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Success Story Podcast

Alvaro Nunez – Founder & CEO of Super Luxury Group | How to Disrupt an Industry

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About The Guest

Alvaro is the Founder and CEO of Super Luxury Group, an acclaimed luxury real estate media network. Fueled by his passion for real estate, he has been working to enhance people’s lives through homes / real estate and experiences.

He aspires to revolutionize the luxury lifestyle industry by celebritizing and selling multimillion-dollar homes from Miami to other jet-set locations using innovative and disruptive marketing techniques, technology integrations, and influencer collaborations.

Alvaro has sold some of the largest, most luxurious pieces of real estate on the planet. He has worked with some of the most well-known celebrities and influencers to create the perfect intersection of luxury, lifestyle, and influence.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Intro
  • 02:25 — Alvaro Nunez’s origin story
  • 05:59 — How did Alvaro start his real estate journey?
  • 19:02 — What has been the secret behind his enormous success?
  • 36:08 — What have been the actual results of Alvaro’s career?
  • 41:50 — Why staying ahead of the curve is really important?
  • 52:28 — Real estate in the metaverse
  • 1:01:53 — What are some new emerging trends that Alvaro might try bringing to Super Luxury Group in the future?
  • 1:03:13 — What strategy would Alvaro recommend for someone starting their career or business?
  • 1:05:09 — How can people connect with Alvaro Nunez?
  • 1:05:28 — What is something that keeps Alvaro up at night?
  • 1:07:35 — What was the biggest problem Alvaro faced in his professional life and how did he overcome it?
  • 1:09:21 — The biggest challenge Alvaro has ever faced in his personal life
  • 1:10:42 — Who has been a mentor to Alvaro Nunez?
  • 1:11:09 — A book or podcast recommended by Alvaro Nunez
  • 1:11:36 — What would Alvaro tell his 20-year-old self?
  • 1:11:42 — What does success mean to Alvaro Nunez?

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Scott D Clary  00:36

Welcome to success story, the most useful podcast in the world. I’m your host, Scott D. Clary. The success story podcast is part of the blue wire podcast network as well as the HubSpot podcast network that’s about Podcast Network has other great podcasts like marketing made simple hosted by Dr. Jay J. Peterson. Now Marketing made simple brings you practical tips to make your marketing easy, and more importantly, make it work. If you’d like any of these topics, you definitely want to go check out the show how to write and deliver a captivating speech, how to market yourself into a new job, how design can help and also hurt your revenue, creating a social media ad strategy that actually works. If these topics resonate with you. Go check out marketing made simple wherever you get your podcasts. Today, my guest is Alvaro Nunez. Alvaro is the founder and CEO of super luxury group. They are an acclaimed luxury real estate media network. Fueled by his passion for real estate he has been working to enhance people’s lives through homes, real estate and luxury experiences. he aspires to revolutionize the luxury lifestyle industry by celebrity rising and selling multimillion dollar homes everywhere from Miami to other jetset locations abroad. He uses innovative and disruptive marketing techniques technology integrations and influencer collaborations to get this done. Alvarez sold some of the largest most luxurious pieces of real estate on the planet, and has worked with some of the most well known celebrities and influencers to create the perfect intersection of luxury lifestyle and influence in his business. Our various innovative take on real estate, how he markets how he sells his property, we go into all of that we speak about disruptive techniques, technologies, how he worked with some of the largest influencers in the world. We spoke about how he adopts a third door strategy to ensure his business success. We spoke about different types of entrepreneurship. And we spoke about why Elvira created a business that led to his perfect lifestyle. We spoke about community building, we spoke about some blockchain NFT crypto because he’s leveraging some of that for some of the projects he’s working on. And then of course, like all interviews, we take all the stuff that our veros learned and then we show you Aveiro shows you how to apply it to all these different legacy industries that you could be building businesses and so that hopefully, you can innovate and disrupt are some of the techniques that Overo has figured out. Let’s jump right into it. This is Alvaro Nunez, he is the CEO of super luxury group.


Alvaro Nunez  03:02

You know, we all have dreams as a kid and for me was to become a professional tennis player. So really, yes, that was my whole career. That’s


Scott D Clary  03:10

my tennis. My first job ever was coaching kids tennis. Oh, boy. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. We need to play. Yeah. So I was like, that was my first sport.


Alvaro Nunez  03:19

Really? Yeah, we’ll see you’re a tall guy like this. Yeah, that benefits


Scott D Clary  03:23

us for sure. You want to be a professional tennis player,


Alvaro Nunez  03:25

professional tennis players. So obviously, I come from a family of athletes, everybody’s like, really into sports. And I got a huge support team that, you know, was backing up everything that I wanted to accomplish in tennis. So for me, it was school and tennis. That’s it. So as we were getting closer towards, you know, teenager years, I had to decide whether I want to proceed with that or go more towards education. And we just faced a really big crisis, not just globally, but also in Spain, it was really bad. And on top of that, my father had a heart attack. So we always had lost everything, and had no longer that financial support to continue, you know, traveling the world and playing tournaments. So I had to choose to either, you know, find an alternative route or go directly to just focus on studying and that transition at 16 is a big decision to make. So for me, I found that solution on going to the States because in Spain, you didn’t have the ability to do sports and study in the university at the same time, you


Scott D Clary  04:30

wouldn’t get scholarships. Yeah, they like like they do in the States, which is like full rights, which is


Alvaro Nunez  04:35

beautiful, you know, because it allows you to continue in playing at a really high level, plus getting your completely tuition covered. And it’s a new experience. Right. So that’s when the award the American dream came into my mind and that’s what I wanted to really focus on that American dream to really go into the states, build myself up and do everything I could to really provide back to my family. So I went With one clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish, and as us is what opened me the doors, how was the man who I am today?


Scott D Clary  05:08

How is that like moving over and starting fresh in the US? Like, how do you how do you do that? Because you don’t even have career options at this point?


Alvaro Nunez  05:15

No, no, no. So obviously, you know, your whole life has been studied tennis, study tennis, and when you think in terms of becoming professional in tennis, and all the sudden all these things get shake that shaken up, because again, I come from a family that we basically had it all, like, we didn’t have any financial struggles. And I’ve always had anything I needed to all the sun and lose everything. And not just that, but to see your dad in, you know, in such terrible health condition and your family suffering, not just financially but emotionally, it makes you want to restructure your life in a way that whatever decisions you are taking forward, they need to be very clear. So at 16, you obviously don’t have the capacity or the experience to even know what you need to do. So I took that leap of faith to go to the states and coming here is definitely stepping out of your comfort zone, you have to know you’re coming into a country that you don’t know anything about. You don’t speak the language, you’re basically out of home. And any new thing that you enter to do is a new stepping stone that will take you farther in life. And in this case, you know that intrapreneurship mindset is something that really drilled down towards my soul, because this is where you could build whatever dreams you have. And that’s how it all started.


Scott D Clary  06:35

But so even even like the first iteration of your career, which like when I looked through your resume and what you’ve built, at its core, it was real estate. At its core, it was real estate, which is probably one of the most oversaturated fields in the world. Like I think everybody and their mother is like a real estate agent, everybody, right? So like, it’s not easy. So how did you how did you start? So you come to the US? Did you? Did you try other things? First, it didn’t work out?


