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Microsoft-owned Gitbook was Down for Two Hours ⏳ Today

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Millions of developers that depend on Gitbook’s services were affected by a two hours outage today.

Gitbook is one of the most developer-focused platforms in existence today with over 73 million developers using it.

The issues began at 3:45 PM ET. As per reports, GitHub actions, Git operations, API requests, pages, packages, and pull requests remained inaccessible during the outage.

But, after two hours, Gitbook was active again.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Asks Employees to Bring Down Car ? Delivery Cost

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The famed CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has urged employees to prioritize bringing down the cost of delivering cars over expediting car deliveries to the customers.

The reason why Musk has urged the Tesla employees to do that is that it will enable the company to meet the fourth-quarter expectations.

Tesla is known for doubling down its efforts on faster delivery of cars to its customers at the end of every quarter.

But amid rising expenses on account of shortages of car parts, increasing shipping costs, and port-related bottlenecks, the automaker is compelled to bring measures to cut down car delivery expenses.

Brazil-based Fintech Startup TruePay Secures $32M ?

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The B2B-focused “Buy Now Pay Later” fintech startup TruePay nabs $32 million in funding to enable SMB retailers to access credit.

As per Crunchbase, TruePay’s recent funding was led by Addition and supported by Global Founders Capital, Monashees, and Kaszek.

With this $32 million funding round, TruePay’s up-to-date funding has touched $40.5 million.

TruePay operates a B2B focused “Buy Now Pay Later” platform that enables B2B retailers to avail credit at no cost. At the same time, the platform removes the risk exposure for the lenders on its platform.

In-Store Sales ? on Black Friday Down by 28% ⬇️ Compared to the Pre-pandemic Levels

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As per the preliminary data from Sensormatic Solutions, in-store sales during Black Friday are 28% down compared to the sales observed on the same day in 2019.

It’s not as if the footfall has dropped drastically compared to the 2019 level. In fact, there was considerable growth in traffic. The footfall that the retail stores received was 47.5% more than what the stores received a year back.

Yet, experts point that even with 47.5% growth in footfall, we cannot call it impressive growth. After all, last year during this time, a majority of people remained indoors out of COVID fears.

Adobe Analytics, too, released a report on the Black Friday sales. The report states that the Black Friday online sales this year touched $8.9 billion, lower than the $9 billion sales observed in the previous year.

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Crypto Lending Platform Celsius’ CFO Arrested: The Chief Financial Officer of Celsius Network, Yaron Shalem, was arrested this month in Tel Aviv. He along with eight other individuals were arrested under the fraud, money laundering, and sexual assault charges. These charges are related to his previous role at Singulariteam, owned by Moshe Hogeg.

Ontario-based Transportation Startup Treepz Raises $2.8M to Facilitate Safer Public Transportation in Africa: Treepz, a platform aimed at digitizing Africa’s public transportation system, nabbed $2.8 million recently. With this funding round, Treepz has so far raised $3.1 million. The likes of Jonomi Capital, Uncovered Fund, Blanford Capital, Japanese VC, and Jedar Capital participated in this funding round.


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