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Success Story Podcast

David Greene – Host of Bigger Pockets Podcast & Best Selling Author | Building Wealth Through Real Estate

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About The Guest

David Greene is a former police officer turned real estate investor, agent, and author. He is the co-host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, one of the most popular and influential podcasts in the industry. He is also the author of four best-selling books published by BiggerPockets including his latest book, the Pillars of Wealth. David has been featured on CNN, Forbes, HGTV, and other media outlets as a leading expert on real estate investing, wealth building, and personal development.

David owns and operates The David Greene Team, a top-producing real estate company in Keller Williams, The One Brokerage, a mortgage company, and Spartan League, a coaching program for real estate professionals. David is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate and sharing his knowledge and experience with the BiggerPockets community.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 06:39 — Strategic Real Estate Kickstart
  • 11:37 — Mastering Money Respectfully
  • 17:24 — The Reality of Online Real Estate Courses
  • 26:25 — Navigating Red Flags in Real Estate
  • 31:23 — Sponsor: Nudge Podcast
  • 32:07 — Influencer Marketing Insights
  • 34:08 — Growing Your Wealth
  • 39:49 — Tackling Inflation and Interest
  • 47:34 — Tips for Real Estate Success
  • 52:13 — David’s Real Estate Predictions
  • 56:24 — Takeaways from David’s Book
  • 1:04:34 — Defining Success

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