Alvaro Nunez  07:02

No, of course. And look, I’ve always believed that you need to become really good at one thing at the beginning, focus on one thing become the best at it. So that you can add value, whatever capacity is in that space. Because if you try to do everything, you might not be able to grow efficiently in any particular space. So for me, it was marketing. You know, I graduated in business and marketing. But then I did my master’s, I did an MBA and focusing on marketing and everything that I was doing throughout my education was always applied to real life projects, you know, studying little businesses and everything with the angle of marketing. So always helping little businesses to stand out. And I saw the importance of digital marketing, not only traditionally but digitally. With social media, Google AdWords, I’ve always had a passion for marketing. I think that branding, and both you and I can agree on 100% is one of the most important things, both at a personal and a corporate level, in branding is everything. So when you understand how to operate at high levels in marketing, and how it can change the complete game, then you want to get really deep on it. And in this case, everybody can do real estate. Yes, of course. But if nobody knows about you, then who cares? Right? That’s everything. Yeah. And if you do a little bit of research on the statistics, 95% of the people that jump into real estate, they have zero clue about marketing. So for me, I didn’t start, you know, traditionally as everybody else with real estate, you know, you get your license you place your licensing or brokerage is to learning. No, I didn’t fall into that I build my own business from scratch. And I never worked for anybody. But the idea was, how do I tap into a luxury market without having that much experience? Well, you need to understand luxury. First, you need to understand the lifestyle. First, you need to brand yourself of somebody that understands it. So for me, I started by doing luxury villa rentals, I was organizing all the high end experiences in jet set locations. So just to back it up a little bit more. I had the opportunity to go into the Dominican Republic, after I worked at my first job here in the States and no longer was able to stay because of my visa. Yeah, I had to then transition and was either going to Spain and get back to regular, you know, less intrapreneurship


Scott D Clary  09:31

find a job, find a job basically,


Alvaro Nunez  09:33

or or try to, you know, proceed that intrapreneurship you went to Dominican, I went to Dominican because that’s where initially my parents after all this crisis and all this thing that happened moved into you know, my father is an architect and developer. My mother was doing real estate. And one of the houses that they sold is the guy that bought it. He’s like, Look, I’m not going to be here more than maybe two weeks a year. So could you guys rent it short term? This is when Airbnb was starting. This is when, you know, everybody was like, Okay, what is this platform to rent homes? Like what is it? So it’s not a hotel? I



don’t I don’t know exactly like, you know,


Alvaro Nunez  10:11

especially in the Caribbean, you don’t trust the size that much. So they asked me, it’s like, Look, you are the marketing guy. How would you promote this home? To read the short term? I was like, You know what? Good thing. Let me go check it out. So I went check that out. And it was really interesting. Because Have you been to Dominican Republic? Yeah. No, it’s a really interesting country. You know, it’s beautiful. It’s paradise is in the Caribbean, this mazing beautiful homes, waterfront, and most of them empty. At least back in the day.


Scott D Clary  10:41

I know that I know that a lot of I know that a lot of Canadians go down and they own property there. But it’s all gated. And like there’s a misconception that, I mean, a lot of it is not safe. But I mean, the gated community, luxury, it’s all gated and a luxury


Alvaro Nunez  10:52

communities are the best Castle, they can book up kind of a certain club. It’s beautiful. Now, I’ll tell you this, when I got there, I went to see the property and I saw the ones around, and they were all empty. And I’m like, What’s going on here? So I started door knocking, sweating like crazy guy. Yeah. And I started talking to the lady that was at the house, you know, just taking care of it, or the gardener? So when I was asking, is the owner here? Oh, no, he’s in Canada or Russia? Or, you know, overseas? Yeah. Like, well, when do they come here? Oh, maybe like a couple times a year is like, wow, could I speak with them, I have some people interested on potentially renting this place. So I started to talk to them, I started to tell them like, look, I believe that we can, you know, generate some income for your property, while at the same time I could manage it and make sure that it remains, you know, in good status, because otherwise the property start getting damaged. If you don’t really take good


Scott D Clary  11:47

care, it’s also a waste of it’s a waste of printing money


Alvaro Nunez  11:50

for the marketing, you make a good presentation, and you show them how you could do it. And they trust you, you put them on the OTAs, which is all these different platforms like Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway, plus, on your social media plus on your website, and slowly you start seeing more people coming in, coming in coming in. And not only just renting the place out, but you also start providing an experience, whether they need, you know, an activity or private chef or transportation. And the whole goal was to keep yourself elevating to a more higher degree of quality, whether that’s through the properties, through the type of experience that you offer. And the clientele that you’re building, is something that you’re carrying with you for whatever else they might need. Tell relationship business, you know, you’re at the end of the day providing value through the services that you can offer, which is the properties experience as you’re building that relationship. And, you know, one of the things that really turned out to become really interesting is that, once you build that infrastructure, and it’s working, well, you start seeing on how do I tap into a higher community? How do I tap into building my community? How do I bring more people on board, and you start seeing all these big companies like luxury retreats, which got acquired by Airbnb, or you look at inspirit or LVH, all these big companies that operate internationally and with the most high end clientele, they need some local partners, they need the people that offer these super high end properties and can provide the whole service. So I started reaching out to these companies and said, Look, I don’t see in your portfolio that you have any properties in Dominican Republic, this is what we could offer and I would love to work for you, you know, so any client you bring it will be you know, representing your brand. And they will super open to that. So we started to work with, you know, a certain degree of clients that, you know, the A listers that otherwise I will not have access to. So once you start building relationships with these people and understanding the game, you’re like, Well, I want to become the big guy. So that’s when you take that leap of faith and decided to expand a bit farther you know, I’m no longer remain local, but how you can build your own local partners in other different destinations. So the whole idea was to expand throughout the Caribbean. The brand not make it only locally but also make it a bit more international. And slowly while expanding in the Caribbean, started to do it in Europe and became that jetsetter locator guy that could provide you with the most high end properties you


Scott D Clary  14:32

franchise yourself out at this point you franchise yourself out and


Alvaro Nunez  14:35

I was not franchisee but I was utilizing the same business model that the big companies were doing. So basically you create not ambassadorships but you create local partners


Scott D Clary  14:46

and with other realtor real estate agent I chose another company that’s all about the spirit and then and also it also the The X Factor is the fact that you can always guarantee because you are a marketer, that these homes are going to be filled


Alvaro Nunez  15:00

So yes, and you know, like, what matters at the end of the day is to keep things consistently. So instead of building a business, you’re building basically a brand, a brand that when people book through this brand, they understand that they’re getting the same quality of service, they’re getting the same results. Yeah, no matter if they book in Mykonos, or they book in Dominican Republic. And the reason for that is because what we did is we ensured that whatever property was in our portfolio, they will go through a different type of checks, you know, it’s like, okay, the same type of service, the same type of quality when it comes to the mattresses, the lighting, like the minimum details. And again, these local partners are people that have specialized on becoming the best of what they do in that particular region.


Scott D Clary  15:45

Also, the experience piece is important. Do they know the best people to go to for this


Alvaro Nunez  15:49

so much, so much, and it’s a faster way to expand your business, otherwise, it will take many, many years. But if you know how to plug in with the right people that have already built that for years, you just need to provide a brand. Because what do these guys care about, to have access to our clientele to expand, you know, their bookings. So, for us, we became like the middleman. And it worked pretty well. Now, one of the things that was really interesting is that all these clients, what they do at the end of the day, is they want to have a great time, but they want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. So at the time, I was 24 years old. So they will they see the energy, they see they’re hustling in me, so they’re like, come with us. So all of a sudden, I’m organizing a private jet and an amazing villa, and they’re taking me with them. So no longer you’re just working, but you’re also experiencing this luxury lifestyle living. And it was fascinating, you know, for somebody that was coming at that moment, from nothing, to all the sudden be living this life and making money with it was fascinating. And you really get to know the insights of what these people really want, and what they care about and how they operate. And it really gets you to a different degree of understanding, right, because a lot of people try to sell luxury, but they don’t understand it. So I was actually living it through these type of services that I was providing. And slowly you start seeing that there is commonality, right, like a lot of these big players, they love to have a beautiful woman, the great setups. And so I was like, How can I access to, to provide this value and make it even to my advantage and also help everybody else like a win win situation. And that’s when influencer marketing came into the playground. Influencer marketing was something that at the time, he was not really that well known, specially in real estate, he was zero,


Scott D Clary  17:48

it’s gonna say, this is not what you learned from your marketing and your MBA.


