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Apple Will Let Users Bypass CAPTCHA With iOS 16 📱

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Apple Will Let Users Bypass CAPTCHA With iOS 16 📱

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Apple is introducing a new feature that will let iOS 16 iPhone users bypass CAPTCHAs on some apps and websites.

The new feature means you are not required to tap on some random images or decipher a squiggly text to prove you are human.

The tech giant has added the new feature in its latest software update for the iOS 16 iPhone. The feature is available in the Settings app under Apple ID, where you have to head on to Password & Security, and then to Automatic Verification.

When enabled, the feature will let you bypass CAPTCHAs in apps and on the web by allowing iCloud to automatically and privately verify your device and account.

Apple has collaborated with two major content delivery networks — Fastly and Cloudflare to develop the new system.

When the feature is launched, sites that use either of the services to defend against spam can take advantage of the system and stop showing you so many CAPTCHAs.

Apple says that the new system offers a Private Access Token to the app or website, and it does not compromise a user’s identity or personal information.

Volvo Starts Testing Hydrogen-Powered Trucks 🚚

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Volvo has started testing hydrogen-powered fuel cells to power trucks for long-range or heavy load tasks.

Besides reducing carbon emissions, the automaker says that the vehicle will be able to travel up to 1,000 kilometers, or nearly 621 miles.

The Swedish firm says that refueling of the vehicles would take under 15 minutes. It will begin customer pilots in the next few years and could enter the market in the second half of the decade.

Volvo’s semi-truck manufacturing unit already makes battery-powered electric trucks and trucks running on renewable fuels.

The hydrogen fuel cell option would be a third for the company besides gasoline-powered engines.

“Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric trucks will be especially suitable for long distances and heavy, energy-demanding assignments,” said Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.

With its zero-emission technologies, Volvo Trucks wants to compete with companies like Tesla and Daimler Trucks, which are also developing electric trucks.

However, as fuel-cell technology is still in its early stages of development, the company may have to overcome numerous challenges in the process.

Iran to Cut ✂️ Power Supply 🔋 For Licensed Cryptocurrency Miners ⛏

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The Iranian government has ordered authorized cryptocurrency miners to temporarily shut their operations, citing growing electricity demand during the summer.

Tavanir, the Iran Power Generation, Distribution, and Transmission Company, has asked the licensed rigs to stop the energy-intensive mining of cryptocurrencies until further notice.

“There are currently 118 authorized [digital currency] extraction centers in the country, which must cut off their electricity supply from the national grid from the beginning of July,” the authority said, in a statement.

The move comes after Iran’s Ministry of Energy reported a disappointing gain of 1.2 gigawatts (GW) to its power generation capacity last year.

As it happened in 2021, the authorities have justified their decision with the growing demand for electricity as it faces major power outages in several cities.

Last year, the authorities announced a four-month ban on mining cryptocurrencies. The national electricity company lifted the ban in mid-September after authorized miners had voluntarily shut down their operations to ease the burden.

Web Infrastructure Startup Platform.sh Raises $140 Million in Series D Funding 💰

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Platform.sh, a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running, and scaling web applications, has raised $140 million in its Series D funding round.

The funding was led by Digital+Partners, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, and Revaia. Existing investors BGV, Eurazeo, Hiinov, and Partech also participated in the round.

Founded in 2015, Platform.sh is an automated, continuous-deployment high-availability cloud hosting solution that helps web applications scale effortlessly and serve the most demanding traffic.

With its unique feature of cloning the full production cluster and data, developers can develop, test, deploy & maintain their applications faster and more consistently.

Its services are used by brands such as Adobe Magento, Gap, Nestle, Orange, The British Council, and The Financial Times, among others.

Platform.sh plans to use the funds to power its recruitment drive aimed at meeting global expansion goals.

In addition, the company also will use the funds to expand its services by acquiring new business and technology vendors.

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