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Candice Bar, CEO of Luxe Enterprise | How To Build a Media Empire

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About The Guest

Candice Bar is a serial entrepreneur, radio station owner, speaker, mentor, tv and radio personality, and female entrepreneur advocate. Candice s the founder and CEO of Luxe Enterprises which includes several different branches of the company. Her show Luxe Life s currently on several major platforms all over the world and three radio stations across the US. Some of the shows platforms include iHeart radio, iTunes, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, and many more.

Bar has had the pleasure of interviewing top celebrities and world renown entrepreneurs. She has turned her passion for people into a large networking empire for the past several years, connecting high net worth entrepreneurs internationally. Some of her passions include travel, fitness, music, art and leading by example as a positive role model for the next generation.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 – Candice’s story.
  • 4:00 – Did Candice ever work a job
  • 5:42 – What is the point when Candice started thinking of creating her own business
  • 7:45 – How did Candice get the idea of starting Luxe Enterprises
  • 11:00 – How did you manage to get Robert Kiyosaki on the Luxe life (podcast)
  • 12:11 – Why Candice started her podcast
  • 13:00 – What are Candice’s future plans for her business
  • 14:02 – How does Candice make sure Luxe is a successful brand
  • 15:14 – What is Luxe enterprises
  • 16:58 – How do you get the best quality of podcasts
  • 19:30 – What has Luxe grown into through the years
  • 23:12 – What are some hurdles Candice experienced in her career
  • 25:20 – Business incubators
  • 27:10 – Suggestions to consider when starting a business
  • 28:40 – Some recommendations for starting a podcast
  • 29:07 – How to hire the best podcast host
  • 30:20 – What is valuable content in a podcast
  • 31:35 – What are priorities of Candice when she hires a host
  • 32:43 – Do Candice leverage to cross pollinate audience on her other brands
  • 33:41 – Is there is a revenue stream for the podcasters who want to join podcast like Luxe media
  • 34:55 – How do Candice promote her other shows
  • 37:41 – Why is it so important to hire a team instead of doing every thing by yourself
  • 39:46 – How do Candice keeps her team active and excited
  • 40:56 – What were some wins or misses when hiring a team
  • 44:30 – Rolling up your sleeves and building a business
  • 46:30 – How do people connect with Candice
  • 47:54 – What was the biggest challenge of Candice career, and how does she overcome it
  • 49:08 – Who is Candice’s mentor
  • 49:50 – What is podcast recommendation of Candice
  • 50:40 – What Luxe media is covering in their podcasts
  • 51:20 – What could Candice tell 20 year self one thing, what could it be
  • 51:46 – What does success mean to Candice

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Scott D Clary  00:00

Welcome to success story the most useful podcast in the world. I’m your host Scott D. Clary. This success story podcast is brought to you by the HubSpot Podcast Network the HubSpot Podcast Network has incredible podcast like the gain grow retain podcast the podcast is hosted by Jeff Bruns, Bach and J Nathan. Now gain grow and retain is built to inspire SAS and technology leaders who are facing the day to day challenges of scaling hosts, Jeff and Jay share conversations about growing and scaling subscription businesses with a customer first approach. If any of these topics sound interesting to you, you’re gonna like the podcast creating more brand advocates SAS as a predominant model for business, customer success at scale, or the challenges of integrating new tools with CSM some of these topics pique your interest, you’re gonna love the podcast, you’re gonna love gain grow, retain, go check it out wherever you get your podcast. Remember, gain grow retain on the HubSpot Podcast Network. Today, my guest is Candice Bar. Candice is a multi media mogul, a female entrepreneur advocate. She is the founder and CEO of Lux enterprise, which includes Lux media, lux Media Studios, lux Life magazine, lux life cosmetics Lux where and the Lux life podcast that she hosts. She is the sole owner of Lux Media Studios is the first the world’s first luxury multimedia studio on Rodeo Drive, as well as the first fully female owned media station in the US. So she’s built an empire around media around her brand around the products she sells. So we spoke about her background, how she built out this Lux enterprise empire. We spoke about why she decided to create this media empire, some of the entrepreneur lessons that she’s experienced over her career, some of the things that she loves to speak about including media, female entrepreneurship, empowerment, things that are really great to just discuss and highlight and how she has managed to become so successful and what she’s doing for other women entrepreneurs and how other women and female entrepreneurs can lift themselves up through some of the learnings and teachings that Candice has executed on. So let’s jump right into it. This is Candace Barr, the founder and CEO of Lux enterprise.


Candice Bar  02:30

Sure, so I came I have come from a family of entrepreneurs. So I guess at the time you call them small business owners, because I don’t think the word entrepreneur existed at that time. So my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents, we’re all small business owners or entrepreneurs, whatever word you want to use. So I was pretty much conditioned to be an entrepreneur. So I never wanted to go to college, I didn’t go to college. And the last two years of high school, actually, I homeschooled myself, so I could graduate early or move out earlier and do my own thing faster. So I got my own apartment around 17. And I had two jobs, I had a full time job and a part time job on the weekends. And I kind of just always had that fire and passion inside of me just I don’t really know, at the time, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. But I always wanted to do my own thing. And I always had that entrepreneurial spirit. You know, growing up, like I said, I was in my parents, you know, different businesses, ringing people up cash, you know, the cashier, like when I was around 878, you know, pricing things, selling things. And I’m not sure if my parents or my grandparents knew that that was like conditioning is kind of just helping out, you know, helping the family out and doing what you need to do to get it done. But I’m glad that that happened that way. Because we are where we are today because of that conditioning.


