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5 Ways to Use Live Video Integration for Your Next Virtual Event

By July 31, 2020No Comments

Have you considered using live video integration for your next virtual event? If you’re not sure how or why it’s a great option, read on!

The benefits of virtual events

Rather than canceling their events entirely, more and more businesses are turning to virtual options instead. And there are plenty of good reasons for doing so: virtual events offer a more efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive option. Not to mention, it’s also a lot easier to collect feedback during a virtual event.

But not all virtual events are the same.

What sets the really great ones apart from the rest? You want your audience to come away feeling motivated, inspired, and engaged.

Fantastic virtual events include not only high-quality information and talented presenters, but they need the right tools and tech behind them as well.

Live video integration for virtual events

One of the tools utilized more than ever during virtual events is live video integration.

During your virtual event, you can engage and interact with remote participants with live video integrated into the same tab as the rest of your content!

That’s right: no more clicking between windows and links. All major live video streaming services can be integrated right into your presentation to make your virtual event one to remember!

Are you convinced live video integration is what your next virtual event needs? Here are five ways to implement this tool during your next event.

5 Ways to Use Live Video Integration for Your Next Virtual Event

Remote keynote speakers

If you’re hosting a virtual event with one or more keynote speakers, live video integration will be your new best friend! Your keynote speakers can present to your remote audience from any major live video streaming service.

Offer special extras

Would you like to offer certain remote attendees exciting extra features? Live video integration is an awesome way to do this.

You can use it to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your virtual event, extra content from keynote speakers, or for question and answer periods with the speakers after an event.

Engage and interact your audience

There’s nothing quite like live interaction for engaging your audience. There’s a time and a place for pre-recorded content, but live video has a way of capturing the attention of your audience like nothing else. When you use it to interact with your remote audience, they’ll instantly become more more engaged and attentive to your presentation

One of the most fun ways to use live video integration to interact with your audience is with questions and answers.

You can either ask your audience questions or they can submit their own questions to you during your virtual event.

You can moderate these questions as they come in to limit repetitive or offensive questions. Or you can even save unanswered questions to get to at another time. Your audience can also upvote questions they’re most interested in to give you insight into the most important topics to cover.

As you answer these questions over live video, you can even shout-out whoever asked the question to create another opportunity for engagement.

Product launches

Is your brand launching an exciting new product? Offer your audience the opportunity to be the first to see it by streaming the launch over live video. Whether you film a live product demo or an unveiling, your audience will appreciate the novelty of being the first to see your new product.

Breaking news

Does your brand have breaking news you can’t wait to share with your fans? Host a virtual event with live video integration to share this news with your audience in real-time! You can collect their reactions, answer questions, and engage with your audience as you go to keep them informed and excited.

Live video tips

Now that we’ve covered some ways to use live video integration during your next virtual event, we’re going to discuss some of our top tips for filming live videos.

  1. Practice: You don’t necessarily need to run off a script during your live event. But doing a few run-throughs ahead of time helps your presentation go smoothly. You’ll also know exactly what you need to cover ahead of time rather than being stuck on the spot.
  2. Appropriate clothing: If you’re the host of a virtual event, try to pick an outfit without a pattern. Otherwise, it looks too “busy” on the screen and it can distract your audience.
  3. Tech check: Before you go live, triple check your audio, video, and lighting to make sure everything is working properly.
  4. Keep a drink handy: A slight tickle in your throat can turn into a full on coughing fit if you don’t have a drink nearby! Keep a bottle of water handy while you present over live video to prevent this from happening to you.


Running a live event virtually is no different than standing on stage in front of 5 or 50,000 people.

Prepare , deliver value, excite, entertain and teach. Although the medium may be different, the way you communicate value to your audience — is not.


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