Alvaro Nunez  17:50

Oh, no, no, I you know, that’s the funny part. Because, you know, just to trick you a couple of years before all of this happened. When I finished my MBA, I was, you know, at a startup working at a decent job. And slowly I progressed to become the director of operations. I had a, which is a fairly common that we have many, many of it. Yeah, so I was working for him, you know, and he placed me in a really tough position at a really young age. I was 22. And I was, you know, leading a really long, large team. And all of a sudden, I’m like, I have no clue what did I learn in school, this is not helping me. Now


Scott D Clary  18:26

I have my MBA to I don’t think I’ve actually ever thought of anything I’ve learned in my MBA seat or like that I actually use in my day to day I learned everything actually, before my MBA because I’ve worked in startups before my MBA, and then you learn everything because you’re just doing it


Alvaro Nunez  18:41

100% recommend a lot of people think, Oh, I’m gonna take another program. Another is like this Do do just just get to work. Yeah, come on. Experience. It’s okay to keep. I mean, I encourage everybody to keep educating yourself while working. Yeah, but not educate and don’t work longer. Yeah, like, because it’s okay, if you’re learning something, and you can apply it to whatever work you’re doing, you know, so at that time, I actually enrolled to an executive program at Harvard. And, you know, I was so excited. And actually, that was the only time that whatever I studied, I could apply it right away into what I was working. So that combination of working and studying. It’s completely, completely doable. It’s exciting.


Scott D Clary  19:21

But when you take two three years after and don’t work, just


Alvaro Nunez  19:26

zero. So when talking about like the influencer marketing, yeah, fast forward. What I learned in that MBA night


Scott D Clary  19:36

and that’s actually the that’s the core piece of your business now. Yeah,


Alvaro Nunez  19:39

exactly. Yeah, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you how because what happened is this was very interesting. Influencer marketing. It was not really a big thing. In real estate. Zero, I will say. I saw it was becoming very popular with you know, like cosmetics and clothing. So is how do we tap into influencer marketing and bring it into these luxury real estate lifestyle experiences? So it was a no brainer. Instagram was the playground for it, you know, how many Instagram influencers slash models will say no to somebody that is saying, Hey, would you like to stay at this beautiful villa in Mykonos for five days from June 5 to the 10th? All expenses taken care of, they’re not gonna say, like, what’s the catch? Yeah, I mean, you know, and on top of that, you’re giving them not a menu, but like a list of all the other influencers that are coming in. And the main thing about influencers that they love to do between them is to, you know, create content between other influencers so that the audience of them reaches the other, and vice versa. We’re


Scott D Clary  20:48

just talking about with the podcast, how do you build community, but the same level, same thing for any influencer doesn’t have to be a show, it could be just collaboration posts, whatever collaborations,


Alvaro Nunez  20:55

collaboration is the name of the game. So in this case, the idea was to bring him into these properties in exchange to create content and promote our brand. And the brand of the property, because we were branding properties, we were treating every property like its own business. So we were given its name and create a whole infrastructure. And that was the beautiful thing about it. And how could you kill the birds at once is by bringing the influencers beautiful models into the property, bringing the high net worth individuals that you know, are willing to pay for the property. Also, on top of that, you’re having the whoever owns the property, super happy, because, you know, for one, and is getting money, or, you know, at least at a discount, because we’re bringing the content and the promotion marketing material, you’re getting an amazing marketing strategy that otherwise you will not get with a couple of photos and videos. Yeah. And on top of that is like how do we take it even farther, by reaching out to the luxury brands in our like, product placement. Because that setup of super high end property with influencers in a beautiful Jetsons destination, you don’t get to have that every day. So you talk to any luxury brand that will love to sponsor the trip, or, you know, at least play and put the brand in there. They most of the time, say yes. And it’s easy, because the influencers, yeah, they love to attach themselves to these luxury brands, they love to get paid, they love to have a great experience, and everybody wins. And for us, as a company, it’s beautiful. Because not only we’re reaching a broader audience, but we’re also becoming that authority in the luxury space. So that whenever, you know, somebody from the luxury brand audience sees this, they reach out for whatever luxury villa rental they need. And same thing with these influencers. And same thing with this high net worth individual. So we create this platform, we create this beautiful mix of things. And those are the pillars of our company. You know, it’s like high net worth individual luxury homes, influencers, large celebrities and luxury brands, you know, and obviously, luxury property has been our main main angle, and it’s been working well. So that’s what SOG does, super luxury group. And the transition was a bit you know, more exciting than than anything else, because the transition was the company that started in Dominican Republic decided to stay there. It’s like, okay, no longer focus about the business. Because who cares about booking a property Mikelis in a company in Dominican Republic, nobody. And I wanted to come back to the States. So that was like my American dream. 2.0 Because after having to leave the country, I wanted to come back. So I ended up getting an investor visa, coming back into the country. And I’ll tell you a very emotional story. I don’t know if emotional is the word but you know, when when if I asked you success story podcast, like why success story podcast, there is always a meaning.


Scott D Clary  23:55

There is I mean, I love what I do. I love talking to incredible people. And when you love doing something, it’s not work. And I And I’ll do it till I die.


Alvaro Nunez  24:03

That’s it. Yeah. I mean, it’s beautiful. And you know, there is a core in whatever you just said, it’s part of your DNA and everything that you do. It’s a reflection of what you just mentioned. So I had a little story that how super luxury group came into fruition, because I had this company in Dominican Republic, and it took like four months to travel the world yes, to connect with all these local brands, and local partners. So I said, okay, the company is working well, in Dominican Republic, now is the time to expand, I’m gonna take four or five months to just travel. And I’m gonna set up meetings with all these local partners understand how they’re doing business, in whatever destination it is that we want to expand, and start building these partnerships. And on the meantime, build a brand that will create infrastructure that everybody’s want to go to, and book through us. So on those five months, I did this trip and came back to Madrid came back to Madrid, I was already looking into what the next step will be. And I had a meeting, not a meeting, but I went to see my grandpa, my grandfather was a very successful visionary that has done tremendous things in marketing. And I admire him a lot. You know, he’s very successful guy, if you google him, you’ll see, okay, I will now you’ll see incredible things. I had massive respect for him. And when we sat down, I was telling him about this beautiful experience, you know, throughout this four or five months traveling and connecting with all these people, and what I wanted to do, you know, like, what was that passion that was inside of me, because I always believed in the same thing, you know, create a business that fulfills your



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Scott D Clary  26:35

And do you feel at that point?


Alvaro Nunez  26:36

Oh,my God was? Yeah, of course. And he was getting that. And I had this fire inside. And it was all about building that vehicle that will allow you to live that lifestyle. Yeah, you know, because is the LD lifestyle design, you want to define how you want to live and then build a vehicle that will allow you to do so. Because what happens is that regardless of having a great nine to five job, all of a sudden, you’re like, Whoa, what, what’s going on in here, I’m not leaving really my life on my own terms, you know, like this.


