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Marisol Nichols – Anti-Trafficking Activist, Actress & Podcast Host | The Dark Truths of Human Trafficking

By November 24, 2023No Comments

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About The Guest

Marisol Nichols is a renowned American actress known for her roles in TV series like “24” and “Riverdale.” In addition to her acting career, Nichols is committed to philanthropy and activism. Inspired by her own life-changing experience of sexual assault at age eleven, she founded the non-profit “Foundation for a Slavery Free World” to combat sex trafficking. Actively involved with law enforcement, she collaborates with organizations like Operation Underground Railroad to address child exploitation.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 01:19 — Marisol Nichols’ Origin Story
  • 06:16 — Changes in Human Trafficking Over Time
  • 07:37 — Digital Age Challenges in Combating Trafficking
  • 09:47 — PornHub’s Role in Trafficking Crimes
  • 11:17 — Unmasking Human Traffickers
  • 16:20 — Regret and Accountability
  • 18:52 — The ‘Why’ Behind Marisol’s Undercover Initiatives
  • 23:58 — Preparing for Undercover Operations
  • 28:56 — Sponsor: Nudge Podcast
  • 29:39 — Marisol’s Courageous Role Play
  • 32:23 — Global Challenges in the Fight Against Trafficking
  • 38:17 — Strategies in Trafficking Prevention
  • 41:37 — Insights on Female Traffickers
  • 44:41 — How to Stop Traffickers
  • 47:45 — Parental Guidance & Tips for Family Safety
  • 58:26 — Defining Success

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