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Goals & Systems

By November 26, 2023No Comments

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“Goals are for vision and filtration. Systems are for habits and action.”

I always love a good @dankoe tweet.

In fact, I liked this one so much, I decided to dissect it.

I think it’s very important for you all to understand… this is how you achieve massive success in life and work.

But how do you create and balance both?

It’s simple, but hard at the same time.

Here’s the easiest way to do it (that I’ve found).

1. Use the SMART framework for goals:

Specific: Define the goal clearly
Measurable: Set criteria to track progress
Achievable: Ensure the goal is realistic
Relevant: Align the goal with the mission
Time-bound: Establish a deadline for the goal

SMART Breakdown: @rajeshshuklnia

2. Use the HABIT framework for systems:

Habit: Develop a routine behavior
Actionable: Make the behavior easy to do
Beneficial: Provide a reward for the behavior
Iterative: Review and improve the behavior
Trackable: Record and monitor the behavior

Habit Loop Framework: @bestselfco @cduhigg @nireyal

3. Use the OODA loop for feedback (to measure if it’s working):

Observe: Gather information about the situation. Progress, challenges, feedback, and results

Orient: Analyze and interpret the information. Identify any gaps between your goals/systems and the reality.

Decide: Choose a course of action. Adjusting your goals or systems, or creating new ones.

Act: Execute the action and observe the results. Observe the outcomes.

Remember: Goals and systems are complementary and interdependent. You need both to succeed.

 — — — -

A few additional thoughts re. Goals and Systems.

Start with why.

Define your purpose, values, and mission. This will help you set meaningful and relevant goals that inspire you.

Break down your goals.

Chunk your big goals into smaller and more manageable sub-goals. This will help you track your progress and celebrate your wins.

Build your systems.

Design your processes and routines that support your sub-goals. This will help you automate your actions and optimize your results.

Measure your systems.

Track your inputs and outputs of your systems. This will help you evaluate your performance and identify areas for improvement.

Iterate your systems.

Experiment with different approaches and methods to achieve your sub-goals. This will help you learn from your feedback and adapt to changing circumstances.

Goals & Systems x Kaizen

They evolve over time as you grow and change.

You need to review and revise them periodically to keep them relevant and aligned with your vision.

Goals & Systems x Systems Thinking

Goals and systems are not isolated.

They interact and influence each other.

You need to align and integrate them to create synergy and harmony.

Goals & Systems x Ikigai

Ikigai is the Japanese concept of “the reason for being.”

Goals and systems are not enough.

You also need a strong why to motivate and inspire you.

You need to find your purpose, passion, and meaning in life and work.

Goals & Systems x Antifragile

Goals and systems are not deterministic.

They are probabilistic and uncertain.

You need to embrace and manage risk and ambiguity.

You need to be flexible and resilient in the face of change and adversity.

Remember, goals and systems are not mutually exclusive.

They are complementary and interdependent.

You need both to succeed in life and work.

Goals are for vision and filtration.

Systems are for habits and action.

Now go and crush your goals with your systems!



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