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Automatically Discover Leads and Trigger Workflows With LeadFuze

By August 7, 2021No Comments

I play around with tons of sales tools.

I nerd out hard.

I always joke about living on Product Hunt and App Sumo, so to say that I know my way around the various sales tech out there, is an understatement.

So when Justin McGill (LeadFuze founder) reached out to me about a new sales tech tool, I was skeptical at first, but after playing around with it, checking the quality of the data — it’s really impressive.

I’ve been working with them to build out a sales playbook, for integrating LeadFuze into your outbound tech stack (see below), and if you like what you read, try it out.

I am an affiliate, so you’ll be clicking my affiliate link if you click the button below, but you can try it first for free ahead of time, and before you spend any money so you can check the quality of the platform yourself.

If you do choose to use my link, we’ve set up a deal so that you can get unlimited leads (something they don’t offer regular customers).

As well as the following…

  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Lists
  • All Features
  • 50% Off For Life!

So read the case study, click my affiliate link (below) if you want the special offer, and I seriously hope you find the tool & leads as useful as I did!

LeadFuze Case Study

A tech stack that works together well is like an orchestra — — coming together to produce a beautiful set of events.

Think about all the steps you use to connect with leads.

In sales, several tools come together to make the process more effective. Automated email outreach, social media sales tools, CRMs, and lead gen software all play their role in guiding prospective clients towards making decisions for themselves. They also help business owners when it comes down to interacting with those leads.

The smoother these processes run means less time wasted on dead ends while also increasing probability rates as each piece plays its part just right!

But one piece often remains “manual” and time-consuming for most companies. It’s no other than lead generation.

It’s yet to be automated. Some sales teams still manually reach out and connect with potential leads.

Use a Lead Gen Tool as the Trigger of Your Sales Stack

Maybe you’re relying on inbound marketing (regular site traffic) for leads. Or maybe hopping on LinkedIn to dig up some prospects? Worse yet, perhaps you could be buying a bulk list of leads and then throwing them into your CRM yourself — that sounds exhausting!

All of these are the opposite of automation.

It can feel like there’s no end to the work if it feels like all these falls on our shoulders; luckily, business is changing rapidly, so we don’t have to do everything ourselves anymore.

We’ve got plenty of tools available now that let us outsource. Automating tedious tasks such as lead generation or email campaigns through services including Salesforce automation software or HubSpot Marketing Software. Not only that — it also includes hiring virtual assistants and freelancers that are eager for just about any job.

Now, let’s look at how a prospecting tool, like LeadFuze, allows you to automatically search for highly-tailored, qualified leads. And then trigger the rest of your sales workflow — leaving you free to:

  • Be ready to answer any responses to your automated sales funnel
  • Better optimize your outreach process
  • Spend your time having genuine conversations and discovery with SQLs

Sounds good? Now we’ll show you exactly how LeadFuze works.

LeadFuze Can Help You Find Your Ideal Buyers

One thing I always suggest to sales reps and business owners is to think about their favorite customers.

  • The ones who pay on time and virtually never complain
  • People who refer their colleagues and friends to you
  • Those who buy more (or use your services more) than your typical clients

When it comes to identifying the qualities of a good customer, there are many factors that come into play. More often than not, they have similarities between them so you’ll be able to locate their profiles more easily by looking for these connections and then making adjustments accordingly. For business to business (B2Bs), some of these attributes include:

  • Industry: Businesses in similar industries tend to use products/services the same way as their counterparts. If you see that a few of your favorite clients are in the same/connected industries, it makes sense to target those markets.
  • Company Size: Businesses that are bootstrapped may not be your ideal buyers. Likewise, big Fortune 500s may not be the best clients either. Your current best, longest-lasting customers will guide you to find companies similar in size to target.
  • Software Used: Appypie connects software and most companies use multiple tech products. If your clients use certain products, it’s a great idea to find them and start the conversation.

At this point, you may say “It sounds good, but that sounds like a lot of manual work.”

It can be, trust me.

There are two goals that should be in every salesperson’s mind: finding prospects and getting them to buy. It takes a lot of time and effort for salespeople who do not know what they’re looking for or have the right tools- which is why I created LeadFuze!

It’s meant to help B2B businesses, reps, and sales teams quickly narrow down their target prospects and automatically send them into the pipeline.

Use LeadFuze to Find Targeted Leads

It’ll help to have a bit of an example.

Let’s say, a marketing agency is targeting contractors and construction companies. They’ve realized that this category is consistent, high-paying, and satisfied (on average).

Now, we’ll fire up LeadFuze to find ideal construction leads.

A great way for managers to find sales leads is by narrowing them down through either industry or employee size. This will help a company avoid wasting time on irrelevant prospects, while also making sure they’re not missing out on potential connections within their field!

As you see in the gif (above), we’ve taken our agency example and begun using LeadFuze to find companies in the “Construction” industry and target those businesses with more than 10, but fewer than 500 employees.

But here’s where things get more granular and effective.

Our fictitious agency realized that their favorite construction customers were already attempting to do some forms of marketing. Maybe they have a blog, a social media ad budget or other things in the agency’s wheelhouse.

LeadFuze allows you to target these companies based on hundreds of tools and factors. Let’s take another look inside the app.

One of the fears most business owners and sales reps have is that they won’t find enough leads if they narrow down their search results.

It’s not true!

Sure, narrowing down may mean fewer overall leads. But if these are your best clients, it will help you.

  • Customize your pitch: Instead of “Hey, we do marketing” it’s “Hey, you do construction and we know how to get more business specifically for construction companies.”
  • Increased revenue per client: Your best clients are consistent, meaning long-standing and higher-paying.
  • Less overhead: With higher-paying clients that aren’t as negative, it means you’ll have more time to drive better results — or rapidly grow your business.

Now, let’s run the search on our construction agency scenario and see how we did.

Our agency example was quickly able to find 2,311 leads in about 30 seconds. This means good emails, social profiles, and phone numbers.

It’s here that LeadFuze comes together with the rest of your sales stack to begin your outreach.

LeadFuze does integrate with many sales tools (screenshot below), but no tool integrates with everything else. There are too many!

You can also have your campaigns in Lemlist synced to the lists in LeadFuze.

Just so you know, Lemlist is an email outreach platform that helps you break the ice and stand out from your competitors with customized images and messages. It helps you kickstart relationships by really connecting to potential clients in a meaningful way.

You can now search for a massive list of leads and set how many of those leads you want to go into your sales process each day. Then you can integrate it with platforms like Lemlist to make an even better connection to prospects.

Ready to Automate Sales?

Let’s put this in perspective.

  1. You use LeadFuze to find lists of leads in your ideal industries.
  2. Then, LeadFuze sends several of those names, emails, etc. to your tools — based on parameters you set. If you only want 25 leads per day to go to your process, then set it. Want 200? Done.
  3. The leads go to your CRM, email automation and social media tools each and every day you choose.
  4. Your emails go out, LinkedIn messages get sent and CRMs get updated, automatically.
  5. You sit back and see how many responses you get to your outreach efforts.

Lead generation is always a struggle for those targeting other businesses. But with LeadFuze, finding the right leads takes seconds — not hours! With platforms like Lemlist, you’ll also be able to connect your entire tech stack so that you can let your sales process run on its own.


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