Scott D Clary  03:54

Did you ever use it you home? That’s very impressive, by the way. So you actually homeschool? Did you ever take a quote unquote, job outside of working for your parents before you started your own thing? Or was it just like I can only ever work for myself?


Candice Bar  04:08

So yeah, I did. I absolutely had jobs. I begged my father at 14 I begged him I begged him for six months to let me get a job. I just could not wait to be an adult. And for six months, he would not allow me to get a job. Then he finally let me get a job. My first job ever outside of any of the family businesses was at a pizza place. And I was so excited to make my own money and do my own thing. I didn’t last very long because I’ve never been good at being told what to do. But I did do that. And so after that, I think my next job was in sales shoe sales which I attribute my extreme shoe issue to. Now nowadays, but isn’t shoe sales and I remember taking that job because my father told me he’s like you’d be great at sales. Sales was a great skill once you know how to sell one thing you can sell anything So I took a sales job and I was there for a little while. Yeah, I was there for a little while I was there for about two years. Again, I was really young at the time, I think I got that job at 17 made pretty good money at the time, actually. And then at that same time, I moved out and got my own apartment. And then I was in sales for a really long time, various different products, various different things. But I think having us like I do agree with him even now even having sales as in, you know, in your kind of resume is never a bad thing you’ll never not be able to sell once you can sell something.


Scott D Clary  05:35

Yeah, 100% agree. I think it’s probably one of the most undervalued entrepreneurial traits. So after selling, what was the point in your life when you thought I want to go build something, I not only making money, and I’m good at it. But I’m crazy enough to try and figure out how to do my own thing. And so when was oh,


Candice Bar  05:54

it was interesting. So my first ex husband, when we started dating, I was 20 when I met him, we had owned a bunch of different you know that remember those kiosks in the middle of the mall? Yeah. So we owned a bunch of those. A ton of those in different malls throughout New England. And so I was kind of thrown into it. I’m, you know, I learned managing skills I learned, you know, of course training skill, training our employees, training in sales, purchasing wholesale, setting things up tearing them down, hiring, firing, I learned everything. So we did that for a couple years. And again, very young, looking back, I can’t believe you did all that working for 2020 years old, working 1416 hour days, for months on end. And no matter what it really at the time, I hated it. More than I could possibly explain. But I’m glad I did that. Because, you know, nobody can ever outwork me, no one can ever hustle me because I did that at such a young age. And it’s really ingrained in you. So at the time, I hated it. And I was so mad at him. But now I’m so grateful for it.


Scott D Clary  07:04

So was that was that like a JV like a joint venture with with the ex husband? That’s that was obviously I think in the past, there’s no, there’s no spin off from that into what you’re doing now. So that was just the first phase of entrepreneurship.


Candice Bar  07:17

Totally, yes. Like, you know, do you know, owning it, you know, putting your own money toward it, we never got loans, we just we put our own money in it. Just having that extreme responsibility on yourself and being responsible for other people and their livelihoods. That was really interesting. So that was kind of the first taste of that.


Scott D Clary  07:36

Okay, so then after after that you’ve conditioned yourself mentally to deal with the stresses of entrepreneurship. Yeah. What is the Where does Lux come from?


Candice Bar  07:48

So Lux came from, I still have a show I’ve two shows now. But my first show was Lux life with Candace bar. And that was with another company for a while. And I was with them for I think about four or five years. And then I had a show with Robert Kiyosaki, actually, and that show, yeah, that show was the whole jumping off point for lox Media Studios, which we’re sitting in today, I wanted to be able to have something that if something was my issue, or faults, I wanted to be able to fix it. I want to have, you know, more control over content, not only for my show for but for others. We have other shows with Lux media. Now, I wanted to have a really professional product because your podcast is a product. I wanted a bunch of different things I just wasn’t seeing in the entertainment studio world. And once something lovely to walk into and to work in most of our hosts that can that have shows with us now can come and hang out and just you know, be around the vibes all day even if they’re not doing a show. So there was a lot of things I wanted to see in a studio with podcasts that I wasn’t seeing that I needed to create.


Scott D Clary  09:03

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Candice Bar  11:13

No, he was on he was on my show.


Scott D Clary  11:15

So he’s calling your show,


Candice Bar  11:16

We got a lot of we have a lot of we’ve had a lot of pretty big names over the years on Lux life. And that shows about entrepreneurship as well. And he, you know, with everything, you just have to be tenacious and you have to keep following up, following up following up and eventually you’ll get what you want.


Scott D Clary  11:35

Yeah, no, I love it. I love it. You’re you’re 100% on point, just thinking how I started my show. And you know, I’d probably say some of the same things with some of the early guests that I got that I thought were really really great guests, right. Yeah. Put yourself out


Candice Bar  11:47

sometimes. Sometimes, you know, you can really surprise yourself.


