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  • Consulting: I take on some specific consulting/advisory roles, so reach out if you’re working on something interesting!
  • Podcast/Newsletter Sponsorship: Our podcast gets 600k+ downloads a month and newsletter has 100k+ subscribers across all platforms. Reach out if you’d like to sponsor either.
  • SDC Holdings/Investment: If you are interested in investing with my team, or have an interesting deal for us to invest in, i’m always looking for deal flow & investors/LP’s.
  • Speaking: I’ve spoken on several virtual and in-person stages from Inbound (Hubspot), to ReFresh Summit (FreshDesk). I can speak on marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, personal brand, personal development and optimal performance.
  • Press/Media: For any quotes, podcasts, articles or questions, please reach out. I’m happy to work with all media opps.





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