Scott D Clary  27:06

That’s, that’s 99% 100%. But sometimes


Alvaro Nunez  27:09

you don’t realize even I agree, myself, you know, when I was 22, and I was working with Benny, I had like a really great job, I was making six figures doing very well. And according to 99% of the population, I was living the dream. Yeah. And yes, in the eyes of others, he was amazing. Even myself, I believed it as like, wow. You know, called my nice car, nice house, I’m doing anything that I want, quote, and then all of a sudden, you realize that you’re not living life, you’re not living life. You’re just basically keeping your life in a routine, but you’re not doing what you want. You’re doing what society thought it was the right thing to do. And he was not until I didn’t get my visa approved that I had to make a decision on what my next move will be. And it was at that point, moving to Dominican Republic, that really taught me while I was not really living my life, in my own terms, I was not doing what I really love. I didn’t even know what it was that I actually love doing. I love traveling, I love connecting with successful people, I love being surrounded by like these beautiful homes, like if I was not a businessman, I will be an architect, you know, that was always part of what I wanted to do. So I was not living my life on my own terms. And that’s why sometimes you need to take that leap of faith, even if he’s forced or not, to start something. And that’s when we talk about creating a business that fulfills your passion. And coming back from this trip on four or five months after your grandpa. Yeah, we had this conversation, it was really interesting, because he was, you know, very old at the time, and he took a napkin, out of his pocket. Like, this is gonna be your future, this is gonna be what you’re dreaming of. Hold tight to this. And you’ll be very successful, both as you know, fulfillment wise and professionally. And I opened the napkin and it was the logo, super luxury group, like super luxury group. And I was like, What is this? And he explained the meaning of why super luxury group. And again, this is a guy that came up with the term visa, you know, this is the guy I have to Google. He, he’s next level, you know, I admire him a lot, a lot of the term coke for Coca Cola. That was him. He was one of the main advisors for these big companies. Very smart, and very intelligent. And when I saw that, obviously, I was not just gonna laugh, I was gonna really try to understand why super luxury group and he was giving me the whole explanation on how you want to be above you know, what the standards of luxury are, and you will create a community you’re creating this group. So, you know, he was just giving me this whole explanation as like a Carry tied to it and I went to the States to open the business right away. You know, I went to the States And the next move was to open the LLC and to start building that American dream 2.0. And as I opened the business, I call back, and he’s not answering. So I reached out to see what was going on, he passed away. It was the last time I spoke with him. That was my last conversation. And that’s why this company carries a lot of value, not just professionally, but personally, you know, and, and I carry this conversation so deeply with me, because whatever I’m doing with this company has a lot to do with the conversation I had for the last time with my grandfather. And, and it’s beautiful to see how it has grown and the potential that he still has ahead. So, you know, just little resume and summary on how super luxury group came in. But, you know, sometimes it’s about taking that leap of faith and moving forward and believing in something.


Scott D Clary  30:54

When you, when you had the conversation with your grandfather, and he was breaking down the super luxury, did you have an idea of where you wanted to take that or what you wanted to build it into? That you’d have that vision then where you want it? How big you want to take super luxury?


Alvaro Nunez  31:08

No, not really, you know, I was 24. young, very young 2425. And I know obviously, at a young age, yes, you you want to dream big, and you’re excited you think the whole world is ahead for you. But


Scott D Clary  31:22

But you don’t have a clear vision, like when did that vision start to form?


Alvaro Nunez  31:25

Once it started to take action here in the States? You know, I’m, I’ll tell you because the business transitioned a bit, you know, and the way transition is that the whole idea, obviously, as you could see was, you know, the luxury villa rentals and experiences around that in Jetsun locations. But then COVID happened, right COVID happened. And it was a really interesting moment to to adjust. And instead of just focusing on continuously building these great experiences, I said, Okay, what have I learned throughout this years doing it, I build a great network. I’ve built great exposure. I’ve learned the power of marketing, we’ve built a great team of ambassadors, slash influencers that we can tap into anytime. And looking at that, and what the current demand is, demand is not traveling. This is during COVID, the demand was in traveling, the demand was buying real estate in Miami. A lot of people were moving to Miami and the company based here in Miami, I started to see this booming effect of everybody wanting to come in here. So I said, why instead of focusing on selling real estate, you know, instead of like all these traveling experiences, why not focus on selling real estate in Miami?


Scott D Clary  32:40

And that was the same playbook, you just


Alvaro Nunez  32:43

playbook. And that’s when the concept celebrities in homes took place. Because it was the idea of bringing these influencers to the properties, and then create this super sexy content that will make it very appealing for anybody to want to be part of this home. And we started, you know, activating this business model property started to get sold very quickly. And not directly through us. But we said, Okay, how do we tap into the most expensive homes, I have zero experience in selling real estate I’ve experiencing in other things. But I haven’t sold a luxury property my life it has been renting them. I’ve been renting them, but I understand luxury, I have built his relationships. So how do I get towards becoming one of the top real estate brokers in Miami? And instead of 20 years, like most of the people that are in that space? How can I do it in one. And sometimes people will say you can’t. And, you know, I said I’m gonna continue doing my thing. I’m gonna continue attending the most high end events everywhere, I’m gonna continue building this network. But in the meantime, believe in the business model of celebrities in these homes on creating that marketing angle. So marketing has been huge. And the moment that you realize that some people that are selling these super high end properties are lacking in something and you can provide that value, then you’re winning, because you started looking at all these top brokers. And they’re great because they’re selling these homes, but they don’t have that marketing push, they don’t have access to the influencers, the way we do, they don’t have access to these luxury brands the way we do, they don’t have access to the international high net worth less than we do have access. Because most of the people that sell these top high end properties 99% of them, they stay local, they stay local, they stay here, they might do a trip here and there for their own sake, but they don’t go and network out there. You know, there is just a few individuals that do that. You know, and for myself, I’ve encountered very great situations where you go like I’m going next week, for example to Cannes Film Festival. It’s going to be a two weeks of red carpet events and amazing people that will be meeting. Now if you position yourself as the guy that sells high end real estate in Miami. Guess what, whenever they’re coming to Miami they’ll think of you. They will not going to think about the top broker from Miami You are the top broker from Miami.


Scott D Clary  35:03

I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor today’s episode HubSpot. Now security is one of the major issues big tech is currently facing. From AI scrapes to data leaks starting your business solidly can be just as difficult as growing it securely. HubSpot is on a mission to help your business grow better with a CRM platform that grows with you start your venture with hub spots, easy to use secure website builder that scales with your business. As you grow and show your team of two is just as secure as your team of 200. With secure sign on content and asset partitioning, and scalable team permissions, whatever comes next, make sure your business is ready for it. Learn how your business can grow It’s so interesting how people’s worldview is so is so compartmentalized, even when they even when they’re that successful. Because the strategy you’re deploying is you’re just taking international buyers, you’re bringing them into Miami, and that’s yeah, and then you’re adding on the marketing angle whatnot course. It’s like it’s such a simple, like, it’s not like a very complicated, but


Alvaro Nunez  36:04

people don’t have access to these things or they don’t know how to tap into they haven’t tried to they haven’t tried or they are comfortable in the house. And you know, sometimes we leave too fast. We don’t realize it, but we are doing this thing over and over and over. And then he’s like, wow, it’s been a year I met I met so many of these top brokers that are doing very well. They’re making a lot of money. Like what are you doing with that money. I don’t know, I’m but I’m working, but I’m working. And then 10 years pass and they’re still doing the same thing. Great, they’ll have great fortunes, I don’t want to spend my money, my 50s I want to be able to live my life. Now. If I want to go like I did in February go to climb Kilimanjaro or I want to do an Ironman or I want to go for three weeks to Bali, or I want to do whatever I want to do now. I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 and F, you know acquiring of wealth. No, that’s LD lifestyle design. You design your own lifestyle. And for some people becoming wealthy becoming super rich means to have a lot of money. For me, it’s not to become a billionaire is to be able to utilize your assets into your own lifestyle design. How can you use your time efficiently? How can you decide what to do whenever you want? That’s luxury, you know? And a lot of these people, yes, they’re making a lot of money selling these properties, but they’re not according to certain people’s terms living their life. So I’m not judging anybody. All I’m saying is that I saw an opportunity of helping these people with marketing. So I approached with that. I said, Look, you have this amazing property for sale. Let me help you sell it faster.