Scott D Clary  11:50

Yeah, yeah, totally. Okay. So you got Robert Kiyosaki on your show. And you you built the show, obviously built the audience. And so the first version of Lux was not the, the the, you know, the couple products that you have now, it was podcast, Media Studio. And also, I just want understand why did you want to start a podcast what was because the personal branding, content creation, going back a few years isn’t as prevalent as it is. Now. Not everybody has a podcast five years ago, or 10 years ago, compared to almost anybody having their own? Yeah, I’d


Candice Bar  12:25

say now your podcast is now the new version of your business card. Nobody has business cards anymore. But everybody has a podcast, or a book, your book is a business card now. So it actually went in this in this order, when Lux life accounts bar podcast, then it went to lux Life Magazine, which we still have which we only highlight female entrepreneurs. Then it went to lux life cosmetics, then I went to lux, where which we have a jumpsuit line for female entrepreneurs, then it went to the Lux Media Studios.


Scott D Clary  12:58

Okay, understood? And how do you? How do you think of where you want to take the business next, and I want to ask that because many people could have just built a huge podcast, or a huge cosmetics line or a great magazine, each one of those is his own business.


Candice Bar  13:17

So I am highly creative. And so I look at business as being just one big creation, it just being creative, and having a vision and putting action toward your vision. And so most of the time, I always say, I don’t think anyone knows what they’re doing with anything. I don’t care who they are, what level they’re at. I think it’s one big test run. And I’d rather try it, then not try it. And then you know, with entrepreneurship, you kind of you know, you create something, and you course correct and you shift and you you make it work. And so that’s kind of my stance on what I’ve what how I’ve been thrown around in business or anything that my Our hands are on. That’s kind of how I deal with things.


Scott D Clary  14:00

And how have you made sure that some of these things you’ve taken on as you’ve grown Lux as a brand, how have they been successful? Because I know a lot of people that also do try and they are creative, and they take on new things, but then it’s like the shiny object syndrome, and they never know what to focus on and then everything just fizzles out.


Candice Bar  14:18

Hmm. Well you have to have a business side so it’s the same kind of thing as you know, most artists that I know not all of them but most artists that I know like painters and things like that they’re really great at creating art but they’re really terrible at the business side. So I’ve been fortunate to again like I said in the beginning I was kind of conditioned to have this business side so I am able to marry them both together the artistic creative side and the business side. So I do have both and that’s kind of that is why we’ve been successful.


Scott D Clary  14:49

Okay good. So I’m okay so there’s there’s entrepreneurial lessons that I want to I want to unpack from this story, but first let’s let’s keep going down this this road this path, so for Lux, so what is what is the concept of law Obviously, I’m assuming luxury. So walk me through the brand, what it stands for how you mentioned a little bit how you differentiate. But let’s let’s dive into the brand a little bit cuz I’m sure there’s a story there as well.


Candice Bar  15:11

So I’ve always been a quality person over quantity, I don’t want, you know, 45 shows example with the studio, I only want about 15 or 20. And that is to be able, we, we have a fabulous team, it’s not just me, we have a great team. Everyone knows their role, everyone does a great job of what they do. And so I want to keep the quality example in the podcast over having a bunch of shows and just kind of, you know, punching those all out and it just it looks like a crap show. So we have a really great team that makes sure the product whatever the product is that Lux name is on it is done well. It’s always been quality over quantity for me. So you know, I wanted I wanted things to look good. I wanted them to be of quality. It’s like this example of why would you buy a Birkin bag and not you know, a guess purse? Both of them are purses, both of them carry your wallet and your sunglasses and your cell phone. You know, why would you get a Rolls Royce over a Toyota it’s like the the detail of it details huge to me. When someone comes in the studio, for example, we already have their snacks, their water, their food, specifically that they requested for them here already. The reception is is great. They know we know who’s coming in, it’s really high touch. And I think what we’ve been going through in 2020. And now I think standards have from what I’ve been seeing have lowered. And I believe it’s our job to raise standards again, especially in media.


Scott D Clary  16:37

Interesting. And what do you what do you mean by lowered standards? I don’t disagree with you. But I want to paint a picture for content creators for people that are creating media even right now. We’re doing virtual when How great would it be to be sitting across from you in a studio and creating like that higher quality content? So how do we how do we get that quality back?


Candice Bar  17:01

I guess it’s the standards of the person and what they’re expecting. You know, I think that what’s the saying, you know, how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if your standards aren’t high, or your bar is not high, no one can event no one can really convince you. It should be higher, it’s I would say it’s more of an internal kind of deal.


Scott D Clary  17:21

And how have you seen that? That mindset of only producing top tier quality goods impact your business?


Candice Bar  17:30

Um, it really, you know, media, as you may or may not know, fortunately, or unfortunately, I guess who depends who you’re talking to, when things go awry in the world, media usually does better. Especially with what we were in kind of the quarantine kind of deal, people weren’t able to leave their houses or do different things that they normally would do. And so that’s where media media really stepped in and was a plus, because if you did your podcast or your show, well, depending on what platforms you’re on, and how it you know how it’s produced, then your business really wouldn’t have to suffer doesn’t have to suffer. I mean, that’s kind of where the business mind comes into play.


