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Dr. Don Wood – CEO at Inspired Performance Institute | Unlocking Your Mind’s Potential

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Dr. Don Wood is a visionary in the field of trauma-informed performance enhancement. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling, he has dedicated his career to understanding the impact of trauma on the human mind and performance. As the founder and CEO of the Inspired Performance Institute, Dr. Wood has developed the groundbreaking TIPP method, a patented approach designed to help individuals overcome trauma and reach their full potential.

His innovative work at the Institute focuses on resetting the mind’s response to past events, allowing for increased clarity, focus, and calm. Dr. Wood’s expertise has transformed the lives of thousands, helping them to eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction, and to conquer personal and professional challenges with newfound confidence and peace.

An acclaimed author and speaker, Dr. Wood’s contributions to neuroscience-backed therapies have garnered recognition from high-performing professionals across various fields, including executives and athletes. His commitment to helping others live a life free from the constraints of past traumas has made him a sought-after expert and a beacon of hope for many seeking to unlock their highest performance levels.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Intro
  • 02:35 — Defining Emotional Concussions
  • 04:35 — How Emotional Concussions Affect Us
  • 07:58 — Dr. Don Wood’s Journey
  • 12:04 — Trauma and Inflammation
  • 14:39 — Subconscious Influences
  • 23:07 — Trauma Treatment Benchmarks
  • 32:53 — Overcoming Trauma to Achieve Success
  • 41:03 — Sponsor: Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast
  • 41:49 — Enhancing Performance by Removing Trauma
  • 45:40 — Inspired Performance Institute vs. Traditional Therapy
  • 51:54 — Can We Escape Trauma?
  • 58:34 — Limitations of Dr. Wood’s Program
  • 1:04:04 — Dr. Wood’s Perspective on Addiction
  • 1:09:24 — Final Tips for Trauma Survivors
  • 1:16:31 — Connecting with Dr. Wood Online
  • 1:19:59 — Advice for Your Younger Self

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