Scott D Clary  37:43

And walk me through Oh, sorry, I didn’t interrupt, I was gonna ask, I want to understand like, you’ve now manufactured this life where you do bring in international buyers, you market you expedite the sale of the actual property. So what are the actual, the actual results of you coming into Miami, and trying to be at the level of a top broker, and under a year,


Alvaro Nunez  38:02

I just summarized and I haven’t talked about results that much. And I don’t really brag and talk about money, things. But first year selling real estate, I was able to sell a $22 million home. And I don’t talk about pretty good. You know, I don’t talk about this much. But you know, a lot of people will dream to sell this type of properties in their career.


Scott D Clary  38:21

But it’s irrelevant, because I need to unpack the marketing strategy. That’s, that’s that’s the point, right? It’s irrelevant. You


Alvaro Nunez  38:26

don’t international buyer and German guy. And again, it’s not about, you know, doing or selling real estate, it’s about taking your friends shopping, when you build a trust, when you’ve been able to build these relationships, they trust you doesn’t matter if I sell shoes, or I sell houses, they will trust you. And if you position yourself as the guy that can provide that type of service, they’ll go with you. So this guy coming to Miami. So as 99% of the people that come in here, that is a very hot market, they had the capacity to buy a property, so why not. And they went ahead and did it. And they did it with somebody that they trust. Because you know, it’s a relationship business, it’s a people’s business. Now, that’s from the buying angle of when you’re looking into the selling aspect, when you’re actually helping a property owner to sell the house. You’re looking into a competitive market. I mean, even though we’re facing a seller’s market where everybody you know, it’s like fighting towards getting a property you want to be selling at a super high end price point. You don’t want to have to reduce prices to fit the buyers need. Now you want to be able to list it as high as possible and sell it at that price point. And the way you do that is by making it desirable. And to make it desirable. You need to have a right market strategy. You cannot just listed on the MLS and yeah, because it’s on the MLS and it’s right now hot market people will call you and that’s a matter you want to make sure that people go and say like I want this property period, whatever it is You want 3 million above our pay it, because that’s how good it is, you know, a lot of these brokers, they, at the end of the day want to sell the house and they want to sell it at a good price. So if I’m able to bring something valuable, which is exposure, credibility, authority and buyers, it’s a no brainer. And that’s how I attach my brand, to super high end properties. That’s how our unit and super luxury group and the whole team behind gets to work with super high end properties from the very beginning, instead of having to find 567 years with, you know, apartments and this and that until you get that chance. So you expedite the process. So I started to work with some top brokers here in Miami to help them sell their homes. Now, when those properties sell, guess what you can use this case study and present it to a property owner and said, Look, you see your property right here? That property, two doors next to yours just got salt, we were helping with all the marketing. I mean, we would love to do the same thing for yours. Would you be interested? Oh my god, yes, very professional, very good. But now what I do is because we are a brokerage, we can list the property, but we will bring the other broker on board, so that we are no longer just the marketing person. We are now the broker, but we’re also listing it with another broker. So now you can tie yourself up in a way that you’re bringing that authority and you’re expediting it’s so fast, because people at the end of the day, they want results, right? They want results, they want to sell the house, or they want to buy a house, whatever the case is. And if you can provide them with that you’re winning.


Scott D Clary  41:44

You know, the I think that the main takeaway, like the two things that you’ve leveraged over your entire career, you’ve leveraged relationships. And then you also leveraged social leverage social leverage community. And what you’ve done actually could apply to a lot of legacy businesses that don’t know how to move the needle quicker. Like if I think of other professional services that could like leverage your playbook. You can leverage that in working with like doctors or lawyers, or anyone who’s trying to figure out like increased deal flow. And like, you could just become like a marketing and relationship and connector and broker and middleman for almost any, like, high value transactions. I’ve actually one of the guys in Toronto, actually. I think his name’s like Jamie Dimon. Okay. And all he does is he’s a marketing machine. And he he I think he has his I think he actually he is a lawyer, but I don’t think he tries cases. He’s such a great marketing machine, that he just brings deals for other lawyers that don’t know how to market. And that’s all he does now. And that’s how, and you’ll see his face in arenas and on buses and on signs everywhere. But that’s all. So it’s just about, it’s understanding how it’s understanding how to attract attention, and then you and then you find a way to funnel that attention to people that don’t know how to attract that attention over sent. And you can take that playbook and use it in a variety of different industries to but like, you’re again, you’re ahead of the curve, like the stuff you’re playing now is not stuff you learn in MBA.


Alvaro Nunez  43:09

No. I mean, hopefully somebody will will teach it, you know, because I believe that more people need to understand the power of marketing and branding and exposure. I mean, attention is one of the strongest currency we’re talking about cryptocurrency right now.


Scott D Clary  43:24

I’m going crazy. And that’s the next thing that I want to go into. I want to understand because now all the conferences that used to be get, they’re all crypto web three NF. T. So that’s something that’s interesting. So you you always they had, you always thought


Alvaro Nunez  43:38

ahead of the curve. Yeah, you want to become a pioneer in something because life is about taking chances. You know, who knows if something that you’re going to be taken on is going to take off or not, but if you believe in it, you go fool with it. You know, and, and I have always seen things as the evolution of whatever it is, you know, the evolution of real estate. In this case, it was leading towards this the web three. Now we have the metaverse, right. So talking a little bit about influencer marketing that was kind of like the evolution of marketing, how people were marketing. Traditionally, it was no longer going to be the way that people market themselves. That’s


Scott D Clary  44:17

funny though, even though you’ve already gone through the evolution of marketing. And now you’re going to the evolution of real estate and web three. Most people still haven’t evolved in their marketing practices, right?


Alvaro Nunez  44:26

They don’t want because they’re too comfortable doing the same thing over and over. They are afraid of that taking that


Scott D Clary  44:32

you have when you look at it at the industry. Do you see a lot of people that do what you do the way you do it? Or are you still so even even now, even now in 2022 when everybody understands that, you look at other other use cases like look at Grant Cardone look at how he buys buildings, right he fundraisers against his audience. That’s how he buys buildings. He crowd funds from buildings because of his 10 or whatever, 7 million 10 million followers. So


Alvaro Nunez  44:57

no, it’s it’s incredible. You know, everybody utilizes different math But, you know, he’s done an amazing job building his community. And obviously he can tap into that community. Every scenario he


Scott D Clary  45:06

launches we talk. Every so empathy, wines. VaynerMedia Vayner, sports Vayner speaker, everything he does, it’s like he has immediate access to millions of eyeballs.


Alvaro Nunez  45:16

Yeah. And you just need like a small percentage to agree to take one on that. And that’s it. You’re winning. Yeah. So it’s really interesting. But even though some of the big players, let’s say, in this case for real estate, Gregor, don’t they are not tapping into this. metaverse. NFT? Kryptos? No, you’re


Scott D Clary  45:34

still ahead there.