Scott D Clary  18:11

Okay, so as Okay, so as you’ve grown, as you grown, lux focus on quality over quantity. And this is something that you’ve taken into all your other ventures as well. So what is let’s let’s talk about just like currently what Lux is. And then I also want to unpack, like maybe just a few more things that you’re passionate about. Because I know that obviously, there’s some great entrepreneurial lessons, we can talk about women entrepreneurship, because I know that a lot of the things that you’ve built out, really empower women, which is incredible, as well. And some of the things that I think that we could do better or, or, you know, the average business could do better to help and empower women. And then and then let’s, I also just want to help people that are listening to this, potentially pick, pick one venture that you’ve been successful at, and like outline some very tangible takeaways, if they want to, for example, because you have experience in so many things like how to build out how to build a great podcast, how to build out a great DTC or a clothing brand. If you want to get it off the ground, what would be some of the steps they would take, we can sort of teach some people like what they would actually do based on the fact that you’ve launched like, six or seven different businesses. But anyway, so Lux, what is it today?


Candice Bar  19:26

Can you clarify the question?


Scott D Clary  19:28

Oh, so like the the conglomerate of brands? So what has Lux grown into over over the years? So you said there is there’s podcasts, there’s cosmetics magazine? How do these all tie in together and also list them out so that I have an understanding of everything because I think I I’m just looking at the website?


Candice Bar  19:47

Yeah. So it’s all under the Lux enterprise name. So it’s kind of for me in my mind, it just it’s different branches of Lux enterprise. So it’s the studio. It’s the podcast. We also were starting to do music shortly. People can come record their music and their albums here. We do events in the studio, we have the Lux wear jumpsuit line, we have the cosmetic line, we have the magazine. That’s just for now we’re probably going to create more stuff, so. And so how does it all tie in together was a question? Yeah, yeah. For me, it’s all the same thing. It’s just again, like I said, it’s just all creative, which is it’s, it was all created actually out of a need for me. And then I created for for other people, that’s really where it came from. So I wear a lot of jumpsuits, and I wear jumpsuits because it’s convenient for me, I can go on a plane, get off, go to a meeting, go to a dinner, and then if I need to pass out in it, I’ve created something that and it’s they’re custom made jumpsuits, everything’s custom, everything’s high touch, everything’s made of quality. So that was came out of a need need for me, the makeup line was created because I wanted to do a less than two minute face because I’m typically doing my makeup in the car on the way here before I do the interview. So I needed something quick, easy, fast, and really great quality makeup. So that’s where that came from. The studio came out of a knee because I wanted better quality podcast for people and myself. So really came out of a need for myself, and then hopefully nothing. Thankfully, other people saw the need as well.


Scott D Clary  21:17

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Scott  22:42

I think that’s I think that’s really, really smart. And that’s a good takeaway for people that are listening to be a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent Facebook, you’re just looking for a problem that you’re experiencing in your own life. And you’re building a solution for that.


Scott D Clary  22:58

Okay, so let’s talk about some of the things that are very important to you. So one topic that comes up quite often with Lux is female entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment. So what are what are some of the items that you’ve experienced? Or blockers that you’ve experienced in your own career that you’re trying to help fix or help make people aware?


Candice Bar  23:23

Hmm, good question. So yeah, female entrepreneurship is huge on my heart always has been, I would say a lot of my success are from female, other female entrepreneurs coming up in the years. I haven’t had investors yet but we’ve had we’ve been approached and the investors have been female. They, you know, as you may or may not know, even in the entrepreneurial space, you know, if you name the top 10, you know, influential, most influential entrepreneurs, they’re all men, there’s a ton of female entrepreneurs that have a lot of value that are really great, equally as great. And they’re not showcased the way that the guys are. And this is not a man hating thing. We love the men, and we have no problem with men. But I do feel because I’m in the media space, because we do have the platform, it is my job to help the females, you know, move forward faster, because we can and that’s really and that’s what I want to do.


Scott D Clary  24:21

Do you feel like do you feel like there are communities or or? I’m trying to, I’m trying to think of how to say like, not incubators, potentially incubators that are set up to to make women feel more comfortable into jumping into entrepreneurship, or is that something that you don’t see a lot of? Does that make sense? Like, are these are these support groups? Or is it just that once you’ve already reached the pinnacle of success, that’s when people start approaching you are their support groups people should go look to to get started from the ground up that are maybe not, you know, like a tech focused incubator that is predominant. You know, just guys coming out of West Coast schools, and that’s maybe not an environment where somebody woman feel safe jumping into, maybe some do, but maybe some don’t. So just like almost like a like minded community of women that are focused on tech startups, entrepreneurship that you’d recommend people go check it out


Candice Bar  25:19

You know, it’s good question. I always said, you know, I’ve networked a lot throughout my life, which I’m sure you have as well. And so for me, because luxury and kind of having a higher brand was always the forefront of my mind, even the beginning. So I always knew I want who I wanted my clientele to be even in the beginning. And I think that’s important. And to answer your question, for males and females, my suggestion would be, make, if you’re going to go to networking groups or incubators or whatever word you want to use, make sure you’re going into groups where it’s more higher end, where the ticket to get in is bit a bit more. That’s where you’re going to find more thought leaders, that’s where you’re going to find people who can afford your services, and maybe help you a little bit more than if it’s a free event or a less expensive event. You know, if I always say if it’s free, it’s not for me, you can’t pump a dry well. And when it’s a bit more expensive or a bit more pricey, it’s usually worth it more because of the quality of people that are in the room.


