that brings all this together.


Scott D Clary  1:14:29

Good, very good. If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be?


Natasha Graziano  1:14:35

I would say to never give up on your goals and be relentless on what you want. And when one path doesn’t work, then just pivot because pain only hits you whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, to tell you you’re going in the wrong direction. It’s just a red light to say you’re going in the wrong direction. You’ve got to pivot and try again. You’ve got to pivot the angle and try again. So if you get told, No, you’re not good enough for this or no, you’re not you This doesn’t really suit you. This is not for you right now. That’s okay. Because someone else is going to say yes, but you got to try again you got to pivot, you got to pivot, keep pivoting. It’s like when you play ball, you catch the ball and a net ball, right? You can’t move your feet, you have to land one, two, and then you keep the back foot and then you can pivot. You can move round as many times as you want round. Can’t move that one base foot, not a bicycle and keep running. You got to keep your foot one foot cannot move. Pavla keep going because you’re gonna come back to your destination. You’re gonna find it.


Scott D Clary  1:15:28

Where did you learn to play netball? Yeah, exactly.


Natasha Graziano  1:15:32

Well, this sounds wild, right. So I did that school. I learned to play netball. I was I was good. I was I was center but this talk is about pivoting.


Scott D Clary  1:15:41

I love the analogy. Okay. Last Last question. Last question. What does success mean to you?


Natasha Graziano  1:15:47

Success to me is being at the top of your game in the field that you choose, and being able to help people with the thing that you’re doing. The more problems you are solving, the more success you will have. Very good.


Scott D Clary  1:16:03

That’s all I got. That’s it. Okay. That’s the last question. That’s how we close it out.


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