Alvaro Nunez  45:36

You know, in fact, we were speaking at the NFT, Miami, we’re on the same stage. And he was asking this question because, because he sees, he sees the importance of it, and he wants to tap into it, we’re actually talking about potential opportunities to do in there. But even those big players, they’re, you know, so good at what they do in their own angle, that they’re staying a bit away from these new tendencies, these new trends, but slowly kind of getting slow death, man, yeah, slow down. And you know, one of the things that I believe that SOG has been really good at is staying ahead of the curve. And not always you’re gonna be right, you know, there’s gonna be some trends that may die quick, some of them will stay. And you know, if you write that way, from the very beginning, you will win. And you’ll maximize like when clubhouse came in, you know, if you were able to start on clubhouse at an early stage, you will tap into that high hot audience right away. That’s how we were able to build beautiful relationships from the very beginning. If you got into clubhouse when he was dying, then what’s the point? nobody’s using it? Really, it’s


Scott D Clary  46:39

like Facebook now. Exactly. You’re not even starting Instagram is different. Like all you have to be, you have to be where the new audiences were. Right? It’s all about organic reach to


Alvaro Nunez  46:48

talk, even when tick tock started to become, you know, very, very virally, you know, I very, very violent tick tock, and I’ve been doing all these videos that got a lot of views. And I’ve been able to build amazing relationships out of tick tock, and although people, you know, didn’t even got into it, or they go for a minute, and it’s like, as not for me by, you know, it’s not that tick tock is the platform to be or that Instagram or the Facebook or clubhouse, whatever platform you choose, it needs to be that platform because your audience is in there. If your audience is in that platform, go to have that platform become good at it, understand how you can tap into the other people’s audiences. And the same thing with LPs, other people’s status. How can you tap into this guy’s audience? Well, maybe invite them to a podcast, or maybe invite him to a conversation or do a collaboration post. I mean, I think those things are so valuable these days tapping into the audience of someone else,


Scott D Clary  47:42

because nobody’s ever done anything on their own. And I don’t know why I don’t know why people that create content, think they have to do things on their own either. You’re trying to build the business, you normally wouldn’t do it on your own. I just want to take a second to thank the sponsor of today’s episode Now, you know, if you’ve ever received a corporate gift or swag in the past, how many of those gifts that you actually keep? Probably not many, which is probably because the stuff that you got was not so great. I’ve gotten like a lot of stuff on trade shows, and from companies in the past that I’ve just thrown out the second I get it. So this is why you need to check out I’ve been on the receiving end of getting garbage gifts. I’ve also worked in companies, where I only had access to a really, really small inventory of stuff that I wanted to give my customers and my employees. And I knew that it wasn’t going to resonate, I knew that was going to suck. So what is Well, it’s like swag upgrade, it’s the best place to buy custom gifts and swag that people will actually want to keep. So they sent me a box because obviously they’re sponsoring the show. And I wanted to see what it’s all about, you know, I’ve worked in businesses, I want to make sure that the quality of their stuff actually was up to my standards, because I can tell you right now that when I get garbage, it goes right into the trash. It’s like it really goes right into the trash second to get back from the trade show or the conference or whatever. So I received one of the customs white boxes from I loved the unique packaging. So it was a beautiful unboxing experience. I love the actual products they sent me and there’s a whole bunch more that obviously they didn’t send me. But the stuff that they did send was absolutely beautiful. It was very high quality. And I can only imagine that if I actually got this when I was working for companies, I probably would have actually used it and to be honest, I’m going to start using them for people that work on my show and in my company as well because I know it this isn’t just a novelty gift that somebody’s gonna throw it it’s stuff that they can actually use. They have so many unique and customizable gifts that I’ve never seen anywhere else. They have custom yoga mats. They have custom Apple air pods. They even have branded kayaks, which I did not know was a thing. So they carry all these premium brands like North Face, Yeti, Nike, and more and it’s all customizable with your company’s logo or artwork with They take care of all of yours. got their warehouse, and they ship it to individual addresses. Or if you prefer, you can just send it to a bulk location in one single shipment. It’s easy to manage from their online portal, which you obviously get access to. So if this is something that you think would benefit you, if you have clients, or customers or a team, and you want to go the extra mile, and you actually want to give gifts that people appreciate, which is the whole point of giving these gifts in the first place, go to for the perfect swag and custom gifts. Right now they’re giving everybody who’s a success story, podcast listener special offer, it’s 10% off your entire order, but only when you go to and enter promo code success 10. Remember, for 10% off, go to and use promo code success 10 It’s impossible. Like I don’t know many people that just work just for themselves, no employees, no investors and make multi millions of dollars, maybe Maybe one, maybe, but not many. I mean, so you need that you need to collaborate with people. Even when you build a business, you work with partners, you work with vendors, you work with other people that can help access their audiences other email that you want to market against, like, why would you not do the same?


Alvaro Nunez  51:16

You have to people already have spent so much time and effort to build that audience? Why not to tap into their why? Why do you need to spend so much time and this goes back to the same example of like real estate, you know why you want to go traditionally and build your real estate career the same way that everybody has done when you can just start selling a $25 million home right away? You know, so it’s about understanding everything from a higher vision point. And once you have that understanding, go for it. Look, your audience, you’ve done a tremendous job building this podcast, we’re having fun, I’m adding some value probably to your audience. We’re having a good conversation that probably both my audience and yours will enjoy and whoever doesn’t know about you from my audience will now know that and vice versa. Yeah, so and maybe that will lead to some good conversations with other people. But that’s about something that it’s critical in terms of branding. And I think that right now when we were talking about crypto NFT, the metaverse, the reason that I go into stages is because I wanted to stay ahead of the curve into something that was becoming very interesting. But that was not brought into real estate yet. Funnily enough, a lot of these successful real estate brokers, they have no clue. Plus, they disregarded they’re like, we’re too busy, we’re too busy doing what we’re doing. You know, we’re too busy selling homes, we’re too busy, which is fair enough, go sell your houses, great. I agree. If you’re making money, go for it. But I will not say forget about what we’re facing in our because this is a new a new world that we need to untap and that we need to discover. And we need to educate ourselves, we need to connect with this new community. And it’s fascinating. So when I’m speaking on stages about this, a lot of people are clueless about what it is, they have no idea, which is also very interesting for me, because it’s like an opportunity to add value to a community. And these are the people that come back to you asking for advice asking for, you know, some guidance. And in this case, you can guide them towards whatever you believe could be valuable to them. And, and it’s incredible, because now the same way that you build communities in the traditional way, let’s say for real estate with interior designers, architects and so on. Now you’re doing the same thing, but with the Mara architect, the Mara interior designer, and they’re actually just focusing on building these virtual houses and how you promote them. And it’s just the evolution of it. You know, it’s like how can you add additional value to your property by creating an NFT of it? How can you transact through the blockchain? How can you make every transaction faster, more clean, and you can actually tap with the cryptocurrencies.


Scott D Clary  53:58

So help me understand this, because that’s something that I’ve never spoken about on this podcast. Okay, there you go. So real estate in the metaverse. So the concept is pretty straightforward. I mean, if you if you don’t look so we can describe what an NF T is. And the fact that obviously, it makes the house unique, and that makes the property unique, so that it can’t be duplicated, and whatnot so that it can actually have value associated with it. But outside of like just understanding NF T’s and then the fact that you can build an asset, digital asset that can be like it’s like a one of one. I still don’t understand how you would you would subscribe and, and allocate value to excuse me, outside of the fact that if it’s an NFT, like a JPEG, like an artwork, whatever, it would be the same. It would be the same measure of value would be just FOMO or or scarcity that would create value because you can’t you can’t allocate value to Metaverse real estate like regular real estate which actually has the The benefit of you being able to physically live in it. So is it more just like another piece of art kind of project that you would allocate value to? Is that


Alvaro Nunez  55:11

thinking digital marketing? Right? You can.


Scott D Clary  55:14

I’m not saying it right. So help me understand. Let me say it.


