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I appreciate you.

Appreciation is the process of recognizing the value and importance of a person or thing.

It is a way of appreciating what you own, even if it may not be anything special.

It can be as simple as saying “I really appreciate you” to someone special in your life.

These words are powerful.

Appreciation can also be complex.

It can be manifested through self awareness and gratitude.

It could also be as complicated as noticing how many people are able to make a living because we have created a system that favors those in power, and then trying to change it so everyone can enjoy the same opportunities.

The point is, everything has value, and appreciation helps us recognize that.

Appreciate more.

Be more grateful.

No one can take your gratefulness or appreciation away from you.

It’s yours for life, regardless of your circumstances.

And it has true power.

It’s not something that someone else can take from you or put a price tag on — it’s yours alone.

So enjoy it and use it for good.


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