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A few actionable insights when hiring

By December 25, 2020No Comments

When hiring individuals for a growth focused workplace culture you can try two different tactics I’ve used in the past, built right into the initial interview process.

  1. Ask them what personal goals they’ve set for themselves in 1, 3 and 5 years and then follow up with what steps they’ve mapped out to get there. Although these goals are not work related, it shows that the individual has thought through steps to achieve milestones which are important to them. It will be your job as a manager to help them see how workplace milestones are just as important as personal milestones, but knowing that they’re capable of this skill is huge for their future success.
  2. Build coaching right into the initial interview. Ask them to pitch an idea or how they’d complete a task. Tell them one thing they did amazing and one thing they could improve at. Ask them to incorporate your concepts into their idea or pitch and re-verbalize it to you, while incorporating your suggestions. This is extremely easy to implement with a sales pitch (if you’re hiring a sales rep) but it can be easily used for other business units as well. Pay attention to how they accept your criticism and if they thoughtfully incorporate it into their next rendition of whatever idea or pitch they’re giving you. This will immediately give you insight into their coach-ability.

In my experience, if they’re motivated, able to set targeted goals to achieve milestones and coachable, there’s very few times these people will fail, regardless of the nuances of the role.


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