Alvaro Nunez  55:17

So, because it makes sense. And this is how a lot of people think is like, Well, why would I own a virtual piece of real estate? Like, what am I going to do with it? Is it just like a ego thing? Like, look, I have my virtual house yet. The reality of it is that you can do so many things. People are paying $60,000 a month just to rent a property in the metaverse. Why will somebody paid $60,000 to rent a place in the metaverse? I don’t know, I’ll tell you. The reason for that is because it’s an amazing marketing tool. A lot of the brands, they want to have exposure, you know, you can have a property here. And you can do a lot of cool events and host parties and bring people in. Great, a lot of people do that. Now, if you think in terms of virtual space, if you have that virtual property, you can host millions of people, because people can just tap into it from anywhere in the world. And the concept of whatever you want to do in this space, is what’s going to define the success of it or not, and whether it’s valuable or not, if you’re just having it for the sake of having it, yeah, whatever you have it. But if you want to utilize it and add value through hosting some events, conferences, whether you want to just place your own nfts instead of having them on open sea, you place them on your actual property, beautiful. If you want to rent that space to have any other artists to place there are there, you’re renting the space, you’re super leasing the space as well.


Scott D Clary  56:45

So can you give people exposure to an audience again?


Alvaro Nunez  56:49

Exposure? For me, it’s worth it, you know, if let’s say I want to talk to that community, if I want to talk to that community, as well just pay for it. You know, it’s like no different than paying for a billboard, you know, a lot of eyes are looking at the billboard, this is the same thing. So it’s depending on how you look at it, right? I mean,


Scott D Clary  57:06

I had I’ve never had anybody explain, but it’s very simple, but I’ve never had anybody explain to look that up


Alvaro Nunez  57:10

in terms of marketing. Yeah, and not just that, I mean, the beautiful thing about these spaces that is so creative, there’s so many angles on how you can tap into it. But it all started with a very basic thing of like cryptocurrencies, right. So people are investing in cryptocurrencies, which a lot of them gain tremendous value goes up and downs, but whatever. But overall, it got a lot of, you know, interest track record on how from this, it became so high,


Scott D Clary  57:37

of course, then the whole market explodes, then you have the web three, and we start with


Alvaro Nunez  57:41

that, in terms of real estate, I started to see because I travel a lot. So I start to meet all these people in Dubai and everywhere, like making so much money in crypto, and I’m like, Oh, my God, shit, what am I doing? I need to start getting into this, you know, but instead of saying, oh, I need to start investing in crypto, I said, How do I get these people to buy real estate? You know, how to the idea always says how to bring anything that is a trend, anything that is a new tendency, how do you bring it to your space? That’s how I’ve always looked into things as opposed to because you can suppose the view and say like, oh, fuck real estate, I’m gonna say invest in crypto, I want to be a crypto investor. You know, like, a lot of people do that they jump from one trend to another. And they forgot about the what they were doing. I’m building my real estate empire. And the way that you build it is not by just forgetting forgetting about it. And jumping into the next thing is by understanding what’s trending and bringing it to your space. So crypto, when it started, it was really interesting to see how many people were making so much money. But nobody was able to do anything with it, because I asked, okay, so what do you do with it? Great. You paid, you paid 10,000. Now you have 10 million. Great, what do you do with it? All? Nothing yet, but but eventually it’s like, okay, so that made me think is like, how do we find a way for these people to buy real estate? Because most of these people, the reality is that they are young guys. So if you bring them there, the fantasy of owning a penthouse in Miami, especially in Miami out of all places, which became the crypto capital, everybody will say yes, but they didn’t know how to. So then you start building that bridge, and you start understanding, okay, how can we make it simple for people to start buying with crypto and again, this is a couple years ago when nobody was doing it. This was during COVID at the beginning. And it was fascinating because you start tapping into some of the property owners that believe in crypto so that they will accept crypto, so it’s an easy wallet to Wallet transaction. So we took part of some of these big transactions. However, when not the property owner wants to accept crypto then what do we do? Well, there is companies like FTX and some others that they will transact you know, it’s like okay, we convert the crypto into US dollars and The seller gets us dollars and buyer pays with crypto, everybody’s happy. And it’s a fee for that and all happy. There is ways to do it. But up to date, I built a community of super successful brokers, developers, interior designers like in the real estate community around the world. And when I talk to them, and I tell them like, Are you doing anything with crypto yet? Or no, no, the owners don’t on exam like, you don’t need to have the property owners to accept crypto, there is ways to go around it. That’s this, the scarcity mindset of like people wanting to like remain like they’re not open to try to find ways to tap into this. And that’s the beautiful thing about tapping into new communities. The Crypto community is really fascinating. And it’s evolving, you know, because from there, you went to the NF T’s and NF T’s, the non fungible tokens. It’s also fascinating world


Scott D Clary  1:00:53

and doing the same thing with with a crypto audience as you did with an international audience saying,


Alvaro Nunez  1:00:57

same thing. So it is really nice, because when you start tapping into that community, I do that real estate, nobody talks about real estate, he was something that he was very unheard of, you know, everybody was doing NF T’s in the terms of his of art, or this thing or this thing, that nobody was doing it with real estate. So when you go there to try to educate yourself and find ways to bring that into real estate, then you start coming up with interesting projects. Like for example, a lot that is $30 million worth, how do we sell this lot, utilizing the power of NF Ts, so we create a whole NFT collection of renderings. So each rendering is a potential different house that could be built in this lot. And whoever has access to this NFT collection will be able to build these renderings, whether that’s in the real life, or in the metaverse, which is pretty nice, because now you have access to properties and is again from the angle of marketing. If I’m trying to sell you this lot I can show you. Yeah, these are the renderings, this is how it will look. But if I’m able to get you into the space, so you’re actually looking at how the house will look like everything, then you do like this. And all of a sudden it’s a different type of house. It’s a different experience. And you’re tapping into also the community of people that can pay with crypto. So it’s very fascinating. There’s a lot of things that are going on, we could talk for hours,


Scott D Clary  1:02:20

I find it interesting, I’m learning. You asked me to like do this podcast, I’m learning as we do it.


Alvaro Nunez  1:02:25

I’ll tell you this. Yeah, because when you are able to add some value, like we just talked for five minutes, but there’s so many other things. In fact, I’m flying. I’m not flying. I’m driving tomorrow to Key West, and I’ll be speaking at a conference for real estate. And it’s fascinating to see that a lot of these people, they have no clue about crypto and FTS metaverse. So the moment that you start giving a little bit of insights on it, it activates some of those brain cells to want to get into it. And for me, also, it’s a great opportunity to build that authority and to tap into a new community because it gives you the credibility to be able to speak on stages, you know, otherwise, why would I be speaking on in front of 3000 people with Grant Cardone, you know, like, I have no rights to be doing that unless I can add some value. So in this case, that’s a great platform, you know, to be speaking in front of audiences in conferences, because all these people that are watching because what they record, they do the stories, and then all their audience also are looking at who’s speaking on stage. And that’s how you build your brand.


Scott D Clary  1:03:28

What are what are new emerging trends that we’ve spoken about NF T’s and even like augmented reality metaverse? What are the things that you’re going to try and bring into super luxury in the future?


Alvaro Nunez  1:03:40

Well, I mean, I’ve always tried to remain solid on my values, and also on the vision of the company. So we want to bring like a TV show,


Scott D Clary  1:03:50

or working with some marketing angle still always marketing angles, marketing


Alvaro Nunez  1:03:52

angle, yeah, marketing is going to because it’s a brokerage and a media company at the same time. So I believe in that every company should be the very beginning. Yeah, I’ve believed in it 100%. And there is such a huge opportunity in anything you do to focus on media, because everybody needs exposure, attention is the strongest currency, no matter if it’s crypto today, or whatever it is, attention will still remain as the strongest currency. So that media angle in the business is going to still remain strong. So from, you know, speaking at conferences, hosting events, and you know, right now, with a TV show that we’re working on, that’s always gonna be different arms that create these massive exposure, and eventually, for super luxury group ideas to start developing. You know, it’s like a whole ladder. First, we were with the luxury villa rentals. Now we’re selling real estate, and then in a few years we’ll be building.


