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Degree = Access. Skills + Grit = Progress.

By October 6, 2023No Comments

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Everyone loves a good underdog story, right? Consider Ray Kroc. He didn’t start McDonald’s, but at age 52, he turned a small burger joint into an international phenomenon. No MBA. Just a relentless will.

And then there’s Brian Chesky, who co-founded Airbnb. An art school graduate who shifted the hospitality industry’s paradigm. Degree relevant? Hardly.

Degrees? They’re a start. But success is often about the journey after.

Degrees: A Badge? Maybe. A determiner of success? Not necessarily.

Have a craft? Capitalize on it.

Have mentors? Learn from them.

Have a vision? Pursue it relentlessly.

In today’s landscape: Degree = Access. Skills + Grit = Progress.

So next time someone inquires, “Which university did you graduate from?” A fresh perspective might question, “Why does it matter?”

Because, at a point, a degree’s value is overshadowed by practicality. The real world becomes the educator.

Things to ponder:

  • Can you adjust without a guideline?
  • Can you innovate beyond theory?
  • Is hands-on experience becoming more valuable than formal education?

When it’s your skills and projects that get discussed more than where you graduated, When tangible results outshine GPA, That’s a paradigm shift in success metrics.

A final thought:

Not every degree holder tops their field. Not every field topper holds a degree. But every achiever? They keep adapting and evolving.

Navigate the world with skills and resilience. Let experience be your guiding star.


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