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Apple is Adding Some of Gmail’s Best Features to Mail 📧

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Apple is Adding Some of Gmail’s Best Features to Mail 📧

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Tech giant Apple has announced some new features for its email app, finally bringing it closer to parity with Gmail and other popular email applications.

The new Mail features were announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) on June 6. They will be available to macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16, and iOS 16 when Apple releases them this fall.

One of the key features introduced by Apple includes the “Undo Send” feature, which will let you recall back an email within 10 seconds of hitting the send button. It’s a feature that will save you from sharing an embarrassing typo.

Another notable feature introduced by the company includes the “remind me” feature, letting you set a time for an email to come back to the top of your inbox.

Additionally, the new scheduled send feature will allow you to specify exactly when an email should go out.

And Mail will even tell you when it thinks you’ve forgotten to include an attachment and much more.

Etsy Rolls Out Purchase Protection Program For Shoppers And Sellers 💡

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Online marketplace Etsy announced the launch of a Purchase Protection Program for buyers and sellers that will refund buyers for orders when an issue arises, enabling them to shop from small businesses with confidence.

Under the new program, which begins August 1st, for any purchases under $250, including shipping and taxes, the customers will receive a refund when an item arrives damaged, is missing, or doesn’t match the listing description. Etsy will put $25 million every year into the program to cover refunds on behalf of sellers.

The program will let sellers keep their earnings when an item never arrives or if an item arrives but is damaged.

Raina Moskowitz, Etsy’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Easy issue resolution is a critical part of the e-commerce shopping experience, and our new Etsy Purchase Protection program aims to help make shopping on Etsy even more worry free.”

He added, “this program will help buyers feel more confident when they shop from small businesses on Etsy, while we invest directly in our sellers to provide them an important layer of assurance.”

Over 50% Asian Affluent Investors 💰 Have Crypto in Their Portfolio, Says Report

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Affluent investors in Asia are neither ignorant nor shy about crypto, as more than half of them held some form of a digital asset during the first quarter of 2022.

Currently, 52% of affluent investors in Asia hold digital assets of some sort, says the report. Accenture’s research indicates that the percentage could reach 73% percent by the end of this year.

Nearly three-fourth of wealthy investors in Asia are holding back from offering digital assets to investors despite soaring demand due to a lack of understanding of these assets, according to the report.

The report also noted that most wealth management firms in Asia do not offer clients yet a digital assets proposition, and two-thirds of wealth management firms have no plans to offer digital assets.

The findings were part of Accenture’s report on the future of Asia’s wealth management industry, which included over 3,200 participants across China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Imaging Sensor Startup Vayyar Imaging Secures $108 Million in Series E 💰

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Vayyar Imaging, an Israel-based semiconductor company that produces 4D imaging radar sensors, has raised $108 million in its Series E funding round.

The funding was led by Koch Disruptive Technologies along with participation from new investors GLy Capital Management and Atreides Management LP.

Existing investors KDT, Battery Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, More VC, Regal Four, and Claltech also participated in the round.

Founded in 2011 by Raviv Melamed, Naftali Chayat, and Miri Ratner, Vayyar Imaging develops miniature, affordable, and versatile radar sensing technology solutions that improve safety measures across various industry verticals.

The company was initially established to detect early-stage breast cancer with radio frequency (RF) technology.

Vayyar Imaging supplies advanced radar-on-chip platforms, a proprietary software stack, and highly advanced machine learning algorithms to inform a wide variety of solutions within the fields of senior care, the automotive space, security, smart homes, and robotics, among others.

The company plans to use the latest capital to expand across verticals and introduce new machine learning-powered sensor solutions for robotics, retail, public safety, and smart building products.

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