Scott D Clary  1:04:48

What’s your advice for somebody that wants to have the same eye for marketing as you do? How would you recommend somebody go start their career, build their business and stay on top of trends like you do? What’s What’s your strike? Ready for always knowing what’s up. And


Alvaro Nunez  1:05:01

the strategy is to start, look, we have access, we have access these days to anything, right? So I will suggest to look into somebody that kind of inspires you that is doing well. And it’s a no brainer, you can just look who are the trendsetters at the moment, right? Like Gary Vee, you can look at some of these guys that are doing very well, and see what they’re talking about, see who they follow, see what they bring in on their projects, and start following a few people start reading some books, understand what’s going on, and then find ways that you can add value. And that’s what I focused on from the very beginning. And I still do up to today, I don’t have a really nice podcast like you. But I’ve done also like something called the SOG meetups, where I bring some really interesting people from the luxury space to talk about their story, not in this professional manner. But something quick, simple that at least gives the opportunity for somebody to raise their voice to talk about what they’re doing, and tap into our community, which is very valuable. And because of that, I’m able to also learn really interesting things I’m able to tap into their community, grow my brand. So for somebody that is starting off, I will suggest not to have a podcast, which I will suggest everybody to have some kind of podcast to talk about some particular topic, but specialize in something first specialize in something first and a few times like really, really specialize in something First, choose a topic, choose something that you’re passionate about. And once you’ve identified something that you’re passionate about, get deep on it, get deep on it, and try to focus on who are the people that are very successful, that you can add value through that particular angle, and start building your community like that.


Scott D Clary  1:06:44

Very good. Okay, I want to do a couple rapid fire to close this out. Before we go. If people want to connect with you website social drop all the the handles and the domains


Alvaro Nunez  1:06:53

over noon, yes. Any social media I’ll be available, Instagram is probably the easiest to reach out. And from there, you can see my website and everything


Scott D Clary  1:07:03

like that. Okay, so what keeps you up at night? Now?


Alvaro Nunez  1:07:06

What keeps me up at night? Yes, nothing. I sleep like a baby. You know, I actually, you know, I go, I go to sleep.


Scott D Clary  1:07:15

It’s a good answer. It’s a good like, listen, lifestyle design, right?


Alvaro Nunez  1:07:20

Nothing gives me out to be honest, I do love. My girlfriend sees me like how you do it. Like, I literally close my eyes, I’m allowed. Um, you know, it’s like, wake up with determination, go to sleep with satisfaction. I have a strategic writer. I built I built my life in a way that is very structured. So I have my yearly goals, monthly goals, my weekly goals are my daily goals. So when I wake up knowing exactly what I need to do and how to do it, and I complete my task, and I done whatever I need to do, there is no need to and a lot of people. Just to summarize quickly, a lot of people stay up late and they operate better night I operate good in the morning, you know, I used to wake up at 4am For the longest time.


Scott D Clary  1:08:07

And there’s nothing there’s nothing in your business in your life stress you anymore.


Alvaro Nunez  1:08:11

No, no nothing. And a lot of people say, Oh my God, you’re such a happy guy. I was not the happiest guy before. But I genuinely feel so grateful. And I think that when you are grateful for what you have, no matter what is going on in your life. And when you look at obstacles as opportunities, I love pain, you know, I will always put myself into some areas in life where you’re suffering. And that pain is what makes you stronger. Like I do Ironman, which are like the toughest races in the world. I do that for a reason. Because it really expands your mind. It helps you to identify pain as an opportunity of growth. And, you know, I’m a professional skydiver. So those moments of fear when you pass those things that helps you to then look at life in a very different way. So I also put my alarm on when I go to sleep. Because I really believe that you need to keep a really strong sleeping schedule. So when it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep.


Scott D Clary  1:09:08

Good. What’s the one thing when you’ve been building your business either before SLG or during SLG was like shit hit the fan. Nothing was working. You felt like life was going to hell? What was that moment? What did what went wrong when you’re building your business and what did you learn from it?


Alvaro Nunez  1:09:28

Wrong partnerships. I did the transition because obviously I partner up with somebody that had years of experience in real estate and very nice guy, very successful in real estate. And I wanted to come into the states and opening the super luxury group with somebody that could also bring value and expertise and credibility within the real estate space you know and he helped at the beginning. But then you realize that the wrong partnership my lead you to areas that you don’t want, or that may stop you from accomplishing your dreams. So I bought him out. And now I’m fully aware of where I want to go. And there is nothing stopping me.


Scott D Clary  1:10:13

Good. And what do you have advice for avoiding that? Or is that something that just you’ve learned through it? Like, partnerships are big, they can make or break a business? I mean,


Alvaro Nunez  1:10:23

look, nothing in life is forever, you know, so if you have a partnership that works, so


Scott D Clary  1:10:29

no, you know that nothing in life is forever and be comfortable with that. Yeah.


Alvaro Nunez  1:10:33

So just go for it. I mean, this decision, it was not something that we thought about for years, like conversation we had and we went skydiving, like, let’s do it. Let’s do it. And that’s it, you know, and you went well, for for a period of time, then he had a different, you know, idea of where he wanted to be one had a different one, we clashed a bit. And then we found out common terms of what we will do. Company and that’s it.


Scott D Clary  1:10:56

What was the biggest struggle or stress in your personal life? And how did you overcome it? And what do you learn from it?


Alvaro Nunez  1:11:02

For I’ve been broke, broke as hell, I’ve slept in cars, couches, and I’ve been myself in situations where one day I was flying on private jet and taking people to the most amazing villas, and the next day, I’m sleeping on a couch and have no money at all, because the little money that I was making, I had to, you know, pay to play. Sometimes you are in positions where you’re actually paying. So I was living this, you know, darker light, yeah, life where I’m like, What the hell am I doing how how this is not possible. And then, you know, at the time I was engaged, and was trying to get my way back to the States with investor visa. And when I came back, the person that I was supposed to marry and build my life was with someone else. So that on a personal level was very hurtful, you know, especially when you’re envisioning something beautiful with someone, and then all of a sudden, it’s taken away. So that on a personal level was very hurtful to be leaving this stressful life, but still wanting to build something with someone, and then it’s taken away. But I’ll tell you that all those things that happened, are great, great things in life that shape you to become a better person.


Scott D Clary  1:12:18

There’s been many people that have had a major impact on you, if you had to pick one. Who would that person be? What did they teach you?


Alvaro Nunez  1:12:23

My mother, my mother is my best friend. And she’s been someone that has been always by my side and out of all the people that have always say no, to all my crazy ideas, or anything I would ever do. She was the only one that said yes, and good mom, and I admire her, you know, she’s a champion.


Scott D Clary  1:12:43

If you had to pick a book, or some sort of source, you’d recommend people go check out it’s had an impact on your life.


Alvaro Nunez  1:12:50

There’s a lot of books. Compound Effect is really good because a lot of people, they, they give up really quick. They give up after they start working out and or after they start a business or after they start a podcast. But then you realize that if you keep on doing it all the sudden you will have that taken effect. And it’s like, well, that compound effect Yeah.


Scott D Clary  1:13:11

If you had to tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be?


Alvaro Nunez  1:13:16

Dream bigger.


Scott D Clary  1:13:18

And then last question, what does success mean to you?


Alvaro Nunez  1:13:22

I will say that’s a good question. Success for me is to be able to, to have control on your own terms for your life.


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