Scott D Clary  26:22

Okay, okay, so a little bit of a little bit of pay to play? Not necessarily. So some people may look for communities that support them. But realistically, you’re just looking for a higher caliber of community overall, regardless of what the the makeup is, just jump right into. And for somebody who is jumping into entrepreneurship, what would be some of the recommendations to women or men? What would be some of the recommendations that you’ve had after building this business and other businesses that they think about as they dive in? Is it something where they jump in 100%? Day one, is it something where they potentially started as a side hustle? And then, you know, hedge the risk and maybe not cut off their salary right away? How would you suggest somebody start?


Candice Bar  27:10

You know, it’s a tough question to answer because someone’s situation is not somebody else’s situation. So I was able to jump right in, because I do not have children. I do. You know, I do have employees, I’m responsible for their livelihood now. But I didn’t have you know, the extra mouths to feed. So I can’t speak on someone who does have children. And that is a huge risk for not only the person but their family. Now. I can speak for myself. And for myself, I did jump in, because that’s my personality, I’ve always been pretty bold, I’ve always been, you know, I’m going to I’m going to make it no matter what I’m going to make it, I don’t care what I have to do, I’m going to make it that’s always been my personality. So I guess it’s also a personality thing as well. I was telling when I’m like, you know, if you’re gonna do it fast or slow, at least you’re doing it. So you but no matter how you do it, do do something because you you can’t, you got to be happy in life. And if you’re miserable being an employee or a miserable way you’re at, you have to go find your happiness, whatever that looks like. And little steps are better than no steps.


Scott D Clary  28:09

Very smart. Okay, so one thing that I wanted to also pull out from you, because you work with a variety of different businesses. And I want to I want to teach over a little bit to people that are listening, some best practices. And I would love to understand, for example, first, in media, and podcasting, you’ve built out a studio now, you most likely know what good looks like because you have all these incredible shows that are running out of your out of your studio. So if somebody wants to start a show, if somebody wants to start a podcast, what would be the recommendation to just get their first episode? What type of content? What how do they brand? It is something that people should take on? Or is the market saturated? All these question marks, potentially, you know, new podcasts or what have you?


Candice Bar  29:00

So it’s good question. I do not think the market is saturated. And I’ll tell you why. The huge part of Luxe Media Studios is you know, the, the way that we pick our hosts, we don’t just have her whoever wants to come on as a host, we actually do filter a lot of people because I again, we’re interested in quality over quantity. There’s so much crap out there right now, there’s so many people in my opinion that shouldn’t be having podcasts. There’s so much information out especially right now that I believe if you have if you’re someone who is this expert in your fields, or if you’re someone who wants more exposure and has something to say something of value, then you should have a show and for the question about the first show, which we do with all the first first hosts for first hosts that we have because all of our hosts are brand new hosts, you know, you just got to do it. Anything new is going to be scary. And then after you do it over and over and over again then becomes second nature we have we’ve had a host or two on with us that the first show they were they had to had, they had to have a couple of drinks before doing their first show. Like to do whatever you need to do to get it done. And then now because they’ve been with us for a couple years now, it’s second nature, it’s really nothing. They couldn’t believe in the beginning. They were nervous. But again, with anything new, it is a little nerve wracking, but you just got to shut up and do it.


Scott D Clary  30:20

And and what is valuable content in a podcast?


Candice Bar  30:24

Someone who has different ideas, I mean, we’ve heard this, we’ve we’re hearing the same ideas over and over again, a different idea, a different perspective, whether we, some people agree with it or not, you can’t be scared of people agreeing with you or not agreeing with you. You have to there has to be some sort of boldness, even scary boldness, there has to be some sort of boldness and, you know, it could be anything like, you know, moms that talking about mom stuff that people don’t typically hear about entrepreneurs that I mean, there’s a million entrepreneurs shows, but they’re all different views and different thoughts. And so I think that if it’s a value, and I can’t tell you what value is, to me, or to someone else,


Scott D Clary  31:07

but what I think, yes, it’s different lens,


Candice Bar  31:09

it’s always a different lens. But what I find valuable is I love different ideas, again, whether I agree with it or not, I’m someone who’s able to not agree with you, and respect your different ideas. I love things like that. We have a show, for example. He’s a drag queen, and he is a Republican he he talks about, he talks about both things. I think that’s fascinating. I don’t always agree with him. But I think it’s fascinating.


Scott D Clary  31:36

What do you look for in a host?


Candice Bar  31:40

Someone who there is a passion, even if it’s, again, a quiet passion or scared passion, there’s a passion. Usually our most of our show hosts have a brand already, they have a business already. And there, they look at their podcast as part of their brand. It’s just one more branch of the brand, just like having a book. And they kind of deal with their podcast as they would any business. And so someone who’s been in their business for a little while. Who knows what they’re talking about. I want someone that just every show has a theme. It’s not all over the place. Every every individual show, we know kind of the topic of what we’ll be talking about that day. So someone who has a clear vision of what they’d like to see, it’s always going to be changing and transforming as your show goes on. But the idea of the path kind of has to stay the same?


Scott D Clary  32:29

And do you find that shows that resonate? Are more educational or entertainment? Or a mix of both? mix of both? mix of both? Yeah. Okay, cool. I’m now on some take notes now for Yeah. No, that’s very good. And as you build out as you build up these multiple brands that aren’t just the podcast? Do you leverage your individual brands to sort of cross pollinate audiences? And if so, how do you do that?


