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Microsoft Productivity Hack #5

By June 29, 2020No Comments

One of the most difficult parts of our current WFH environment is the amount of distractions at home. For my 5th & final productivity hack as a #MicrosoftPartner, I wanted to share 4 things I’ve incorporated into my daily routine over the past few months to stay focused and productive while WFH.

Productivity Hack #5 ?

1. Get dressed — When I wake up in pajamas, I’m in a relaxed mindset. Throwing on pants and a dress shirt gets me in the zone, puts me in the right mindset and prepares me for the day.

2. Turn off your phone — I silence my phone for periods of time while working on things that require extra focus and limited distraction, such as contract reviews, strategy sessions and one-on-ones with employees.

3. Limit email checks — I only check my emails 3x per day. It’s incredible how productive I become when I don’t get distracted every time a notification goes off.

4. Dedicated workspace — Create a dedicated workspace in your home that you can commit to working in. When I’m WFH, the divide between work and personal time is blurred. When I’m in my dedicated workspace I’m working & if I leave that space — I shut off.

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