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Landing Page Optimization: 8 Tips to Keep in Mind for Better Conversion Rates

By August 31, 2021September 23rd, 2021No Comments

An excellent landing page can do wonders for your business. 

However, it takes more than just choosing the right colors and background images to convince prospective customers to take action. This includes providing you the information you need in exchange for something.

That’s because most users have extremely short attention spans but with unlimited choices.

That’s why your landing pages need to be constantly improved to be effective.

But what is a landing page, anyway? And how can you optimize it?

What is a Landing Page?

In a nutshell, a landing page is where prospective customers “land” after they click on a promotional link of some kind.

A landing page’s primary purpose is to turn a site visitor into a business lead. And by “business lead,” we mean they are people who are at least interested in what you have to offer. 

Usually, this is done through an online form and a call to action. Add to that valuable content and a practical user experience and user interface. 

How to Optimize a Landing Page

This is the process where you are making systematic changes to your landing page to boost your conversions. This includes testing which copies and design elements are encouraging more sign-ups and CTA clicks.

That said, we have listed ten tips that you can follow to optimize your landing page and boost conversions.

Keep it clean and simple

Keeping your landing page simple is vital to keep users engaged from the beginning to the end. 

For instance, a study from the Baymard Institute found that 26% of shoppers have abandoned their carts. The reason is that the check-out process was too drawn out or was too complicated. 

Making a purchase or any landing page conversion action should be an enjoyable and seamless experience with users. Introducing confusing elements can drive them away even if they can convert. 

Place important details above-the-fold

Also, make sure that your call-to-action and essential details are placed on top of the page. 

By doing so, you’re ensuring that important details will be the first thing that your site visitors will see when your landing page loads.

However, this does not mean that you cannot place content below the fold. You can place supporting content, the online form (if you need to use one), and the suitable CTA.

Remember that the content above the fold is meant to attract and keep your site visitor’s attention. In addition, it should compel them to scroll down and take your desired action.

Make your CTA stand out

Your call-to-actions are one of the primary reasons why your landing page exists in the first place. It acts as a turning point on whether the visitor chooses to work or pass on your offer. 

Now, your CTA should be seen everywhere on your landing page. If you have your CTA and content ‘fit above the fold’ so that site visitors don’t have to scroll, great. 

If it’s longer, then you need to repeat the CTA once per page length. That way, prospects will know when to act, wherever they’re on the page. 

Finally, optimizing the CTA in your landing page won’t do any good if users fail to see the value in what you’re offering. 

If you want to acquire their email address in exchange for a free eBook, then your free content must be valuable. So much so that it warrants your site visitors to provide you their contact information. 

Incorporate the right visuals

There’s no doubt that your content is essential. However, there’s also something about visuals that compel visitors to take the desired action. 

So, when selecting landing page images, make sure that they’re attractive enough to appeal to you on an emotional level

Make sure that all the images used in your landing page should also match your content so that it will highlight your message. 

Aside from compelling images, you should also make use of explainer videos, along with animated GIFs. Just see to it that they don’t significantly slow down your site’s loading time. 

Care about your copy

Aside from images, you should also have a persuasive copy. 

People will read what you write. So, make sure that your copy will be resonating with your target audience. If you want to get better conversions, the composition of your landing page should feel genuine, on-point, and persuasive to them. 

You should pay attention to your headlines as well. Since you only have a couple of seconds to get your site visitors’ attention, make your headlines bold and straightforward. 

From there, craft your content in a way that can support your headline and compel your site visitors to take action. 

Create a sense of urgency

You’ve probably heard of the terms “limited supply” or a “limited-time deal” in the world of marketing. 

Creating this scarcity mindset establishes a sense of fear of losing your landing page visitors if they don’t act fast. 

Display testimonials

We are in a time wherein consumers are slowly losing their trust in brands or publishers. It’s crucial to show reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers who speak on your product’s behalf. 

That’s because 91% of people read online reviews, and 84% of those trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Pay attention to SEO

Organic traffic is the site visitors you get from a Google search. Meaning, they found your website by typing in a search query.

Hence, it is imperative to include your target keyword in your landing page’s content. Although, we suggest that you incorporate it as naturally as possible. Otherwise, your syntax may be off-putting.

To make this work, you should optimize your landing pages for SEO. Let’s say your homepage is your landing page. 

Meaning, the moment people look you up online, it will show on search results.

Over to You

At this point, you might now have a decent understanding of what landing page optimization is. You also know the steps you need to take to build an optimized landing page from the ground up.

All you need is to apply them and see how they can help improve your landing page’s conversion rate. Good luck!

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Guest Post By Kenneth Sytian

Kenneth Sytian is the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions Ecommerce Website Developer Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.


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