Candice Bar  32:57

Yeah, so we have, we already have a built in audience just from again, having my show luxlive For so many years. And then some of the shows that hosts that we brought on, they already brought a following with them. So we have quite the built in audience already. And so different shows will of course, attract a different audience, different age ranges, different locations in the world, because you know, they’re international, I, lux media, we are associated with about 27 different platforms. So when someone starts a show with us, they’re launched on all 27 platforms immediately. So they start out with a pretty big audience immediately. And so instead of having to build their podcast and hoping someone listens, they’re guaranteed people are listening.


Scott D Clary  33:40

And for for somebody, okay, so and somebody who would potentially want to work with you. It’s an it’s a brand play, is there a revenue stream for the podcasters as well, that they can tap into from joining a network like Lux media,


Candice Bar  33:57

there can be I mean, there’s a couple options if they decide to do so. So a lot of the hosts have a lot of creative control. With their podcasts, like their name, their intro music, we put together all the back stuff. There’s a lot that we do for them, but they have a lot of creative control. And if they decided to take a hold of, you know, creating another source of income for themselves through their podcasts, they’re they’re welcome to.


Scott D Clary  34:21

Okay, so this is, and this would be this would probably for for an independent creative, this would probably give them access to obviously, you know, you have a large network day one, this would probably be attractive for advertisers, I’m assuming. Is that something that I don’t want to put words in your mouth? I’m just I’m just assuming like, if you have this huge network already, then you can bring in advertisers that could do sponsor spots. So if there is a creative that


Candice Bar  34:45

wants to monetize, absolutely, well, that’s one of the ways you could do it.


Scott D Clary  34:49

Okay, cool. Yep. All right. And the other the other brands like under Lux media, outside of the podcasting, how do you leverage those to support one another, so do for example, will cross promote, in the magazine, the podcast, TV shows, you know, magazine so on and so forth.


Candice Bar  35:07

So in the magazine, we do advertise all of the shows. So when someone has a contract with lox media, they’re advertised on pretty much, whatever our hand is on they’re advertised are on there as well. For example, next month we’re having our Women of Achievement Awards we have that every year men do attend, but we only have female speakers coming in. And all the people that have that are hosts with us are able to attend actually two of the hosts are speaking at that event, so it does absolutely cross pollinate. To answer your question.


Scott D Clary  35:39

I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode HubSpot. Now, you may have heard me speak about leveling up in the past how we can level up our careers, our businesses, or customer experience. I wanted to take a minute and focus on that last because when we level up our customers experiences, we transform our customers into evangelists and help our business and our careers grow like crazy with new features dedicated to helping your sales teams improve your customer experience. HubSpot is on a mission to help millions of companies grow better starting with yours. Conversation intelligence tools help your teams get real time insights into calls with automatic recording transcription and call analysis with more visibility into customer conversations coaching and customer feedback becomes that much easier, easy share meeting links. Let customers see availability and book meetings for you all from the HubSpot platform. This cuts out endless cycles of scheduling email, learn more about how you can transform your customer experience with a HubSpot CRM Okay, amazing. Amazing. That makes sense. Um, now I just want to I want to pull out a couple entrepreneurial insights. And I know he sort of spoke on those at the beginning. But I, I’ve listened to a few other shows that you’ve been on. And you speak about a few things you speak about how you’ve learned how to hire the right team, how you’ve learned how to sort of get out of your own way and get out of your own head. And also, one thing that I thought was very interesting that you spoke on, was, I think it was with one of your your mentors, and he was stating how if you want to do if you keep doing everything yourself, when you’re an early stage entrepreneur, you end up getting nothing done. So let’s just going through this. You mentioned that you had hired staff, and that’s when your business started to blow up, if I’m not mistaken. So you’d haunt you and walk me through that process in your life when you’re trying to build your business and why it’s so important to hire versus do everything yourself, and how you sort of took that next step into something that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with.


Candice Bar  37:51

I like that you did your homework, that’s nice. Little bit. It’s, I love talking about this, because we can no matter how amazing we are, no matter how much we feel like we’re Superwoman, or Superman, we cannot do it alone. You know, the owner is typically the visionary. And that’s personal. I, you know, get divine downloads is what I call them. That’s the creative side. You’re you’re able to be good at a lot of things, but you’re not good at everything, that’s for sure. So hiring out is essential for us. And like most things that we do, like, you know, like I said, quality over quantity for me. I always envisioned having the teams, I call them small but mighty, we don’t have a huge team, I think we have a team of eight or eight or nine now. But everyone’s really great at what they do tons of experience, whatever, whatever they’re doing, the sort of magazine person has, you know, 25 years experience. I mean, just really amazing what they do. They have a passion for the company, they have a passion for Lux media, they’re interested in being a part of Lux media. They’re, it’s, you know, we try to create a fun environment for you know, we work hard, we play hard. I give a lot of incentives there. They know I think really well that we appreciate them so much. We were actually doing a team. Was it team like weekend retreat in a couple months? Just to and it’s not even team building? Is it really just to go relax, have fun and have a good time with each other. So the team is huge, and getting people on board with your vision and having them excited about what they’re doing and what’s coming and what’s going on. That’s huge. You can’t teach excitement. They either are excited about what they’re doing or they’re not. And if they’re not, they’re not for you.


Scott D Clary  39:33

How do you how do you get that? How do you get them excited? Because that’s everybody ever I think I don’t think there’s anybody in the world that would disagree that having an excited team, it’s working for your business is not the thing that you have to you have to have. But here’s how you get somebody excited.


Candice Bar  39:48

So here’s the thing you don’t know if you can get them excited, but I think that you can absolutely make sure that they know that they are valuable to everything that they do is valuable to you in the company. Especially If the team is smaller, like every action they do does, you do see it in, you know, it’s appreciated. I don’t think that everyone, of course, everybody wants an excited team. But some people hire because the person’s, quote unquote good at what they do. But they could have no people skills, they could have no skills, meshing well with the other team members. So it’s kind of, I guess, case by case scenario, for me, it’s a lot of energy, like, you can feel their energy when they come in, like, they’re so happy to be here, they’re happy to work that day, they’re excited about the work they’ve done. They go above and beyond with things that didn’t even ask for, and they take initiative to do it themselves. They’re, you know, you I don’t know, if you can teach excitement. You either are or you’re not.


Scott D Clary  40:47

So, So walk me through some of the because I think I think hiring the right people is deemed one of the things that can make or make or break a business totally early on. So walk me through some of the maybe wins, and maybe some misses that you’ve experienced when you were growing your team, because that was probably a very pivotal point, when you had your business, like, quote, unquote, blow up in a really good way, it was finding the right people.


Candice Bar  41:11

I will say, when I when I started hiring, and even when I hire now I look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Because to be quite honest, you know, I love to have people forever, but that’s probably not the reality. And I like people with an entrepreneurial spirit, something that they can come here, learn, again, be excited with what we’re doing, you know, mesh well, with the other team members just have great energy while they’re here, but I don’t expect to have them forever. And if we’re talking about being an entrepreneur, and we’re, they’re always in the entrepreneurial space with us, they’re gonna, you know, little berg is gonna go fly, and you have to know that that’s going to be happening. So you can’t take things personally when people leave or decide to leave because you, you know, hopefully, you train them well enough, and you inspire them to go on their own journey and being entrepreneur. I have had, I have made to go back to your question I have made employee you know, hiring quote, unquote, mistakes before, but I look at those that learning experiences, I don’t really believe in mistakes. And that just kind of made me clarify more within myself what I’m looking for with the next hire. But someone with a good personality, someone with like, you want to be around their energy. And you want them to have experience of what they’re doing and want and people who are open to learning and taking responsibility for for their quote unquote, mistakes, of course correcting themselves and moving forward.


Scott D Clary  42:36

Have you had have you had better experience? hiring somebody who’s done the job before verse or somebody who’s just a naturally curious person


Candice Bar  42:46

that has experience? So it depends what area we’re talking about someone’s like doing the tech side for us. So


Scott D Clary  42:56

let’s say let’s say not a not a hard skill that takes years to master. So something, something we’re not going to talk about, like so like,


Candice Bar  43:03

so like an assistant audio engineering, like an assistant. Okay, we’re talking about assistant, I prefer someone who is willing to learn, because I rather train them how I work than how somebody else works.


Scott  43:19

Okay, that makes sense. Smart. Um, I also want to, I’m trying to think what we covered. So we covered cover the story of locks, we covered some podcasting tips, and building and building a good show and what type of content works, we covered some entrepreneurial tips. What were some of the other things that you we’re working on right now, that would be interesting for the audience? I’m just thinking through, because I will not be smart enough to ask you questions about some of the cosmetics.


Scott D Clary  43:51

Some of the lifestyle stuff. I guess I would I would ask you Are there any other any other topics that you want it to dry out based on building lox media, or the I call it like the Lux conglomerate Lux enterprise, less conglomerate of companies that we didn’t go into? It could be some entrepreneurial lessons or any other business lessons that that I didn’t ask you about?


Candice Bar  44:17

Well, if you want to talk about like, what’s going on what to look forward to, I mean, we’re still that the studio is open, it’s been open and you know, us for business for the last couple months now. But it is it’s been a labor of love. Let me just tell you, so there is nothing in the studio and it’s constant daily changes. I mean, our engineer left for a couple days and came back it’s there’s so many different things already. It’s constant daily changes, just always with the studio. So it’s it got to know it’s a lot of work, but it’s fun for me and it’s fun for people, the people helping me the team. There is nothing in this studio that my hand did not touch meaning myself and to the other employees. have moved all the furniture in myself. Everything has, you know, the curtains or you have really high ceilings, we got gotten this huge ladder and hammering in ourselves, you’re doing it yourself, you’re sweeping yourself. So if you’re not willing to do it yourself, you cannot expect others to do it. Either. I’m, you know, I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, like I’m doing this, like we’re doing it. So there is nothing above, I’m not above doing anything for my business.


Scott D Clary  45:25

Very smart. That’s what it takes to make it that’s, that’s what it takes it. That’s what it takes to to really, really make it and, you know,


Scott  45:33

I think that some people have a little bit more of an added advantage if they’re building out maybe something that’s like tech oriented. And there’s the profit margins are much higher, like building out a media business is not easy. Like, it’s not like you’ve built a product that’s never graced the earth before. It is a media business at its core. So you got to put in the, you know, to build it from the ground up, if that’s not an easy thing to do. And I think that, you know, you’re an example of what passion can deliver. If, if you really if you really put in the work and the grit and you have that mindset that whatever you’re going to whatever you want to have happen, you’re gonna figure out a way to get it. I think that’s like what you’re living right now is


Scott D Clary  46:11

the end result of that over X amount of years. Because I’m sure that it wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination to build this out.


Candice Bar  46:19

No, I That’s not a word that I would use for that. No.


Scott D Clary  46:23

All right, very good. Okay, I want to do some rapid fire like career insight, life lesson questions. But before we pivot, where do people connect with you? What’s the best website social, all that stuff?


Candice Bar  46:36

So we’re all over social media heavily on Instagram. So with me personally, lux life underscore CB, lux, Liu, xe, life underscore CB then we have Lux Media Studios, I think Lux Media Studio is official. Lux media official Lux life cosmetics. I mean, we’ll pop up. We’re there. We’re also on Facebook. Those are the only two social media that we’re on. I really I kind of hate Twitter. So I’m not going to be on that.


Scott D Clary  47:08

It’s very, it’s very negative. So I can’t


Candice Bar  47:11

I just can’t I’m not able to do it. Of course, they can stop by and visit us. We’re on Rodeo Drive. You can’t miss us. When they were do collection. You can call the studio. I mean, we’re on Google, you’ll find I mean, you’ll definitely find us.


Scott D Clary  47:26

Okay, perfect. So Lux media will go to Rodeo Drive. We’ll take a trip out west.


Candice Bar  47:31

We’ll come pick you up on the road. We’ll come pick you up in the Rolls Royce and drop you off here.


Scott D Clary  47:35

Listen, I’m down. It’s nicer than my last trip.


Candice Bar  47:40

We’ll have your snacks ready for you.


Scott D Clary  47:42

Good. All right, let’s do some let’s do some rapid fire. Okay, so you’ve had an incredible career obviously built this entire entire brand yourself. So I want to pull out some of these lessons from you. So what was the biggest challenge out of all this out of everything you’ve built? What was the biggest challenge and it could be personal or professional challenge doesn’t matter you pick one and how did you overcome it?


Candice Bar  48:06

I would say the biggest challenge is mindset and getting my mind right in that I would say in the beginning but I that’s a daily practice I’d say because there’s a lot of stuff that goes down you deal with a lot of things everything is definitely not glitz and glamour. And you have to be able to handle things well not have an emotional response to everything is a huge thing.


Scott D Clary  48:26

How do you how do you overcome that though? What’s your what’s your strategy for not getting stuck in your own head and your own thoughts?


Candice Bar  48:33

Catching thoughts as they’re happening and kind of looking at them from the outside in though it’s inside your brain? Being responsible for your emotions, I would say you know meditation definitely helps. And having that practice daily. I don’t do I don’t do it every single day but I try to do it and having taking moments throughout the day for calmness because it can get quite hectic.


Scott D Clary  48:57

Okay, good smart. If you had to choose one person I know there’s probably been many but it gets to choose one person has been highly impactful, influential. It could be a mentor. It could be a family member doesn’t matter. Who was that person? What did they teach you?


Candice Bar  49:14

God, there’s so many


Scott D Clary  49:16

everyone. Everyone’s everyone has a million people. I know that a pick one.


Candice Bar  49:20

I know. Oh geez. I would say you know she is my mentor like we have hung out and I’m so grateful for her name’s Lynn Tilton. And she’s a self made, I believe don’t quote me Emily. She’s a self made multi billionaire. And there’s not many females like that in the world. She owns over, I believe 800 companies. So she’s a powerhouse. I love her.


Scott D Clary  49:42

No kidding. No kidding. Very impressive. Okay. Your favorite source to learn or grow could be a podcast, a book and audible something that you’d recommend people to check out.


Candice Bar  49:52

Hmm. Has to be podcast because I don’t read that much. I don’t read that much anymore. I’m more of a


Scott D Clary  50:02

podcast person too, to be honest, totally or too wordy and there’s too much. There’s too much fluff. In podcasts, you get to the root of it.


Candice Bar  50:10

Hopefully you get to the point of it. Yeah. Also reading is very time consuming podcasts and I would suggest any podcast on Plex Media.


Scott D Clary  50:21

Okay, so name well, I guess you can you you’re going to single one out. Is that fair?


Candice Bar  50:27

I actually think I actually think all of our podcasts to be quite honest, and all of our shows on it, what


Scott D Clary  50:33

are some of the genres that people if people are listening to this? What are some of the genres that that are under the Lux media brand? So people know what the


Candice Bar  50:41

man it’s all over the place? We have one couple. We it really is. It’s, it’s eclectic. I like I like variety. I like interestingness. So we have one couple that talks about addiction. And we have another person that she is running for. She’s the first mayor mayor of Inglewood, and she used to be a gang member for several years. We have another one. Like I said, he’s a drag queen, but his you talks about Republican politics. It really is all over the place. But it’s so fun. Because these people live it, they’re in it so they can talk about it.


Scott D Clary  51:12

That’s really good. Okay, so a wide variety of shows. Go check, go check them out to see which one resonates. Okay. If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be? Oh,


Candice Bar  51:24

my God. Oh my God, there’s so much. I think I feel like everyone says this, but it’s true. It’s like, don’t worry. It’s already it’s already written for you. Don’t worry, worry less.


Scott D Clary  51:42

I like that. I like that. I like that. It’s already written for you. I like that a lot. What does success mean to you?


Candice Bar  51:51

Doing what you want when you want with whom when you want at in your time frame, owning your time, helping whoever you want writing your own ticket for anything.


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